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Liberty2 300.jpg
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Alisande Curie
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 190 lb
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: chestnut
Biographical Data
Nationality: French
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor, Crimefighter, Industrial Saboteur
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Martial Arts/Super Reflexes
Utility Belt
No additional information available.


Character History

The woman known as Liberty was inducted into the European Supersoldier Programme after distinguishing herself with the Parisian Gendarmerie ie the police force. At the Programme, she was subjected to a number of experimental empowerment techniques such as Vitamin Omega treatment and Electrostatic Strength Increase, none of which worked in her case.

At this point, she persuaded her superiors to let her remain in the Programme on the condition that she train sufficiently to be able to compete with superpowered opponents.

On her graduation, she was billeted to Paragon City as a political gesture, to help out with the law enforcement problems left in the wake of the Rikti War. At first, she resented this move, seeing it as a sideways move to get rid of her from the Programme's main theatre of operations in Europe. However, Paragon's unique situation and high concentration of other heroes soon grew on her and she settled down, particularly with the help of the Sapphite Instiutute.

Liberty soon became an active part of the local crime fighting community, regularly patrolling the streets and taking part in HERO Corps missions. However, her lack of superhuman abilities always nagged at her. These feelings of inadequacy came to a head when a brief but intense affair between her and a high-powered superhero came to an end, with Liberty being dumped in favour of one of her best friends, who just so happened to have considerable superhuman gifts.

Shortly afterwards, Liberty returned from a regular trip to the E.S.S.P. offices in Paris with some stolen Vitamin Omega, intending to treat herself to double the recommended dose in the hope of the experimental drug taking effect. She was soon caught, and dissappeared from the crimefighting scene for a while.

Conflicting rumours abound. Some say she undertook a dangerous undercover mission in the Zig in exchange for her freedom months later. Others say the disgraced heroine travelled to Greece and found and joined a hidden Amazon society for a while, learning amazing new combat techniques during her time with them.

She has since resurfaced in the Rogue Isles, working as an industrial saboteur and thief for hire.

Liberty espionage 400.jpg


Liberty was a faculty member of the Sapphite Institute, and taught self defence there. She was recruited by Violet Blaize, and rose quickly to her position as a teacher and sometimes field leader.

Her membership of the European Supersoldier Programme has been terminated unceremoniously after the theft of Vitamin Omega was discovered.

Liberty was affiliated with the villain group called X-Patriots for a while. The extent of her involvement in their activites is not clear.


On first arrival in Paragon City, Liberty was quite out of her depth, and disorientated by the sudden contact with hundreds of superhumans on a daily basis. She is still sometimes sensitive about her lack of powers- this will manifest itself in a defiant need to prove herself or paranoid belief that others think she is not good enough as a crimefighter. Most of the time, when not brooding over this, she is generally optimistic, friendly and upbeat, if a little single-minded and bull-headed at times.

If she's in a bad mood, she will expect the worse from American teammates, assuming they will be pushy, rude and uncultured, and unlikely to share her strongly held left-wing and feminist ideals.

Despite operating outside the law now, Liberty maintains a strong ethical code, and will not kill. She will attempt to do what she can to keep her teammates from using lethal force.


Liberty has no superpowers, but is in peak physical condition for a woman in her early thirties who engages daily in vigorous cardio-vascular and strength-training exercise.

Since her self-medicated Vitamin Omega doses, she has displayed an almost superhuman agility and strength, allowing her to standing jump onto low buildings, for example. Whether these changes are permanent are unclear at present.


Liberty wears a pair of high grade steel bracers used to deflect small arms fire, and a light chainmail throat guard to prevent neck injuries. She carries a number of useful devices in a utility belt, such as lockpicks (both traditional and electronic), weapons such as tasers and mini-flamethrowers, zip-cuffs, small throwing knives and basic field-medicine supplies.

Her slippers contain flexible rubber/steel sole inserts, for protection against caltrops and for engaging opponents who are spiny, electrified, on fire or otherwise dangerous to approach.

Liberty uses a standard issue Ouroborous crystal and HERO Corps Zero G Pack to travel across the city if pushed for time. Without outside pressure she prefers to run, it's exercise and she often claims that the Zero G Pack makes her airsick.


Liberty escape 500.jpg

Liberty is a highly trained unarmed combatant specialising in Savate, French Kickboxing, and a Tai Chi style she has developed to keep her opponents off balance.

She is extremely skilled at taking down superhuman opponents, and studies extensively whatever blueprints or folklore she can get her hands on. If you want to know the basic design flaws behind a Crey Voltaic Tank suit, she'll be more than happy to tell you. Ditto with methods for getting ghosts to semi-materialize and kick them into submission. She's also used her knowledge of superhuman physiology for the purpose of training superhumans how to deal with their powers, either using them as weapons or just in how to live a normal life with unwanted gifts.

She is also a skilled escapologist, having studied and practiced most of Houdini's known reportoire, and is able to escape from almost any restraint with the correct preparation and equipment.

She is a trained police officer, familiar with legal practices around various countries of the world, and speaks several European languages with a high degree of competence. Her English is very good, but accented enough to identify her as non-native to Paragon.

She has also studied magical history and basic practice, under the tutelage of Professor Gideon Maier.

She is a prodigous and eclectic learner, and her skill and knowledge-base is increasing all the time.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite her drive and skills, Liberty is only human, and occasionally finds herself defeated through sheer bad luck.

She was once hospitalised for a week after a bad encounter with Devouring Earth damaged her left arm in a way that the Paragon City hospitals could not heal as quickly as usual. To this day, she remains a little bit wary of these monsters.

On the other hand, she once kept the Malta Kronos Titan busy single-handedly for several minutes, and will happily tell you this story.


Liberty is registered as Liberty II, since her codename and costume are based on those of a masked hero who fought with La Resistance in WW II.

Liberty has admitted to having a childhood crush on the fictional comic hero Captain America, and sometimes goes by the codename "Stephanie Rogers"

Liberty has an Egyptian grandfather. She has made the point in several interviews that she represents modern multi-racial France, and not an old traditional form of patriotism.

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