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Lion of England
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Amy Tanner
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5ft, 6in
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: '
Place of Birth: Leeds, UK
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Emily Tanner, mother (deceased) Edward Tanner, father (deceased)
Known Powers
Telepathy, Telekinesis
Known Abilities



Member of the Golden Age Heroes


Amy grew up a privileged young girl in England. Both her parents had money and the respect of their peers, so the young woman wanted for nothing... They were kind, and loving, and taught her right from wrong. It was a perfect life.

Of course, nothing this good can last. She was 14. It was her birthday present that they go sightseeing around the British Isles to anywhere she wanted to go or see.
After a wonderful day in Ireland, they were subject to an attack by the IRA.... both her parents were killed in a single instant, a weak telekinetic shield created purely by instinct being the only thing saving her life.

The anger, stress, and anguish of that loss triggered the rest of her her powers and fueled them to a degree never seen before,and hopefully never to be seen again.
She caught the people responsible within an hour and came very close to killing them. The urge to crush them inside their own vehicle was almost too much to resist.
But she did manage, and brought the men to the police.

After years of training, she now spends a great deal of her time being a hero. A champion and protector of the innocent. The sort of person her parents would have been proud of.

The Lion of England!

Over the next few years, her reputation grew and she found herself becoming a role model to newer heroes. Taking this responsibility seriously, she made every effort to ensure that she held to the ideals her parents had instilled in her. She helped found a group of heroes that stood for justice and freedom the world over and earned her place among the noble heroes of her world.

Again, nothing good can last.

In Paragon City, a woman died at the hands of the Circle of Thorns. They had no idea who they had killed, or what sort of power she could have brought them if they had looked closer. Her name was Amy Tanner.
Days later, a small cabal of sorcerers realized the loss of this woman, and to the prophecy they were awaiting. So they acted to fill the void left by the death, attempting to call her soul back from across the afterlife.
In their haste, an error was made and instead of the woman they sought, they instead called forth equivalent souls from across the multiverse.
In one moment, seven women appeared in Paragon City. Each a near duplicate of the others. Quickly realizing that they must be here for some reason, they began their new careers as heroes of Paragon City.

For a time they sought answers as a group, believing that their numbers would be an advantage, but differences in upbringing and opinions made this more difficult as days passed. After only a few weeks, they all agreed to go their own ways and search using their own methods.
Believing they had been brought to this city specifically, Lion returned to England only long enough to see the changes between the realities, then she traveled back to the US and searched the files on super hero teams until she found the one that fit her needs and ideals.


All of Lion's abilities stem from her rather powerful phychic abilities.


As seems typical for those with telepathy, Lion is capable of communicating mind to mind with most sentient beings. Her power level is considerable and it's rare to find a mind she can't read or block from.
Not typical of most is her ability to precieve what she calls mental echoes. In essense this is the mental equivalent of looking at someone and recognizing who they are. In most cases this power is of limited value, but has, occassionally, proven quite useful.
Her own ethics prevents her from using her powers for anything beyond surface communication in most cases, though she has learned how to apply her powers to help victims of mental trauma.

As a note, she does not seem to possess the ability to alter memories or mind control, as many telepaths do. It is unknown if she doesn't have these abilities, or instead refuses to work with them. The end result is much the same.

Super Strength

Not actually strength, Lion's physical prowess is instead how her telekinetic power manifests itself. Her limit seems to be around 80 tons with little strain. This version of her power carries advantages and disadvantages over purely muscular strength. She can lift objects that would normally shatter under the strain without undue harm to those objects.
In one case her telekinesis was able to circumvent a spell placed on a certain individual's hat, allowing her to remove it from him where as pure muscles would have simply lifted him off the groud with it still on.
On the other hand, she can't perform some of the more flashy strength based effects, such and hand clapping shockwaves, or ground stomping mini-quakes.


Another manifestation of her telekinesis, Lion is capable of withstanding attacks from some of the more powerful villains out there. Again, there are advantages and drawbacks to this style of durability.
As bonuses, Lion finds herself rarely getting dirty, her telekinetic power simply repelling grime and dirt such as from walking in a sewer. That she is still able to take a shower indicates some level of subconscious control over this effect.


The only manner in which she is capable of using her telekinesis externally is her ability to fly. By literally lifting herself off the ground with her mind, she can 'throw' herself around with considerable control and speed. Her maximum speed is somewhere around three times the speed of sound, though this level of exertion leaves her physically and mentally drained quickly.

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