Ljubica Cherkaoui

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Ljubica Cherkaoui
Player: @iynx
Personal Data
Real Name:   Ljubica Cherkaoui
Age:   41 (at the time of her death)
Biographical Data
Occupation:   Fortune teller
Place of Birth:   Galaxy City, Paragon City, RI
Known Relatives:   Heymar Holland - father (deceased), Olga Holland-Privilenko - mother (deceased), Sharif Harun al-Rashid Cherkaoui - ex-husband, Brooke Cherkaoui - daughter, Victor Cherkaoui - son (missing).
Signature traits
Witch, fortune teller
Known Powers
Arcane Knowledge, Witchcraft


I'm not some Skull!

Ljubica was a 2nd generation immigrant from Yugoslavia/Croatia. Her father was slain as a bystander victim in a battle between heroes and villains, and her mother died later in a magical accident. Ljubica founded a struggling fortune telling booth in Kings Row, offering readings and witchcraft aid. During that time, the gang activity in that area went up, forcing Ljubica to do whatever she could do to survive in the area that was becoming a gang warzone. Ljubica later married a royal adventurer from Morocco. The couple lived a few years in Galaxy City, but moved to Morocco after the birth of their daughter. The couple later divorced and Ljubica returned to Paragon City. She had yet another child and stayed with her children in Galaxy City. Her fatherless son disappeared in mysterious circumstances, when Ljubica was hospitalized after she was allegedly attacked by gangs while returning home from work. Ljubica promptly commanded her daughter to seek safety within her father in Morocco, and thus the police missed their chance to question the daughter about the incident. In 2011, Ljubica's daughter Brooke returned from Morocco and distanced herself from Ljubica, moving to study in naval school in Newport. Then Shivan meteors hit Galaxy City. Although her body was never recovered, Ljubica Cherkaoui is presumed dead.

Alleged secret identity

Ljubica was believed to be a Skull criminal known as Weeper, but there was never enough evidence to prove that. Weeper was active from 2003 to 2011.

WitchStop in Galaxy City

Up until 1994, Ljubica had a fortune telling booth in Kings Row, just opposite of the monorail station. After her return from Morocco in 2001, she was able to purchase a small business space in Galaxy City, and name it WitchStop. There she continued to do readings and offer her witch services to anyone in need. Some heroes came to seek her help, and if they did, they might have seen Ljubica’s daughter Brooke (born 1994) and son Victor (born 2001) playing happily together with all kinds of arcane trinkets in the shop. These children at that time did not speak a word in english, they communicated with their mother in Arabic. The daughter also understood French and was able to respond in French.


Ljubica was fierce. She did not give in to anyone. She was repeatedly alleged of being Weeper by the cops, and she did not hold back when shouting back at the police. It was 2007 and viral videos were still relatively a new thing, when a one-sided shouting contest between Ljubica Cherkaoui and Kings Row detective Becktrees went viral: a slender, messy-hair blonde woman dressed in black, shrieking with a slavic accent to a cop who just kept cool and tried to reason with the crazy-eyed woman, other cops gathering in the background and openly snickering at the Gordon Ramsay -behavior Ljubica was exhibiting.

Friends and allies

Despite her personality, Ljubica did have friends and allies, even with the hero community. She was able to behave relatively normally when anyone didn’t anger her and flip her crazy-switch. She did help heroes to solve some cases, and helped people with arcane and magical problems.


Ljubica apparently had an enemy, someone very influential, who did not like her. Ljubica was directly harassed by the PPD and Caladra, but her business was indirectly targeted by financial and bureaucratic sabotage, orchestrated by someone with power and connections.

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