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"I'll never call this place my home, I'm just passing through."
Lock Switch
Player: @Jupi Knight
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: Growing
Personal Data
Real Name: Sienna Delaney
Known Aliases: Lock
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: Bright greenish hazel
Hair Color: Brunette with amber tones
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Traveler/Vagabond
Place of Birth: Eden
Base of Operations: The Cascades, 'Eden'
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Super reflexes, speed, quick wit.
Two flat blades, one at each wrist.

"Exile" - Thrice
"Beautiful Like We" - Joydrop
"Life For Rent" - Dido


The Wanderer

Sienna was never known for being like other people. She always had something to hide. Even as a child, she rarely spoke, and when she did, it was.. well, vulgar. She was often kicked out of school, or suspended from others, leaving her with less than a formal education. Luckily she was a fast learner.

Making a home for herself in Eden was easy for her. Nothing seemed to strike her as horrifying there, as some people seem to think. Find yourself a hole and you've got the perfect gutter to live in, according to her standards. And it's nothing but sheer bliss. Alone and in silence, she's left to her collection of stolen and beloved objects.

Distrust in Others

Sienna was in love. Deep in love. At eighteen, her boyfriend was the spitting image of who she had always seen in the magazines and movies. He was charming, classy, and seemed to love Sienna to no end. Of course, all good things come to an end.

Sienna had began living with him for a time when he started the abuse. At first it was just verbal-- then it became emotional. He kept Sienna down, instructing her to hide her 'hideous' body with clothing and masks. She began to believe the man, though she still loved deep in her heart- she couldn't bring herself to leave him.

Of course, living in Eden, she had already been used to wearing masks for the dust and dirt, but now it seemed to be common place for her to wear them, well, everywhere. To the store, to take out the trash, and even in the home with her boyfriend. Only to remove them when instructed.

While he was gone off to work one day, Sienna got curious and decided to watch some television. She was informed by no other than Oprah that what she was going through was not allowed. She became furious, finding out that this wasn't normal, her relationship was to be pitied, and so was she. The man came home with a slew of words when he found Sienna watching the television and pointing to it, questioning his love. The whole scene became violent and Sienna found herself struggling for her freedom, and her life.

He slit her throat and was gone.


Sienna woke up in a nearby hospital with crude stitching across her throat and down her torso, leaving her in a rather plain state for a week or so. She left fearing she'd run into him again. Fearing for her life, she fled back to Egypt to visit family she knew was there. They consoled her, teaching her right from wrong in the world she was now living in.

She often now finds herself in scrapes with random people, verbally assaulting them before getting herself in trouble. A new slice of her upper lip has caused her to keep from drinking or eating in public. She still wears a neck cover over her throat to keep the one scar hidden. She refuses to get it fully healed, no matter how crude it is. Though the emotional scar is there, she still prefers to have a physical one as well. It tells the story itself, so she doesn't have to.


Months after leaving the states, she returned to living in the Isles with a renewed chip on her shoulder from when she was a child. That same fighting attitude came back with a vengeance. She got herself into fights on a daily basis, mostly helping women in need, but males as well. However, she no longer feared for her life, or him. If he ever showed up again, he would be the one sent running-- if she should decide to leave him alive at all...


Currently Sienna only has a couple she could really call acquaintances. Locke Arcadius is the main person who taught her to trust again, even in people that aren't, well, human. A handsome spill of man, she is often found with him in the late evenings.
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