Manic Avenger

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Meet Kevin Striker
Manic Avenger
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kevin Striker
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Ash Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: US
Occupation: Crime-fighter
Place of Birth: Aurora, CO
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: His parents are alive
Known Powers
Super reflexes, super health and stamina
Known Abilities
Martial arts, weapon mastery
Rocket boots, caltrops and throwing stars, field EMT heal kit.
No additional information available.

Kevin William Striker was born in unincorporated Arapahoe County near Aurora, Colorado on a hog farm. He tells people he is from Denver, since Denver is the nearest big city that anyone has ever heard of. He was born at home via natural birth. His parents are devout faith-healing Christian Scientists. Although he is a religious man, and believes in being a good man, he no longer is a practicing Christian Scientist, nor even a regular Church-goer. Instead of sitting in church, he'd rather be fighting crime on Sunday, since criminals never take that day off.

He is not obvious about his faith, and doesn't presume to preach. Nevertheless, his religious upbringing stuck with him, and he considers himself to be a devout Christian. He actually enjoys reading his Bible now and then, and he prays frequently - usually for strength and guidance. He's very private and sensitive about such matters, and doesn't submit his beliefs for other people's approval.

He has an active spiritual life, and he has a very active social life. He's got super-human health and stamina, he's got super-active glands, so of course he is hot-blooded. Women are intensely interesting to him, and this has caused him some problems in the past. When it comes to the fair sex, he's not as discriminating as he might be. He is not a "womanizer", however. He is tender-hearted and romantic, and would like to be happily married - preferably to a Christian woman.

His mutant powers apparently arose naturally. There is such a thing as wild, naturally occurring mutations, but they are rare, and very rarely are so beneficial. No one in his family was a mutant before, and there is no great event to explain his super-human strength, speed and stamina. At first he just seemed extraordinarily blessed, and his parents were simply grateful. Alas, as he grew it became obvious that nobody could keep up with him, or satisfy his insatiable need for excitement and endless activity.

He was raised to be simple, hard-working and humble, not to be a thrill-seeking daredevil.

He is intelligent, and was an excellent student, but his extraordinary vigor really began to get him into trouble in his teen years. He was in many altercations with bullies and low-lifes, and had many jolly misadventures with a number of disreputable girls. This sort of thing got him suspended from school many times. His worried parent's prayers and stern rebukes availed nothing, and he gave them many sleepless nights.

He ended up getting a G.E.D., and scored so highly that he was accepted at Denver College. He was honor-roll and Dean's list, but quit after two years without obtaining a degree because (his numerous fights and numerous love-affairs scandalized the campus past the breaking point, and...) his aging parents needed help on the ranch.

Kevin's life turned around when he was finally correctly identified as a mutant. A bystander who witnessed his astonishing rescue of a woman from two attackers pointed him in the right direction. Once the true extent of his super-human abilities was cataloged and published by G.I.F.T analysts, Hero Corps recruiters came calling. They offered him education, training, and steady employment doing something that was destined to never grow dull. He jumped in without a moment's hesitation, which is perfectly typical of him.

He loves his new life as a crime-fighter: he loves the constant adventure, and he loves the new respect he is getting. His ever-loving parents are relieved that he found a positive way to channel his boundless energy.

This handsome firecracker quickly made a name for himself in Paragon City, and inspired the public's affection. A week after he arrived, this was published in The Paragon Times's personality feature, ::Up And Coming::


The irrepressible Kevin Striker, from Denver CO, is a human who is a first-generation mutant. At first his mutant powers weren't obvious. Eventually, his superior speed, strength and stamina - combined with his buoyant disposition - led those close to him to try to label him something like 'The Hyperactive Kid', which he laughed at, and refused to answer to.

"Brisk and abrupt, he lacks polish. However, his warm laugh and bright smile tend to win people over. He is broad-minded, and full of fun. He is also, frankly, fanatical. He has no dark side, but he possesses much pride and very little patience. When his terrific energy and indomitable spirit provoked his exhausted hometown friends to warn him that he is 'too intense', he came to Paragon City. . . to find new friends!

"You don't need telepathy to read him. He's open, guileless, cheerful, idealistic, sincere, ardent, virile - and he urgently wants a super girlfriend. As he explained it, 'Hey, I'm a hero, not a monk!'

"Hey, Manic Avenger! You don't have to be an angel to be a saint! Welcome to Paragon City."

Copyright L. Goodwin 2009 all rights reserved [global @imwithyou]

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