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WARNING: Contains highly offensive but IN-CHARACTER racism, religious, political and social criticism, explicit references to the occult.

Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mind control/Kinetic
Security Level: 23
Personal Data
Real Name: Mashenka Svetlana Zhyevskaya
Known Aliases: Masha, Sveta, or Skaya.
Species: Presumed Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 8'
Weight: 370#
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Soviet
Occupation: former gypsy circus performer
Place of Birth: Russia of Praetorian Earth
Base of Operations: Nomadic
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Multiple beings, shapeshifting.
Known Abilities
Dancing, Singing, flute
No additional information available.

Born and raised in Russia of Praetorian Earth to a Ring-mistress of the Carnival of Light and a Mutant, she has both the talents of a gypsy beguiler and strange supernatural abilities not associated with her gypsy heritage. She became a Ring-mistress of the Carnival as her mother before her. Curiosity was her undoing as she came too close to a dimensional portal and wound up in Primal Earth.

Her powers are slowly re-attenuating to the forces of Primal Earth, and all the universe being her home she is happy with the change. After exploring the Carnival of Primal Earth, she's decided it is a corruption of the gypsy spirit, and hopes that justice will come to bear on those who subvert the true loving family atmosphere of the gypsy. Eventually she herself may confront Vanessa and turn the carnival back into the one she remembers from Praetorian Earth, and may eventually return there to defeat Black Swan. She shares the same power in Vanessa that she poseeses, but knows her dominating spirit is not honed to the same level as Vanessa. She hones and crafts her skills to one day bring the part of her universe back into the respectable, free willed joy that was intended. She still wears the acrobatic uniform from her performing days with the Carnival of Light both to honor her heritage and to be visually distinct from the Primal Earth Carnival.

Until her powers return she is happy to deliver the simple gypsy joys of good company, good music, much dance, and laughter to the citizens of Paragon.



The Carnival of Light


Eventually Vanessa DeVore and Black Swan


A russian gypsy beguiler! Graceful, Impulsive, kind, playful, cheerful, lively, sometimes lustful and crude, open to adventure and exploration.


Multiple Beings (a la Jamie Madrox), Shapeshifting. The ability to dominate the will of others. Nature healing magic.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Loves rock candy, hot cocoa, and friendly company, exotic jewelry, human contact and autonomy. She likes rain, storms, thunder, lightning and fog. Though mostly her multiple beings and shape-shifting powers are used for magic tricks, she derives an unusual pleasure from using her powers to turn into a pack of samoyed puppies and chasing children through the grass. Simple pleasures are what makes life worth living and the magic of the laughter of children is the most powerful magic of all.

She does have an overriding fear of death, un-death, and zombies, and the vazhilok experiments. She secretly would like to find the secret to immortality.

Her unnatural height may be the result of her mutations, and carries over from one form to the next, invariably making her 33% larger than any creature she changes into, and preventing her from successfully impersonating others due to her inablility to accurately duplicate their height.


August 25: In an unprecedented night of cavorting about what feels like the whole of Paragon in one evening, and a few too many Red Beasts, Mashenka has obtained the tutelage of Mr. Yin. The celebration of Mr. Yin's return spilled out onto the streets and filled the whole of Faultline... Dozens joined the revelry and the evening was highlighted by an appearance by Babbage and the Clockwork King himself, who turns out to be quite a dancer, and although the clockwork did call it a night early, rumor has it that a member of the celebration had been at another party earlier with Babbage in attendance. Who knew he was such a party animal?!

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