Mecha Yojimbo

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Pre-war Praetorian Automaton
Mecha Yojimbo
Player: @WildClaw
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: CyberSamaurai, Obsolete Piece of Junk, etc.
Species: Automaton
Age: 60
Height: 6'
Weight: 350 lbs
Eye Color: Red bulbs
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Bodyguard/Security System
Place of Birth: Praetoria
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Dual Blades & Electric Armor
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Many years before the Hamidon Wars, the New York City Japanese Consulate incorporated early robotics into their security system. Disguised as historical exhibits, mannequins in historical dress or armor, these automatons were built to protect any individuals within the building.

As technology improved, many of these systems were decommissioned as obsolete, and replaced by the first Clockwork. The decommissioned automatons were junked or parted out when possible.

Reassembled by unknown hands and stripped of everything but metal, the individual machine now known as Mecha Yojimbo came back online relatively recently. Its artificial intelligence appears to have been upgraded to something approaching sentience while still retaining much of the 1930’s-style supertechnology that was the automaton’s core design. Who rebuilt it, and why, is still unknown as it has been left to discover its own morality and place in this much-changed world.


Currently Mecha Yojimbo is wavering between the Resistance and the Loyalists, as it attempts to fulfill its original programming: Protect the People! Both sides of this conflict have asked it to do tasks that run counter to this base premise, leading to confusion in it's artificial conscience.

Recent Events

Recently Mecha Yojimbo has discovered the existence of parallel history, and is especially interested in histories with connection to the group many know as the ‘5th Column’. The technology behind the 5th Column’s ‘Mek Men’ is fully compatible with Mecha Yojimbo’s original design, which has raised some questions that Mecha Yojimbo is unable to answer yet.

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