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Metal Dream caught on campus security cameras, moments before "inappropriately interfacing" with the University computer.
Metal Dream
Player: @Tir McDohl
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Serial number has been filed off and is unreadable.
Known Aliases: "Stupid robot", "Creepy robot", etc.
Species: Robot
Age: Unknown, but was discovered and reprogrammed at the end of 2006.
Height: Rather short
Weight: Rather heavy, though slim
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Originally built in the Rogue Isles
Occupation: "I shoot things until they blow up or leak."
Place of Birth: An Arachnos lab
Base of Operations: "Home is where the hard drive is."
Marital Status: Self-proclaimed "swingin' robot." Such "swings" are reported to include kitchen appliances.
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation, Teleportation, Concealment
Known Abilities
Energy beams, energy-charged punches, teleportation, holographic projector, can also juggle
Most of his gear(well, most of HIM, really) is unique and difficult to make heads or tails of. Exploration of his systems often yields new and exciting possibilities. At least, that's what he tells the ladies.
Don't ask him about blenders. Just don't.

Metal Dream started out as a villain-side stalker, but it was quickly decided that the player is COMPLETELY UNABLE to play a stalker properly. He was shelved, then eventually remade in his current form, a wise-cracking short-circuiting insane robot blapper. The highly aggressive(and unstable) playstyle fits the player much better than the original, but nods are still made to his origin, such as the choice of the concealment pool.



Metal Dream's personality is one of the most startling aspects of the android. Often, he will appear to be quiet, stoic, perhaps even enigmatic. However, once provoked to speak, it is quickly apparent that Metal Dream is quite insane, if a robot can be considered such. He seems to have very strong opinions about things such as life, love, and proper use of silverware. In fact, it is often observed that once talking, it is almost impossible to shut him up.

"Social" habits

Metal Dream has a habit of acting very human at times. One of these habits is his apparent desire to be, uh, intimate with things. This has led to various stories, all of which told at inappropriate times, recounting his romances with various appliances. He is not very much into organic women, though he has been quoted at saying certain power suit-wearing women are "his type".


It is speculated that at some point in his reprogramming, Metal Dream's personality took a turn for the weird. He is known to say extremely disturbing things, but it is noted that he has never actually done anything that endangered people. Some theorize that he's simply playing with the meatbags' heads.

Discovery and reprogramming

The discovery and reprogramming of Metal Dream are at the core of the android's mystery. But some things go beyond even that.


Metal Dream was originally found during an Arachnos Raid in the fourth quarter of 2006. Specifics on whether it had to be detained or was found in a decommissioned state have yet to be released. Even the identity(or identities) of who found him are a mystery.


Upon inspection of the android, Metal Dream was found to be too tempting a prize to simply destroy. The AI, though a bit strange, was extremely advanced. His memory was thoroughly wiped, his logic redone, and all but the core basics of his systems were fundamentally changed. Many black boxes, however, were impossible to discern. It was deemed that they were not dangerous, and that the robot's new logic would keep it from using them inappropriately even if they were. Similar to his discovery, the whos and wheres of his reprogramming are also quite unknown.


Metal Dream is a licensed hero of Paragon City. As such, he is often found on various missions in the city.


What motivates a robot is the subject of much debate. What motivates Metal Dream is the subject of nightmares for the people who try to debate it. An oversimplification of his motives would be "He is bored." But with all with loose screws(this time literally), the true reasons are likely far more complicated and possibly impossible to ever know.


The methods of Metal Dream's war on crime have caused countless heroes to shake their heads, scream in frustration, or even cry. Sometimes they do all three at once. Metal Dream has a highly aggressive combat style which seems to focus on creating as much chaos as possible. The aftermath of Metal Dream's battles is typically one of defeated enemies strewn in every direction.

Typically, Metal Dream is laid back and carefree, even in battle. Upon being severely damaged, however, Metal Dream is known to become serious. In these times, his power level seems to rise exponentially, allowing him to generate far more energy than previously thought to be within his limits.

Metal Dream is forbidden to kill by his programming. He is rather indifferent about it, personally, and only sees it as a slight hinderance; he seems completely unable to see what the "big deal" is when regarding loss of life.


Metal Dream seems to prefer fighting humans instead of robots. He claims it is because the robots are his "brothers", even when wildly different from himself. He seems to think of robots as a race of its own, and has been overheard calling Freakshow members "half breeds".


Metal Dream, being a robot, has a plethora of systems and weapons at his disposal. He has come to call his two lines of systems "red code" and "blue code". "Blue code" is what he calls systems that were added after his "conversion" to heroism. "Red code", naturally, is what he had before. Most red code systems were disabled or simply unknown, but he is already actively restoring them with the help of yet another unknown benefactor.

Blue Code

Paragon's scientists decided that Metal Dream's original weaponry, a katana, was far too lethal to leave in the hands of an assassin android. As such, he was outfitted with energy cannons that can be used both to fire beams and to enhance melee attacks. They are normally lethal, but easily toned down to non-lethal settings on the fly. Said toning down is also done automatically, via Metal Dream's programming to avoid killing. Even at non-lethal settings, the beams are highly dangerous and can still injure, maim, or even kill(though it's a rare occurance).

Red Code

Arachnos had Metal Dream outfitted to be an assassin droid that mimiced ninjitsu techniques. Though they were disabled, he has since re-enabled his teleportation system as well as his cloaking device. He undoubtedly has many more hidden systems, and is reported to be very eager to find them.


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