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(Image by John Becaro) Sociopath? Mercenary? Loving Mother?
Lilith the Shade
Player: @Polymorph Hex
Origin: Natural/Magic
Archetype: Brute/Mastermind/Stalker/Controller
Threat Level: 50 5 times
Personal Data
Real Name: Lilith Cassady Hawkins
Known Aliases: Lilith the Shade/Specter/Phantom/Ghost
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Weight: Won't tell anyone
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Several including England, the Rogue Isles, and the United States
Occupation: Merc
Place of Birth: Etoile Islands
Base of Operations: Considers the english Hamptons to be her home
Marital Status: Engaged to Midnyte Flare
Known Relatives: Mother: Winters Dark Kiss, Father: Sgt. Kelly Armstrong, Sister: Bloody Tari, Children: Alfred and Alexia, Adopted Daughters: Toni "Tech Tonne", and Lucy
Known Powers
Martial Arts, Swordplay, Focused Chi, Modern weapons, Ice Magic
Known Abilities
Trained in several fields of combat, medical training, tactics, and psychology
Rarely uses much more than her swords or guns and hand to hand however has the connections and cash to get most black market items for special cases.
Sociopathic Mother of Four



This young blonde haired woman has sharp blue eyes that glitter with mania. Her voice slides through vastly different sounds from a little girls innocent yet creepy sounding chime down to a hoarse gravelly and angry growl depending on the moment. Her fast swinging moods hint strongly of a deep rooted instability in her personality. Despite these things she seems mostly respectful of others and goes out of her way to help those who she deems worthy and needing of her seemingly endless font of information (In her opinion anyways!).

-Precise in her attacks; Excellent understanding of vital spots

-Collects exotic pets by force; anyone pretty/odd

-Used to mimic other killers such as her sister/idol Bloody Tari or Robochic but evolved past that. Considers herself their equal now

-Skilled at many styles of combat

-Loves using mind games

-Known for psychotic explosions and emotional instability

-Vain about her appearance and abilities

-Touching irritates her


-Obsessed with self improvement

Lilith's never ending quest to improve herself has lead her on a world famous path of death and destruction, which she really doesn't seem to show much in the way of emotion towards. She's been classified as a sociopath and even claims the title herself yet her fierce loyalty to family and the very few friends she finds brings that title into question quite often. Physically she is extremely fit and follows a detailed diet and work out regiment so far to the fact that it could be classified as a mental illness. Unable to take in anything she deems as unhealthy without inducing vomiting or extreme discomfort as she imagines herself gaining weight. When Shandra was in control of her body she received breast implants that Lilith both hates and refuses to remove both for the same reason that she see's her body as a temple and refuses to tamper with it in any intrusive way.


Shandra Alexis

Before there was Lilith the Shade there was Shandra Alexis. A woman who wanted to be a star, a model, and was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. After some Hellions destroyed her home, burned her face and killed her parents the young woman wasted all of her finances on plastic surgery trying to get the perfect face and body. Once that was lost too her and she was broke she made a deal with a very dark and very evil being to grant her eternal beauty.

The result was a sonic villainess named Echinda Strife, her lack of control lead Longbow to take her down. The monstrously reptilian woman was ageless and considered beautiful by the dark being, she had brought a horrible curse down on herself. The Dark being was later banished by heroes but the curse remained. The hellions responsible were later hunted down and destroyed by Mirror and her sister Tari. Winters Dark Kiss took pity on the lonely Echinda Strife (As Shandra had come to be known in the isles) and enacted an incredibly POWERFUL ritual to try and beat back the dark magic and welcome Shandra into her own insane family.

The two dark magics collided and the results were epic, splitting reality and creating two separate entities. Echinda Strife, the unintelligent, feral but not so evil winged creature, and Lilith the manic, sociopathic and extremely intelligent daughter of Winter trapped in the barbie doll body Shandra had created in her attempts at perfect beauty.

Ares Corp

Lilith first got her start in the same organization that Echinda had belonged too before the split. Ares was run by Mikky Torentsa and Short-Circuit at the time and the Mirror Shade worked her way up through the company taking contract after contract without failure. After a while though she felt there wasn't enough respect for her to be had by either owner. Short was at the time experimenting with a technology that ended up shifting him between worlds and replacing him with a more heroic or more villainous version of himself at any given moment. Most people assumed he was going crazy at the time and in a confrontation between Lilith and Villain Short he told her that she was only around to follow orders, imitate others and would never amount to more than that. Lilith left Ares and began forming the Angels of Murder.

Sometime later she and the Angels returned and with the help of some other Ares operatives killed Villain Short and his army of robots. Freeing her former boss and killing him at the same time did wonders for her mood though. She no longer felt like a second fiddle and returned to work for Ares in her old position. With the Angels of Murder at her beck and call the future looked brighter than ever. After time though her insecurities led her to clashes with her other boss the mystical Mikky Torentsa. This all ended in a confrontation in Cap when the devious Mirror Shade destroyed Mikky, took her half of the company for herself and began her campaign to gain every power possible.

Later with her blood lust sated and her place at the top of Ares confirmed in her own mind by defeating both her former bosses Lilith sold out her half of the company to Magnus Torentsa. Mikky's son decided it was better to barter than battle with the young Mirror Shade made the offer. Now Lilith works part time for the company taking contracts to keep her skills sharp although is often found at home with her family instead.

Thief of Power

After the death of Mikky Torentsa Mirror used an artifact she uncovered to steal the woman's considerable power. Filled with all this new energy Lilith went on a hunt for other super powered beings who had something she wanted. She would steal these abilities and add them to her own gleefully then move on to the next. Even going so far as to attack a fallen and weakened god like being. However the more she stole the more she realized they were static, she could not improve them or learn to use them any more than the person she took them from had already done. To the perfectionist this was like a horrible curse and eventually she stopped her thieving and returned to focusing on her ninjitsu and physical training.

It was during this time that she met Violent Intent a man who despite his simple thinking and raw violent tendencies had an almost childlike innocence that appealed to the unstable girl. They worked hand in hand destroying anyone who got in Ares way. She was still in control of Ares at the time and kept him on staff for his destructive capabilities.

On a chance conversation with Jake aka Violent Intent she realized that without children her legacy would end with her inevitably violent death at the hands of someone someday. Her aversion to touch made sex impossible at the time so she instead had Dr. Atrocious artificially inseminate her with the seed of specially selected people that she thought were genetically pure. Despite her now fiance being a mutant Mirror didn't want her children to be cursed with any form of strangeness. Using Jake as a bodyguard for her pregnancy the crazed Lilith became increasingly unstable as the burdens of pregnancy weighed heavily on her mind and body. She eventually used the dark magic she stole from her first victim Mikky Torentsa to create an artificial magical womb separate from her body to try and take the easy way out.

Mikky's brother Mikey eventually destroyed it and Mirror was once again stuck pregnant and angry, eventually giving birth to her twins Alfred and Alexia (Totally a Code Veronica Tribute!) as well as a third unexpected child. This third child destroyed the artifact and Lilith lost all her ill-gotten powers and the child aged into an angelic/demonic monstrous version of Mikky Torentsa. Instead of killing Mirror it left her to live with the knowledge that she was bested on the arcane field. Lilith has never again ventured into that realm of magic, sticking instead with what she's learned herself and mastered.

Fury For Hire

An ally of Ares Corp they are another organization Lilith has done some contract work for. Offered a chance to get out from under the shadow of her sister by Kidd and Agony she took an extended contract to destabilize some governments and drug lords in South America. When her pregnancy threatened to get in the way of the work she even hired a shape shifter and used the Angels of Murder to make sure the job was finished right.

She continues to this day to work with them from time to time, more often as a representative of Ares Corp than on her own however. Agony Faust now called Persephone and Kidd Kumbustion are in the small group of people Mirror Shade considers friends although she often locks horns with Kidd over the most trivial things.

Current Activity


Lilith first started learning how to wield twin blades, following the footsteps of her psychotic sister the famed killer Bloody Tari. The Mirror Shade so named for her tendency to mimic other killers then try to improve on her methods to surpass them gave her a very grisly reputation. Of course this also made her look somewhat needy and weak in the eyes of certain other villains which lead to confrontations between Lilith and her co-workers over and over. After time though she was able to fight past her doubters and start to earn a name for herself using the swordplay that she started adapting to her own style. Less violent and more focused on the quick kill than her sister who loves to this day the sound of her victims screaming.

Moving on from the blades Lilith, in an attempt to differentiate herself from some of her idols started her own Gang known as the "Angels of Murder". Traveling around the globe she collected war criminals to both form the ranks of her private military organization and for them to teach her everything they knew about modern day tactics, warfare and weaponry. The Angels are not a large group but dangerous and amoral under the leadership of the unstable Lilith. Although she learned well it was still the in close fighting that she craved.

This led her to perform a similar action in hunting down some of the best martial artists in the world. Studying under masters from several countries Mirror has created her own unique form of martial arts, ninjitsu and Chi mastery. Currently her favourite method of engaging enemies Lilith knows no joy quite like getting in close and defeating her adversaries with her gloved hands. Although bare hands would probably be wonderful for her the destabilized woman still doesn't enjoy touching people claiming "Heartbeats are too loud and drive me crazy!"

The Mirror Shade was home schooled by her mother Winters Dark Kiss. During that time part of her learning was naturally the ability to understand and wield the ice magics of her parent, and Lilith has taken to it like she does any opportunity to expand her repertoire, with enthusiasm and focus. Although she has the abilities to use this dark magic she rarely employs it except in times of emergency, preferring still to get in close.

Since then Mirror has continued her education at various institutions around the world studying such things as psychology, parapsychology, health and fitness, as well as medical training. Granted she seems to use the later to better understand how to hurt people than heal them.

Personal Life

Lilith Hawkins spends most of her down time at her home in the Hamptons training, taking care of her children, and generally relaxing and healing from whatever last adventure she just returned from.

She enjoys time with her young kids and finds a level of peace her tormented psyche could never find anywhere else. She also spends much of her time with her menagerie of exotic "pets".

Lilith was married to Midnyte Flare until he died along with her youngest son Bryce in a tragic helicopter accident.

She loves spending time with Tari, her mother and father and even keeps a relatively close relationship with her alternate self Echinda Strife who has recently started to use the Well of Furies to gain some of her mind back from the dark curse.
Picture by Brandi Mitchel

Mirror out with her older sister Tari.
Image by John Becaro

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