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Note: Bio will be changed accordingly as more information about Praetorian Earth becomes available. All changes will reflect updated storylines in accordance to Going Rogue.

Thanks for this fan-tastic art goes to [1]
Player: Premmy(@premonitions)
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Karalo Rava
Known Aliases: Move, Green Blur, That Jerk, Mobilize
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Weight: 160
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: blonde/brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: New Praetorian
Occupation: Unemployed, Thief, Musician, hooligan
Place of Birth: Imperial City
Base of Operations: Imperial City
Marital Status: single and loving it
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Ability to absorb & convert many types of energy into momentum and kinetic energy and direct it as force blasts in the chosen direction. Ability to direct kinetic energy into himself to move at super-human speeds,
Known Abilities
Rapping, Combat training, Free-running, music production, Cup-Stacking, Stealth.
High-intensity, high-friction wear resistant shoes, high-tech encrypted portable uPC used to communicate along many channels.




Mobilise is a young man from Praetoria with energy absorption and generation power. He makes his living as an all-around rogue, doing whatever is most profitable to his needs and taking what he wants and needs from life everywhere he goes.


Mobilise is selfish, brash, and impatient. He is an insufferable flirt and is filled to the brim with bravado, often undeserved, but seldom silenced. If he can't solve a problem or makes a mistake, he sometimes reverts to insulting people until things change. Mobilise is an opportunist who values his own freedom above all else. Anything that might limit his ability to move around or act as he pleases is rejected almost instantly on principle.


Mobilise is a bit on the short side with an athletic build obtained from his high-activity lifestyle. He wears his shoulder-length gold&black streaked hair in tight cornrows on the front and top with single braids in the back and bottom the fact that he can sit still long enough to get them done is some form of miracle. On the back of his neck is a mark in the shape of the Praetorian Resistance symbol, he usually finds some way to keep it covered. His skin is a chocolate brown complexion and his eyes are hazel. His features are hard to place, with a look of both African, European and Asian descent visible in his face


The Happy Couple

The Ravas were a happy young couple who each had a very bright future ahead of them. They and a few of their friends entertained ideas of rebelling against a system they had qualms about being a part of, but life was easy for them, and they were complacent. When Fajra finally conceived a child, Her husband and the rest of their social circle couldn't be happier. News spread amongst the middle-class crowd like wildfire and the couple awaited the day they would form a family with baited breath.

The man with no name

Sadly it was not meant to be. On the way home, they were caught up in a fight between a pack of Destroyers and Clockwork. Fajra was injured and the baby was certainly lost, just before they met their end, the rabble was blasted away in a storm of Resistance gunfire. On the other end of that storm was a man who had an offer for them. He would give them back their child, but when the time came, he would make a demand of them, and they had to hold up their end of the bargain, no matter what. With much trepidation, the couple agreed to the mystery benefactor's request. He blindfolded them, whisked them away to a strange lab somewhere, soon, Fajra was pregnant again. A few months later and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy with a very distinctive birthmark on his neck.

Outstandingly Average

The Ravas soon found some strange things about their child, he seemed to have none of their traits, he didn't look a thing like either his mother or father. his personality was much more energetic than theirs, only people who didn't know the couple would assume he was their child. This lead the couple to feel distant from their own son. Determined to be the model family they were before tragedy befell them, the read every parenting guide they could and followed them to the letter, all the gestures, all the "quality time" moments, all the Important Lessons, all the things you're "supposed" to do, they did, but the love wasn't there. On paper, the boy had everything he could need. Things changed when he turned ten.


The day after his tenth birthday, a large party had been thrown, enjoyed, and cleaned up. The man with no name returned. It was time to make good on their deal. He came for the child. There was no trepidation, it was time to get moving.


He called himself Singe, he told the boy he was a geneticist working for the Resistance. The boy was the first successful result from project Changeling, a plan to create specialized soldiers to serve the Resistance's various needs. "You are the first step to freedom for all", he said, "Everything about you I crafted for this purpose" The boy felt sadness at losing his family, but looking back, he hadn't ever truly felt at home with them. Maybe this new father would take him away to a lifetime of adventure. A life of saving the day and making new friends. A life of fighting evil and being a legend.

A Life of hardship

His training began, he was taught about the nature of his abilities and how to use them. He was taught combat techniques urban warfare tactics, urban exploration skills, survival skills, and how to kill. Scrounging in the darkness of the tunnels, just him and Singe very day. "you can't be revealed until you are ready" he told him. Five years passed. The boy had become a human weapon. He was presented to Calvin Scott as the next step in the movement's technology. Calvin allowed him and Singe to take on missions as messengers, Assassins, and saboteurs.Singe was not kind to the boy, he made him work and offered him none of the comforts of a home. Most of the resistance members he met were no better. He had traded one loveless home for another. But whereas one home looked after his needs to serve their desire to have a family, his new home only sought to use him as a tool to further their own goals.

Free, worldwide

One day The boy was ordered to capture a new piece of Praetorian Technology being tested, a powerful mobile personal computer that could tap into the networks across multiple planets and possibly even dimensions... The mission went off without a hitch, but the temptation to look into the endless font of knowledge was too strong. The boy turned the system and heard

Hip-Hop just saved me

Music, beautiful music, People speaking to his pain and a world of things he had never heard about. He continued searching and found more, much more, and he saw things for what they were. And he was never going back.

Get Moving

Mobilise was his name and he would live for himself, everything he did in life, he would choose for himself.


Energy Absorption

Mobilise absorb.jpg

Mobilise's body displays the unique ability to absorb various types of energy it comes into contact with to be expelled at his will.

Kinetic Force

Mobilise can expel any energy he absorbs in the form of powerful blasts of kinetic energy and momentum, as well as fields generated around his body for protection. Due to his training and the nature of his power conversion and storage, a measure of physical movement is required to expel energy and the types of movement can dictate and determine the type of action the expelled energy performs.


Mutated Melanin

Mobilise's skin has been developed to absorb and convert any kind of energy it comes into contact with via a mutated form of melanin, a light & heat absorbing chemical responsible for skin pigmentation in normal human beings.

Storage System

Mobilise's nervous system has been engineered from birth to store the energy transmitted from his skin cells throughout his body and in his brain. He can, in times of severe need and "energy starvation" dip into his own neuro-electricity, at the cost of lowered mental capacity and motor skills, ending in loss of consciousness.

Bio Blasters

Within Mobilise's musculature are various "veins" of energy-projecting structures. They can be "activated" by willpower and "flexed" along with the rest of the surrounding muscle tissue to project kinetic energy.


Mobilise can metabolically process the energy he absorbs to fuel his body, negating the need for sleep and food as he wishes. While he can keep his body functioning in this method, it cannot produce proteins or hydrate independently of sustenance and prevents hair and nail growth, healing,and overall body maturation.

Peak Physicality

The Changeling project gives Mobilise a naturally athletic build that can operate at the Height of Olympian levels when kept active. This does not make him the best at everything,physically, different areas of his ability can be lost with disuse, but he will never drop below the level of an averagely skilled athlete in strength, speed, reflexes or endurance.

Pain Tolerance

Mobilise has a somewhat enhanced level of pain tolerance due to his energy absorption cells mildly dulling the nerve pulses in his skin.

Super Speed

Mobilise speed.jpg

By absorbing and redirecting energy through his body, Mobilise can move at speeds far exceeding the normal human limits.


Martial Arts

As part of Singe's Training in the use of his Powers, Mobilise was instructed in the application of Internal Martial Arts Philosophy in controlling and re-directing energy by an Outsourced Syndicate member. His training focused mostly on controlling force, and so he primarily uses it defensively when applying it as a martial art instead of a means of using his powers. Offensively Mobilise was trained to control the energy, convert it into a weapon,and wield it to deadly effect. Due to this he feels a natural fondness for weaponry, particularly rotational weapons such as chains, flails, and multi-sectioned staffs. When forced to fight without a weapon or his powers, he will behave mostly defensively, parrying and dodging. Offensively he strikes with wild, flailing and uncoordinated punches, delivered at high speed in high numbers. He hopes quantity will overcome(lack of) quality.


Mobilise Stealth.jpg

Mobilise was taught the ways of stealth and subterfuge as part of his training, a skill that as grown lax in recent years taking a more straightforward approach to life. He still is able to sneak around effectively and his sheer speed frequently renders stealth a moot point.


1: Wears a costume

2: has super powers

3: made a few songs and released them on the internet... he sounded more like little wayne at the time, past shame for him

4: Steals a lot of stuff

1: his history as part of project changeling

2: the name and location of his parents

3: information on other project changeling test subjects

4: The death of his creator, Singe as a result of an unexpected and surprisingly well informed PPD raid.

Formspring account



Things People have to say about him: ((Put any IC Comments you might have here))

"He showed up on Fromspring all "badass attitude" and a bunch of heroes made him look like a little girl. Poor Moby, all he wants is to be like me. Shame he ain't got the stomach for it but, bless his little Nikes, he tries so hard." - Paul Ooshun

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