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Alignmenticon Villain.pngAlignmenticon Villain.pngAlignmenticon Villain.pngAlignmenticon Villain.pngAlignmenticon Villain.pngAlignmenticon Villain.png
Player: Zedrik
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor (Dark / Dark)
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Moondeath Viktor Johnson
Known Aliases: Viktor Johnson, Junior
Species: Human / Demon hybrid
Date of Birth: March 25, 1979
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Solid glowing purple
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Delusional
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Viktor Johnson aka Moondeath (father, deceased)
Known Powers
Dark blasts, Negative energy manipulation, Empathy, Flight, Limited shapeshift
Known Abilities
Knowledge of various demon races, magic artifacts, and other demonic and arcane lore
Various magical artifacts (very few of which he ever actually uses)
Themesong: Shiny Happy People by REM



Moondeath is utterly convinced he is the Supreme Overlord of Earth. Anything that suggests he isn't is either declared false, twisted and incorporated into his delusions, or outright ignored. He both enjoys causing pain and fear in people, which he feeds off of, and also seems to care about his "subjects" (ie, everyone who isn't him).



In some future timeline, life in Paragon City has become grim. Supervillains have taken over the city, vying for power within the walled sectors. Two heroes, however, still shed a light of hope across the city. Moonblood and Moontear, now united in their struggle to keep the villains at bay, head the Order of the Blue Crescent. The Order has become somewhat powerful, but that power is now waning under the sheer number of villains. One villain, defeated before even even became a blip on the Order's radar, came to see the twins as his archnemeses.

The villain, a virtual nobody in the world of supervillainy, sought out a psychic. This psychic, either by fate or by fraud, told him the power of the brothers lie in the origin of the stones, the moon. Though it took him a decade, the villain constructed a missile that would destroy the moon.

The missile worked perfectly, causing the moon to implode upon itself and leaving only dust in it's place, so complete was its destruction. However, the process created a dark gem, the purest black marred only by the dark violet light it reflected.

This gem fell to the earth and the villain was there to retrieve it. He found it gave him power, embuing him with mystical energy much like that held by the twin heroes. He dubbed himself Moondeath and struck out to defeat the heroes he assumed were now powerless. He was mistaken.

Though the moon gave them their power, it was permanently endowed. On the verge of defeat, Moondeath found a weak spot in space-time and created a temporal vortex. Seeking escape in the vortex, he found himself in a time when heroes still kept the villains at bay.

Moondeath knew his history, and he knew the twin heroes were not yet born. He saw this as an opportunity to gain power and defeat his foes before they became powerful. Though he tried, he could not locate them in time for their births. Perhaps ironically or perhaps by fate, his own son was born at the same exact moment as the twins. Again ironically, or again by fate, his mother was the sister of the demon who fathered the twins. Thus, the Moondeath stone glowed a dark violet and the half-demon child was born with black skin, glowing violet eyes, and during puberty grew ram-like horns.

Moondeath named this son after his own moniker, Moondeath. He gave up his life as a supervillain to teach his child to hate his cousins. One day, he hopes, Moondeath will become a great supervillain and defeat the two heroes he himself was unable to touch.

Early Life

Moondeath didn't have a traditional childhood. Unlike his cousins, his father saw nothing wrong with calling him Moondeath all the time instead of calling him Victor, his middle name. Moondeath was home-schooled so that his father could teach him everything that would be necessary to hunt down and kill Moonblood and Moontear.

Moondeath's father practically placed him upon a pedestal, constantly telling the young half-demon that he would one day conquer the world. His mother, on the other hand, was grooming him for her own purposes. Namely, her black knight and general of her demonic horde when she was powerful enough to summon them upon the Earth. Being tugged in two directions, something inside Moondeath snapped before he was even old enough to understand most of what was going on.


When Moondeath was sixteen, his mother was ready to perform her ritual to summon her hellish armies and called him in to be there. His father, however, was ready for such an event and gave Moondeath an enchanted dagger that could harness the energies of the ritual and instead send the demoness back where she came from.

Moondeath took the dagger and did as he was asked by his father. When his father came in to make sure all was well, Moondeath betrayed him as well and left the aging man on the floor, bleeding to death. It was then he felt the agony of another for the first time. He fed off the pain and sense of being betrayed that emanated from his father until the man's life force was completely drained. Moondeath left his house and ventured into the world.

Moondeath had been praised so often by his father that he believed that he could not be defeated. So when he raided homes along a street, feeding off the terror he caused, and was promptly dispatched by the police, his already-fragile psyche was sundered from reality.

He was sent to the Zig like many superpowered villains. The years cooped up in the prison didn't help his mental issues. He came to see himself not as an imprisoned man, but as the Supreme Overlord of Earth, improving himself at a sacred temple. He may have lived his entire life like this had Recluse not assaulted the Zig.

When Arachnos freed many from the Zig, Moondeath found his way out and set out to sit once more upon his throne. He began to search for ways of keeping his position secure. Most of this was by using the contacts of his mother to find artifacts, which generally found their way to his lair to then lie forgotten amongst his treasures.


The Final Order

To be completed...

The Final Order
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