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· Mutation Corruptor ·
Player: @Stormfall
Real Name
Lance Chassagne
Moony, Moonboy, Moonman, Lunacy, etc.
March 10
Montreal, Quebec
Canadian Citizenship
Rogue Isles
North America and Africa
Criminal, Astrologist
Legal Status
Criminal Record
Marital Status
Single, Never married
· Known Relatives ·
Unamed father and mother
Physical Traits
Human Mutant
Apparent Age
Powers & Abilities
Dark Blast
Dark Miasma
· Known Powers ·
Probability Manipulation, Probability Sensory, Lunar Empowerment, Mental Resistance
· Equipment ·
Moonbelt, Protective Uniform, Communications Tech




Montreal-born Lance Chassagne was a burden to his family from the very beginning: multiple allergies and ear infections plagued his first few years on the Earth, and his timidness, fear of anything and lackluster adventurous spirit caused an ordeal at every turn, even for an only child. Lance constantly developed odd rashes and claimed sunlight 'hurt' him, but it wasn't until he started kindergarten did his photo sensitivity become a great social hindrance among his many other problems. He had no interest in making friends and preferred to spend all his free time alone in his room in the darkness; creating stories and talking to himself. Being different from anyone else in his life made him an easy candidate for excessive bullying that only became worse the older he became. At the age of thirteen Lance was forced to see a psychologist as a joined effort between his teachers and parents to get to the bottom of his condition, even as his low class family just barely scraped by as it was. The teenager was initially diagnosed with functioning autism on the lighter end of the spectrum, but before anyone could dig any deeper he start to make a habit out of constantly running away from home to avoid school and appointments during similar times of the passing months, and no one was perceptive enough to notice that this occurred around new moons.

He also developed an unhealthy obsession with Astrology, and started to dictate his relationships and future based on the charts. Soon after, Lance secretly started an online friendship with a mysterious man, who only referred to himself as 'Bernie', that he met in a chat room revolving around black magic, underworld rituals and the like, and foolishly initiated meetings at night when he'd sneak out the house through his apartment window. Though fortunately not a pervert, Bernie 'was' quite convinced that Lance's health problems were due to him being special, and capable of making contact with the other side. One night on a full moon, Lance snuck Bernie into his bedroom so that they could initiate a ritual with the intention of summoning some sort of entity utilizing Bernie's strange book. Their minds were convinced that what they were doing was absolutely legitimate, though Lance didn't know just how legitimate he was. The noise they were causing grew loud enough for his parents to wake up and bang on his locked door demanding to be let in. Simultaneously the great passion of the ritual, the power of the full moon and the distress from his parents' loud voices drove him over the edge; his latent mutant abilities activating for the first time and immediately shifting the possible success rate of the ritual into absolute favourable odds. Only a dark shadow would dance between them however, before it quickly disappeared soon as his door was broken down. Bernie escaped through the window as the police were called, and the following day he was found and charged for a series of offenses.

Lance never saw him again, and the demonic entity that he successfully summoned utilized this to its advantage. Shorty after, Lance was diagnosed with schizo-effective disorder. Over the next few months, the entity, who revealed himself to be 'J', a demonic entity banished into an infernal pocket prison, would communicate with Lance for several days each month, specifically around the new moons when Lance's psyche was most vulnerable. The sickly teenager was no longer talking to himself in his room anymore, but this entity that no one else could hear. It was J that guided his first few steps into beginning to understand how his powers worked, and how the lunar cycle was evidently so crucial. However, this entity was under the assumption that Lance was someone not of a mutation origin, but a potential man of dark arts lineage judging by his previous act. Though his skin never filled with colour, Lance became noticeably more 'with it' around full moons; the disappearance of his photo sensitivity and his sudden interest in fitness and socializing caught his parents, teachers, social worker and everyone else off guard. J occupied Lance's next couple of years by grooming him into something that he could use to affect the physical world around them: convincing him to skip his medication, retaliate against bullies at school in manipulative ways, instill vivid dreams and nightmares, and learn how to properly use his gift in the way he saw fit. Once the entity J determined that Lance was powerful enough for his liking, he admitted his future plans for the then sixteen boy.

Lance was going to serve as his vessel in order for J to travel to Paragon City, and exact revenge on those responsible for banishing him to his prison - the Circle of Thorns. The possessed Lance smuggled his way into Paragon City, and proceeded through a week-long vengeful slaying spree until he was successfully detained by the Paragon Hero Psyminster. With his help, J was exercised from Lance's body, send back to his prison while the mutant was allowed to recover under the supervision of G.I.F.T. This was where he finally learned of the mutative-source of his powers, and proceeding several arrangements with his parents and proper Paragon authorities, Lance was able to remain in Paragon under a helpful program that gave him the tools to understand and cope with the aspects of his mutation. After completion, he decided to put his gifts to good use and register as a heroic figure, utilizing the name Moonstroke for the first time with visions of helping those in need. Unfortunately it was sooner rather than later that he showed immediate signs of difficulty functioning on the field during one particular bad new moon; to the point where his colleagues deemed him too much of a liability to ever work with. Feeling like an outcast all over again, he fled to the Rogue Isles in order to search for a new purpose where he stopped taking his medication and rekindled his unhealthy obsession with the stars. Following this newfound calling, the young Moonstroke started to make a name for himself by being quite proficient at robberies and heists, earning good favour with other criminal team-ups due to his 'lucky' success rates for himself and anyone accompanying him. Half of them were just as unhinged as he was, and he felt free of societal chains.


  • (2009) Moonstroke is recruited by Mindswipe into the Rogues Gallery and taken to Warehouse 13.
  • (2010) After hearing that Psyminster, the hero that freed him from his possession is dying, Moonstroke makes a ballsy move and sneaks into the hospital to have one last chat. Ten days later Psyminster would pass from complications due to his severe injuries.
  • (2011) He unofficially parts with the Rogues Gallery, remaining an ally with occasional jobs, though seems more keen in following his own astrologically-dictated plan.
  • (2012) He decides to travel overseas to spend a few years in Côte d'Ivoire.
  • (2019) Moonstroke's presence returns to the Rogue Isles and Paragon City.

Personality Profile

To predict how Moonstroke behaves, one need only pay attention to the phases of the moon. During the waxing into full moons he is at his most stable, cognitive, intelligent, good-natured and conscientious. During the waning into new moons? He rambles, babbles, creates conspiracies, snaps on others and is prone to being painfully insecure, critical, a bit apathetic and even a little sadistic. His interest in relationships of all kinds and sex is definitely, definitely tied to that beautiful moon up there.

During new moons, it's best to avoid him unless you know how to manage him effectively. Despite his reputation as being a criminal and involving himself with a villainous organization or two, he 'was' once on his way to making a career out of heroism. The misunderstood stigmas surrounding his mental health, beliefs and powers did no favours for his easily-effected personality, where he takes slights to heart.

Acquaintances have described him as being mysterious, a loner, sobering, moody, unnecessarily caring, crazy, creative, artistic, intelligent, idealistic, awkward and sometimes has moments of gullibility and utter escapism. As a 'criminal with a conscience' he does have an ethical compass that won't entertain harm to anything deemed vulnerable. Naturally this annoys some of his colleagues. It's very fortunate for him that his mutant powers bail him out on the many accidents and poor decisions he would have possibly made anyway.








DarkCast_Blackstar.png Probability Manipulation - Moonstroke's latent mutant power distinctively revolves around his ability to influence and manipulate probability through various methods and magnitudes. He is able to make likely or unlikely events occur or not occur at will, concentrating on specific objects or people, or localized areas of effect - "siphoning" good luck from foes to favour himself and/or those in his proximity. This creates an immediate imbalance within the synchronicity of his surroundings, and as a result effected targets are subjected to unfortunate events.

His manipulation in siphoning, channeling or redirecting positive and negative probabilities/synchronicity is evident in the forms of what has been described as "shade", "smokey" or "plasma-like entrails", potentially further shaped by his own imagination (anything from tentacles, to human-figured shapes. It is suggested that this stems from subconscious mental trauma and/or buried memories of his nightmares that were induced by the entity that once possessed him as a teenager). Positive probability/synchronicity appears through white entrails, while negative probability/synchronicity is visible as black entrails.

Examples of the variety and flexibility of usage include disrupting electronic devices, directing locations of lightning strikes and wind currents, causing combustion or general domestic accidents, ending the lives of elderly beings that are near death anyway or shifting odds toward continuous living, manipulating gambling outcomes, instilling temporary memory loss or memory boosts, dodging bullets, avoiding or lessening the impact of harmful injuries or afflictions, and countless other phenomena.

DarkCast_Aim.png Probability Sensory - A natural side-effect of his primary power, he is able to subconsciously perceive the probability or resolutions of specific people, events and phenomena, and through direct concentration, he can accomplish this consciously. This enables him to reflexively act upon predicted likely paths of favourable outcomes.

DarknessManipulation_SoulDrain.png Lunar Empowerment and Influence - For an as of yet unknown explanation other than the inclusion of the attributes of his mutation, Moonstroke's powers are directly affected by the moon's phases and their perception toward Earth. With the waxing moon, his powers become even stronger and more easily controlled. With the waning moon he is at his least effective at basic output level, though still useful and formidable to some degree.

MentalControl_Confuse.png Mental Resistance - Also dependent upon the perception of the moon's surface in relation to Earth, he gains superior mental resistance from psionic-based attacks, scans, etc with the waxing moon. As it wanes, this resistance becomes weaker - the new moon renders the least resistance of all to near average levels.

DarkArmor_CloakOfDarkness.png Previous Powers - As a previous vessel to the entity J, his body once exhibited a number of corrupted physiological differences, including flight via wings, demonic strength, durability, stamina and regeneration, shadow manipulation, shadow teleportation and minor hypnotic abilities.


Brawling_CrushingUppercut.png Combat and Fitness - He possesses fair hand-to-hand combat ability. While not proficient enough to match true martial artists, Moonstroke has demonstrated basic street-fighting skills while opportunity requires them. Normally, he is keen in avoiding physical confrontation. Starting into adulthood, Moonstroke very regularly exercises and tones his body. His metabolism is naturally high while his body lean - he must strive to maintain his current figure, though a little luck thrown in always makes it easier on him.

Weapons and Equipment

MunitionsMastery_BodyArmor.png Protective Uniform - The dark material of his combat suit is appropriately bullet-proof and heat resistant. Without it, only his good luck can save him from afflictions that would otherwise easily kill the average human being. It always pays to over-prepare and be extra careful.

DarknessManipulation_DarkConsumption.png Moonbelt - His belt is utility-oriented and holds any viable items and equipment when required. The front, white-sphered buckle is actually a solar-powered flashlight.

Weaknesses and Limitations

MentalControl_Confuse.png Mental Illness - Moonstroke has last been diagnosed with schizo-effective disorder, and is also on the lightest end of the functioning autism spectrum. As stated before, his mental well-being depends on the phases of the moon, and during new moons his mental illness is at its most debilitating and evident.

UmbralAura_PenumbralShield.png Astrological Obsession - Moonstroke uses Astrology much like a religion in terms of a belief system and guide. Well adept in Astrological predictions, mathematics and information, the majority of his purpose remains within this subject.

Other Skills and Talents

UmbralAura_PenumbralShield.png Astrology - Even though it can sometimes serve as a detriment to his decision-making, he's nonetheless impressively knowledgeable with anything related to Astrology. He has memorized a wide range of details, and can easily create astrological maps. This interest also pulls him into the science of astronomy as well, which is at least a factual entity.

UmbralAura_ShadowSlip.png Art - Not only is Lance a relatively talented 'painter' himself, but he appears to know a great deal about art pieces and antiques in general.


  • The alias Moonstroke plays upon 'Sunstroke', as well as "a stroke of luck".
  • Lance is bi-racial. His mother is an immigrant from the Ivory Coast who has lived in Canada since her childhood.
  • He's in love with the band Stars.
  • A decent portion of the money he steals ends up going to his family, or humanitarian charity work involving the Ivory Coast. This is done with complete discretion, at least for the latter.
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