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"The Dead Cannot Die."
Mr. Soul
Player: @Fayt Saratome
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Wilson Wayne
Known Aliases: The Soul Reaper
Species: Hellspawn
Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 238 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Stateless
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Elizabeth Wayne(Ex-Wife)
Known Powers
Hellspawn powers given to him by Hades.
Known Abilities
As he was reborn as a Hellspawn, his abilities vary between transformation to teleportation.
Black trench-coat with a hood attached and a mask. Black arm wraps wrapped around his arms, normal gray shirt and black cargo pants with boots.

Mr. Soul is my very first OC that I created exclusively for City of Heroes. Until I played CoH all of my characters were for fantasy settings, so CoH inspired me to create a more super hero-like character to more suitably fit in the CoH setting. Even though he was created for CoH, he is now very fleshed out as of yet.



Early Life

Born into the rich Wayne family, Wilson attended the finest schools. Although he had good grades, he did not care much for lectures or studying. His passion was fighting, by the age 15 he was already looking into joining the armed forces. After graduating high school, he quickly joined the local police force in LA. He was successful in his career and met the love of his wife, Elizabeth and at age 23, they married. Wilson being successful in the police force was promoted to Lieutenant soon after.


On August tragedy happened. While Wilson was on a chase with a dangerous criminal, he followed him inside a warehouse where he thought he had him cornered. Little to Wilson's knowledge, it was a set up. The criminals ganged up on him, gunned him down then burned him alive along with the building they were in. The police soon came after the smoke was detected, but it was too late. Wilson was announced dead on the scene. Wilson was 32 when he died.


His death would not be the last the world saw of Wilson. Upon his death, his vengeance and urge for revenge was great which caught the eye of Hades, the leader of the underworld. Hades revived Wilson as a Hellspawn to do his bidding, making a deal with Wilson that he would fully revive him if Wilson cooperated. Wilson soon agreed and with his new body, he set out to find the one that killed him.

Modern Life

In his modern life as a Hellspawn, Wilson became a mercenary in the hopes it would help his search for his murderer. He soon took the name Mr. Soul as he was very successful in his missions in claiming souls. He is known as The Soul Reaper in the underworld as he is able to always finish his mission.


After dying, he appears to have obtained a more sarcastic personality. He hardly ever takes anything seriously and always makes jokes about even the most horrible situation, even not taking Hades seriously. This may seem like a disadvantage, but his enemies seem to become shaken when Mr. Soul makes sarcastic jokes about them. Mr. Soul is always at work, always hunting down his next target and loves the hunt.


When he was resurrected, Hades restored most of his body to it's previous state. The exception is his face was left deformed. His eyes is pure white and missing it's pupil. He wears a hood and a mask over his head to hid his appearance from the public. He wears a black trench-coat and a gray shirt. On his arms he has black wraps wrapped up to his knuckles and wears black cargo pants with black boots.




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