Ms Pris

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Ms Pris
Player: User:SnakeRogers
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Pris
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human (mostly)
Age: apparent physical age of 39
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lb.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Depends on mood
Biographical Data
Nationality: Not from around here
Occupation: Killing creatures and breaking things
Place of Birth: Far, far away
Base of Operations: Villa Dissolūtus, Cimerora
Marital Status: At least once a day
Known Relatives: old boyfriend Bawlamer the Barbarian
Known Powers
Dual Blades and Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
Has soloed AVs
Hattori Honzo-crafted Katana and Wakizashi set, and a pair of cheap sunglasses

"SHE who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a WOMAN."

An updating of the Samuel Johnson quote used by Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Theme Song

L7's Fast and Frightening


Once upon a time, in a multiverse far, far away, Pris was the main squeeze of Bawlamer the Barbarian, who was himself the chief henchman and bodyguard of the infamous archmage, Raoul Duke. An unfortunate accident involving a case of tequilla, a drum of lime-flavored lubricant, and a miscast dimensional gateway to the plane of salt cast our plucky heroine far out into the wilds of space and time. She awoke - naked, hung-over, and very, very slippery - in one of the less reputable back streets of Paragon City. Pris quickly realized that this brave new world provided numerous opportunities for sex, drugs, and violence, and she felt very much at home.


Pris is a cynical and experienced killer. The fact that she calls herself a "killer" says a lot about her character. She has little use for romantic or misleading labels such as "warrior," "security specialist," "hunter," etc. She kills and destroys things. She is very good at it, and she enjoys her work. Her one moral standard is that she restricts herself to killing those individuals who asked for it. However, she can define "asked for it" in a fairly broad manner.

Pris is an enthusiastic consumer of all sorts of mind altering chemicals, though cheap blanco tequila is her drug of choice. She is also an enthusiastic consumer of young men, women, and those who check "other" when asked about their gender. Upon being accused of being a "cougar," she responded "F*** that, I'm a She-Liger." For these reasons, she can often be found in Cimerora, where she owns a small villa, rescuing (and receiving the gratitude of) captured legionarri and sybils, and encouraging the planting of agave.

With a strong distrust of governments, corporations, and any other large concentrations of wealth and power, Pris is anarchist by nature. Killing the leaders of powerful and exploitative organizations is one of her greatest joys.

When Going Rogue arrived, she quickly became a Vigilante. To paraphrase Matt Howarth, "All of CoX is now her oyster, and she likes it raw."

Pris LR.jpg Hanging with with one of her NBFs during a recent tour of the Rogue Islands.

On Being "Natural"

Pris is technically of natural origin in that she doesn't depend on magic, technology, science, mutations, or any of that other crap. Give her a toothpick and a roomful of enemies, and you'll get a broken and blood-covered toothpick, and a pile of dead enemies. However, she's "not from around here" and worked for many years for a powerful, and rather demented, archmage. Her exact age is unknown, but it's certainly far greater than her apparent physical age. She's had a lot of 39th birthdays. Despite being a natural origin hero, Pris will happily make use of any available magical, scientific, and technological toys. Revolvers, raptor packs, holy shotguns, nuclear weapons - they're all good.

Life in Cimerora

Pris is a great admirer of the military prowess and moral laxness of the Roman Empire. So, she has recently built a small beach front home in Cimerora. The aptly named Villa Dissolūtus is located on the southwestern edge of the Cimeroran Peninsula. ((In CoX terms, Villa Dissolūtus is a supergroup base.))

Cim Villa.jpgBeach Pris.jpg

AV Soloing

Always on the lookout for new and challenging opportunities for killing those who've asked for it, Pris has recently started soloing Arch-Villains. Her first victim was Countess Crey. She has also soloed Chimera.

Countess.jpg "That looks painful Countess."


High quality violence doesn't come cheap. Pris' investments are handled by "Business is Good Enterprises." It's currently capitalized at over one billion influence. ((In CoX terms, BiG Enterprises is a one-person supergroup.))

Ebil Pris.jpg


When travelling the streets of Paragon City, Pris rides a 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa, the world's fastest street legal motorcycle with a top speed of 194 mph (below left). The Paragon City Traffic Police DO NOT consider her to be a hero. In Cimerora and other areas without roads, she rides a Husqvarna Sm 610 (below right).



As her origin story indicates, Pris is an old D&D character of mine. She started as a henchman (henchperson?) of a henchman, but she was sufficiently interesting and fun to play that she took on a life of her own. When I started playing CoH, she was my first character. Her name comes, of course, from the Blade Runner character played by Daryl Hannah. A major influence was Molly Millions (aka Sally Shears and Steppin' Razor) from William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy. Her CoH costume is based on Linda Hamilton's look in Terminator 2.

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