Noble Cause

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Noble Cause
Unlikely Incarnate
Electric Melee/Shield Defense/Blaze Mastery
Hyperion Force Agent
Player: @Responsible Adult
Activity Level: Main
Real Name: David Marona
a/k/a: None
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Incarnate
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Muscular
Complexion: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Features
Multiple Scars on the upper body.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: Confidential
Birthplace: Sparks, Nevada
Nationality: Citizen of the United States of America
Residence: Paragon City, Talos Island
Occupation: Hero
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Incarcerated At the age of 22, Rehabilitated and reformed as a Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Mark and Andrea Marona (Parents) Bria Marona (Sister)
Known Powers
Manipulation and Control of nearby atoms, allowing him to generate and manipulate electricity and fire at will. Exceedingly agile and in peak physical condition.
Skills & Abilities
Master in the use of Shield and hand-to-hand combat, some knowledge in field medicine.
Reinforced Round Shield made of an experimental, Unnamed Alloy, thought to be an off-shoot of Impervium.
"Deeds, Not Words"


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Compassionate and brave, Noble is a take charge type who can often be seen spear-heading even the most dangerous team efforts in the fight for justice. Noble fights for the greater good to help others see the good in the world when most see nothing but the bad.

Archetypeicon scrapper.png‎ Powers & Abilities Originicon science.png

Able to generate electricity and fire by manipulating the speed and charge of atoms. While a fairly balanced close-in fighter, Noble's greatest strength is the unrelenting assault he can lay on an enemy from most any range on the field, While his shield provides superb cover for rapid advances, his best bet is to attack hard and fast, disabling his foes quickly.

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Archetypeicon scrapper.png‎ Origins Originicon science.png

Born to Mark and Andrea Marona in Sparks, Nevada, David Marona excelled academically almost right from the beginning. Particularly fascinated by human behavior and different cultures, David found himself pursuing a degree in Anthropology by the age of sixteen and obtaining his masters degree at the age of twenty-two. During his pursuit of his Ph.D. However, Young Marona would find himself cracking under the strain, first resorting to Marijuana and Alcohol to try to relax, progressing further to Meth and Speed to try to finish his studies, He found himself spiraling out of control until,eventually, he found himself serving three years of prison time, managing to cater to his addiction even while inside the prison system through connections, getting out early only on the condition he put himself through rehab.

Thanks to a small time lab known as Gene-tec, David found himself out of prison and in, what seemed to be, a decent rehab arrangement. Gene-tec had introduced an accelerated detox program to help addicts clean up faster and more effectively. While David did plan to relapse as soon as he got out, it quickly became clear that whatever it was Gene-Tec was doing, it certainly wasn't helping addicts. Instead, Gene-Tec had developed an experimental program to create Meta-Humans by artificial means, the experiments that went on are still classified and undiscussed by any of the surviving victims. They had gathered addicts from the streets and private prison systems in order to obtain subjects that where less likely too be missed enough for anyone to look into their disappearances. David was among such people, shunned and disowned by his family, no one came to his aid, no one who could do anything even bothered to ask where he was, the only one who cared about him enough to worry, His adopted sister Bria, was too young at the time to even go on her own and find him.

It was only by a stroke of luck that David managed to escape, An extremist group of Animal Rights Activists who had heard of Gene-Tecs use of abandoned animals in their more public experiments and products had broken in to free its caged animals, only to find the unfortunate subjects who had managed to survive the procedures they had been subjected too thus far. Housed in Power-Suppressant cells, the new Meta's where unable to free themselves or even use their powers outside of controlled environments, even experiments who where as powerful as David had become. The activists helped the subjects escape under the condition that they help free the animals as well. The subjects, led by David, followed through on the promise and not only helped free the animals for the activists, but rendered the entire lab useless with their new powers. While the other subjects went their own way and Gene-tec was shut down, their assets and remaining profits where distributed among the victims of their inhumane experiments, David went back home to be closer to his sister, and finally get himself free of the addiction that had plagued him for so many years, and finally fight for something actually worth fighting for, something he could believe in enough to keep him free from the chains that once shackled him, and finally be a free man.

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  • Bria Marona: David's adopted little sister and best friend, She shares her brothers power over fire but under a psychic influence, she also has strong Telepathic abilities, she has come to stay with him to help her feel somewhat normal and have a chance to train her abilities.


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Hyperion Force ‎

Recruited into The Hyperion Force as of Mid-May, Noble has quickly come to prove himself as a brave and daring spearhead for the group, Backing down from little in the line of duty and intimidated by even less, Noble's courage and raw firepower have allowed him to give his all to proving himself amongst his peers.

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