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Alignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.pngAlignmenticon Hero.png
Spirit of the Nightlife
Player: Zedrik
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor (Dual Pistols / Sonic)
Security Level: 2
Personal Data
Real Name: Nocturnopolis
Known Aliases: Noct, John Jay Doe
Species: Urban Elemental
Date of Birth: July 11, 1985
Age: 26
Height: 6'
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Pistol and Ammunition Manifestation, Sound Manipulation
Known Abilities
Musical Instruments (Most Modern), Dances (Most Modern)
Themesongs: Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge, You Belong to the City by Glenn Frey




Nocturnopolis is the manifestation of Paragon City's nightlife. He is the busker in the subway, hoping to get enough money to feed himself. He is the woman walking home late at night, looking over her shoulder hoping no one is following her. He is the child crying as she looks out the window, listening to her father yell at her mother in the other room. He is the man at the office, working late in hopes to meet his deadline. But most of all, Nocturnopolis is the youth partying and loving life, leaving the worries of the day behind.


Nocturnopolis is very prone to want to have fun, let loose, and unleash the party animal within. The worries of the day left behind and hopes for tomorrow left for dreamland, he focuses on the here and now, the party and the fun.


Nocturnopolis also embodies the fear of dark places, crime, and things that go bump in the night. If these creep into his mannerisms for any reason, he can become rather dangerous and scary.


Nocturnopolis would like to claim he came to the decision to help others on his own. But he does point out, that as the manifestation of the city's nightlife, his heroism comes from the people who created him. In the hearts of the citizens of the city, whether hero or common laborer, there is that spark of wanting to help others in need.

It is this spark that Nocturnopolis calls upon when someone is being mugged in the park at night, when a family is being threatened at gunpoint because they woke during a burglary, when someone can't take no as an answer and tries to force the issue violently.

It is this spark that has led the spirit to take up the mantle of hero over that of villain.


Birth of a Spirit

It is hard to say exactly when, where, or why Nocturnopolis came into being. His earliest existence was as a wave of psychic energy flowing across Paragon City. What caused this energy to magically coalesce into a spirit is also hard to conjecture.

What is known is that Nocturnopolis's earliest memory is standing in a nightclub (he refuses to identify the club to which this honor belongs) on a summer's night in 1985, looking over the dance floor, and joining in. He's been a part of the City and the Night ever since.

The Night and the City

For most of his sapient existence, Nocturnopolis has lived by the name John Jay Doe. By day, he went into a sort of spiritual hibernation. By night he would go out and party. He was that guy everyone knew, yet no one knew at the same time. He was welcome at any party, even private ones, yet no one ever invited him and no one ever knew afterward why exactly he was welcome when he shouldn't have been.

He became something of a rumor and legend. Believed by some, dismissed by most. He moved through the 80s into the 90s, instinctively adapting as social trends changed. The major impact of world events was only felt through the changes of nightlife activity.

The Day

As the 90s moved into the new millennium and the 2000s, his age begun to catch up to him. Though still very young by spirit standards, he became aware of other issues than where to party next. His expanding awareness of the impacts of life in the city at night went beyond parties to the more serious side. He tries to maintain his youthful vigor, but sometimes the city needs him for something else.

Nocturnopolis no longer fades into spiritual torpor during the day. Much as the memories, and consequences, of the night influence the next morning and sometimes stays throughout the day, he now remains on his own during the day. Much as an inspiring dream may linger, so does he. Though he may be a bit sluggish or lethargic, he is able to remain during the day to go about his business. But like a worker may look forward to his shift ending or a child looks forward to the final school bell, he constantly looks forward for the Night.


Physical Manifestation

Nocturnopolis manifests in a sort of solid mental construct. It appears and feels to be quite solid and he is able to manipulate the physical world like any person.

Gun and Ammo Manifestation

Guns hold a certain place in the American psyche. Especially when it comes to the Night. Nocturnopolis uses two pistols with an unlimited supply of magically created bullets in his quest to keep the Night safe. When separated from his own manifested form, the guns will shimmer out of existence rather rapidly. The bullets will as well, though they take longer to dissipate.

Sonic Manipulation

Nocturnopolis is intricately connected to sound. Music plays a large part of the nightlife scene, and even at night the sounds of the city going about its business can be heard. This mostly manifests as defensive shields, though he can use it in a few other ways.

Paragon City

Nocturnopolis has a sort of intimate connection to Paragon City. There is a psychic connection that means he is aware of all things going on in the night (and only at night), though it is mostly subconscious and only events of great import work their way up to his awareness in a vivid manner.

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