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Player: @Tipsy
Personal Data
Real Name:   Emma Oubre
Age:   Twenty-four
Species:   Human/Kheldian
Occupation:   Unemployed
Place of Birth:   Briskville, Nebraska
Known Relatives:   Hank (father, deceased)
  Sandra (mother, deceased)
  Timothy (brother, deceased)
Signature Badges
Mental Voyager, Watches The Watchers,
Galactic Explorer
Known Powers
Empathic Sense, Remove Viewing,
Umbral Manipulation, Warshade Transformations



Oblique is an elusive, mutant psychic who has grown strong despite a traumatic past. Brain damaged, her speech can seem non-linear and confusing; like a riddle.

As a personality, she is both spontaneous and fearless yet wise, and deeply compassionate.

Powers & Abilities


Emma was born as what her parents called 'a deformity': blind, unable to speak, ghostly white skinned, and behaving like an animal. The fact that her isolated, Nebraskan farming family were fanatically religious didn't help matters, and their shame for her would eventually become abuse. Her preteen years were nightmarish, as she would be beaten, and occasionally locked in a cage, given little stimuli to grow. Things got even worse at age thirteen, after a particularly vicious beating from her father, she would swell into a tremendous rage. This anger activated her powers for the first time, and an overwhelming burst of psychically-induced "sickness energy" fill her home, horrifying her family. During this time her sight and voice returned, like a miracle.

Spending the next wary, nine years at home, Emma was watched carefully, doing farm work, being home-schooled, reading massive number of books, and discovering slowly more about her powers. Compensating for her time as a mute, she pushed herself beyond most teenagers to speak well, and expand her vocabulary. Also, Reading was her only escape from her parents.

At age nineteen, Emma discovered a magazine article about Paragon City, and became obsessed. She saw Paragon as a beacon of freaks; a place she'd have at least some chance of a belonging. She immediately began planning to leave home, and did so weeks later. She snuck out in the wee hours of the night, with literally no belongings, and hitchhiked straight to Atlas Park.

After a week of sleeping on rooftops, she stumbled upon a motley assortment of powered-people who allowed her to stay in their base as a guest, and eventually joined their team. This is where she picked up the name 'Oblique', originally used to tease her powers. There, she learned to use her powers more effectively, lived a full-on superhero life, received some positive media attention, and finally fostered some semi-normal social interactions with some peers.

After some time, and with the help of her team, Emma discovered the true origin of the source of her powers: she was the unwitting host body to a semi-dormant, inter-dimensional psychic being, literally living inside of her brain. This began a discovery process, unravel hidden, dark secrets about her family, who'd pledged allegiance to a cult, and had intentionally turned her into this host body. The experience of becoming aware of the 'entity' led to the effort to eject it; to which she was successful. Unfortunately, its departure left Emma with significant brain damage. For years, her basic thoughts were constantly interrupted with a series of visual hallucinations, making her perceptions unreliable.

This inner, mental turmoil brought Oblique into a state of extreme panic and madness, and she eventually sought isolation. Having a great passion for being out in nature, and being a skilled gardener and farmer, Oblique found she could survive in the wilderness for a long period of time, and eventually build a small, secret, wooded home in Perez Park.

Living homeless, with an untreated mental illness was difficult. Eventually, she decided to visit her family in Nebraska, and discovered that her father had recently passed away, and she was the recent inherent of their family's estate, worth ten million dollars. With some help from Paragon allies, she managed to sell the estate, and is now quite wealthy. With her newfound fortune, Oblique now rents a mansion in Talos Island (Cliffside Avenue).

Most recently, Oblique met a very young Kheldian, and the two have merged. ((More on this soon.))

Last Updated: 1/29/2020

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