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Personal Information
Real Name: Saffron Mayfair
Age: 18
Birth Date: October 28, 2002
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Hair Color: Cerulean
Biographical Information
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Birth Place: Monterey, California
Relatives: Parents: Thaddeus and Glynda Mayfair
Relationship Status: Dating
Group Affiliations: Legacy House
Talents: Surfing and playing violin

Ocean is a an Undergrad student at the PCU-Steel Canyon campus. When she isn't studying, she's learning to expand on her powers to manipulate molecules. Presently she's mastered water (H2O) given its simple molecular structure. As she learns to work with more complex chains, her abilities will grow.


Saffron was born to parents who didn't necessarily want children, as it meant abandoning their bohemian lifestyle for gainful employment. Dr. Thaddeus Mayfair, Professor of Chemistry at UC-Berkeley, decided that to make his wife happy and hire a nanny he would need to accept a position at Crey Industries. Joining their West Coast Laboratory, he volunteered Saffron for an experimental program in order to further his career.

The Program was injecting children with a serum that they theorized would give them super soldier mutations. Saffron was entered into the program when she was three years old, and exited it when she was six - showing no signs of progress. A year after leaving the program, she learned that she could make water move. Glynda always being away at a Spa and Thaddeus spending more time at the lab than home, Saffron was raised by staff and never divulged to her absentee parents her discovery.

An avid surfer, she spent time learning to use her powers while sitting on her board off-shore in the Pacific. Eventually she started to try to fight crime like the heroes she always watched on television. Saffron quickly found that offense was not her strong suit, but healing was something she not only loved, but excelled at. Manipulating water molecules in the human body, she learned she could quickly heal the injured. In the past year she's also learned she can detect foreign objects and disease in the body.


Saffron's powers were developed over time as she was injected with synthetic DNA developed by Crey Industries.

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