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DJ Eros
Player: @Spellion
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Widow/Fortunata
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Daveed 'Dave' Jamil
Known Aliases: Operative Eros
Species: Human
Age: 42
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown/ Usually dyed Pink or Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Current: DJ Formerly: Arachnos Widow/Exotic Dancer
Place of Birth: Manchester, UK
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable, the Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Dating Chris Calloway and Moses Road (Open Relationship)
Known Relatives: Vidra Jamil (Mother)
Known Powers
Slowed Aging, Disease Immunity, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Empathy, Persuasion, Astral Projection, Psionic Energy Manipulation
Known Abilities
Widow Training (Martial Arts, Weapons Training, Espionage, Multilingualism, and a fair amount of Dance)
Widow Claws, Magic DJ Headset, Magic Teleportation Necklace



Upon first glance, Dave is all surface and shallow. Flirtatious, charming, funny, and oozing sexuality, it’s hard to get a serious moment out of the coquettish man. And that is how he likes to keep it. Emotions are easily weaponized, and he likes to control the narrative. The few that do get genuinely close, past all the sex and flirtation, will find that he is an extremely loyal type. He does have an emotional availability that extends further than many realize, and a bravery that is unrivaled by many as he would willingly take a bullet for anyone he considers family. He has a tendency to be a secret ‘mom friend,’ willing to stop the party to make sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. He also cannot stand a bully, and will punch first and ask questions later if he feels injustice is afoot, especially against the poor and misunderstood of the Isles.

Physical Appearance

Daveed has a somewhat petite frame at 5'5" and 120 lbs. But behind that small stature is a powerhouse of a fighter, with years of Arachnos military training and ballet to add to the grace of his movements. He is Pakistani-British, his skin a caramel brown color and his eyes a soulful brown to match, with a dazzling smile on top of it all. He is almost the textbook definition of a 'prettyboy' and this was the reason he was chosen for the Silk Stalkers Initiative in the first place. But membership to the Stalkers came at a price. Not only was he given a youth serum to slow his aging, but he was submitted to several body modifications including rib removals, implants to his buttocks as well as subtle fillers in his face, and reconstruction of various body parts to make him the most desirable he could be. Though honestly? He was already pretty close to perfect, he didn't need as much work as some of the others.


The Beginning

Dave was born in Manchester, UK to Pakistani immigrants that moved there because they had dreams of seeing the world. But not everything was sunshine and rainbows for him. His father was a VERY strict man of Islamic faith to the point of where he was downright abusive to his mother. Growing up in his household was a fearful time of dodging fists and verbal abuse. But he never faltered, he continued trying to at least make his mother proud as a child. Then one evening, his father found his journal where he had been lamenting his scary homosexual feelings, knowing his father might literally kill him for them. When his mother found out, fearing for her son’s life, she packed a suitcase and all the money they could take and fled with him in the middle of the night. They booked plane tickets, one way, but could only afford to get as far as the Etoile Isles. But this is where they stayed. His mother Vidra got a job as a waitress in a diner, and they barely scraped by. This was in Daveed’s teenage years, and he loved his mother very much and wanted to help. That was when he saw the billboard. ‘Achieve your dreams. Join Arachnos.’

He was a little bit of a scrawny twerp when he first joined. Maybe even a little shy. But his bone structure was exquisite and Arachnos took an interest in him for a new program. He was selected to be part of an elite program called the ‘Silk Stalkers Initiative,’ a faction of Arachnos filled with their most attractive Widows and Spiders. Their aim? To integrate themselves into the lives of the rich and powerful through seduction in order to steal secrets and blackmail when necessary. It required years of training in many things. Body movement. People skills. Language. And of course the ever present combat. It also came with experimental serums being given to the members, one that slowed their aging and gave them an unearthly allure due to pheremones, drawing their prey in much like the spiders of their namesake. They were informed that there was a small possibility the drug may affect them in other ways years down the line, but it was all a risk that came with the job. And for the most part Dave was fine.

It was during this time he had a rivalry/relationship with a young Wolf Spider soldier named Hector Ramirez. They often found themselves at odds with each other, but despite their clashing, beneath it all a carnal romance was blooming. But it didn’t last long, because on a mission, Hector’s dropship was gunned down and all aboard were killed, though the bodies were never found. This was the closest that Dave had ever gotten to being in love, and it was the pain he experienced then that caused him to dive more into his work, never taking romance seriously again.

Over the years he because one of the most successful of the Silk Stalkers, taking down many high profile politicians around the world by just the power of his raw sexuality. But being one of the original members of the Initiative, he had the opportunity to step back and let the newer Operatives take over, only stepping in on particularly difficult missions nowadays. This led to him becoming pseudo-retired and with a lot of free time, which he’s relished in.

Joker's Wild

Soon enough he was approached by Chainz on a visit to Joker’s Wild to become a dancer there. Being bored and having not a lot to do in his private life, he gleefully accepted.

It was at Joker’s Wild where he would meet rebellious pop star, Chris Calloway. They became fast friends, getting into mischief and hooking up a few times in the process. But as the days went on, they both realized their feelings for each other were…. DEEPER than that. One evening after work, they went on a dinner date, admitting their feelings for each other (albeit in their own scandalous ways), and playfully made love in an empty office building. And THEN… new powers manifested in both of them. Sonic manipulation in Chris, and Fortunata abilities brought upon by the serum in Dave. Their combined new abilities in their heightened emotional state destroyed the building much to their surprise. This also forced Chris to lay low for a while, meaning Dave housed him in his condo, which only caused them to grow closer. Since then they adopted the moniker of the Trouble Twins and did almost everything together. The two also fell in love with a young adventurer named Moses Road and found themselves in an open polyamorous triad.

In the Stalkers' Web

Not too long after developing Fortunata abilities, David found himself having nightmares too vivid for him to explain. One such nightmare found him inside the head of a woman who died, brain exploding from too much psionic pressure on her brain. When he awoke he found that the woman had died the night before, her name was Courtney Maeve, but as David knew her, she was Operative Persephone. Shaken by this, and noticing he was being followed, he received the message loud and clear: The Silk Stalkers wanted him dead.

He was terrified, and he was unsure of what to do. He did not want to involve his lovers and friends, but after talking to them they took it upon themselves to help. Chris, Moses, and their friend and sometimes lover Antapex, along with Daveed would become their own unit of warriors to fight off the Stalkers. It was also during this time that Moses confessed his deeper feelings and Chris and Dave moved in with him.

One evening, after a surprise visit at Joker's from Mako, David found himself a telepathic visitor, a woman going by Seer Valentine. Her unprompted telepathic conversation caused him to discover a new ability. Astral Projection. Unfortunately he passed out on the dancefloor and spooked his friends. In the meantime they had a conversation about 'The Tower' and how she may be able to help. Although he was skeptical and his friends were angry, he still kept this in mind. A battle was coming and he'd need all the allies he could get.

Hero DJ

After the initial scares from the Stalkers, David became determined to get back into fighting shape. He spent day and night training, now using his free time to try to focus his newfound psionic abilities for better use. And for the most part, he was successful, finally honing his empathy and telepathy into something manageable, while still losing control every now and then. He decided to put his abilities to good use, sweeping the streets of Paragon (where he now lived in Kings Row with Moses and Chris) and becoming somewhat a vigilante.

He also realized for the first time in his life he wasn't living by Venus's or Arachnos rules. He could do what he wanted and be what he wanted. He found himself no longer really caring about being seen as 'sexy' and discovered a love of music through Joker's Wild and his boyfriend Chris Calloway, and he began to DJ at the club, changing his moniker to 'DJ Eros,' as the name Operative Eros no longer fit his new lifestyle.

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