Overlord Alastor

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Evil is nothing but a human construct
Overlord Alastor
Player: Mokalatte
Origin: Natural/Magic
Archetype: Unknown
Threat Level: 54 (AE RP AV)
Personal Data
Real Name: Alastor Adonis
Known Aliases: Archfiend Alastor, The Youngest Elder, Vengeful Duke of Hell
Species: Demon-born
Age: Unknown, but at least over 1,000 Earth years
Height: 6'0
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: ???
Occupation: Overlord (Carpenter and part-time Professor/Scholar before then)
Place of Birth: ???
Base of Operations: Yidhra Town
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Fire blast/Force Field, Demon Summoning/Invulnerability, Claws/Willpower
Known Abilities
Manipulation of Nether energy and Hellfire, Fiend-level strength
Snazzy suit
I come from the direction Gods turn their heads from

Alastor was born and raised in the town of Yidhra. Yidhra was a town of unspeakable mixed breeds of creatures, such as half-human/half-angel, half-human/half-demon, Vampire Elves, Centaurs, Lycan Fairies, and more out of this world creatures. The town was made up of a series of abandoned tunnels turned into a lively and livable market place. While the elders of the town could be quite hostile towards each other, the younger members knew only this sort of life and to love & tolerate one another, no matter what they are. Alastor was a diligent and brilliant student of magic and language. He was able to teach as a part-time professor before reaching adult-hood. During then, he met the love of his life, Victoria Malice. They married within a year and had a single son by the name of Tru'nembra, named after an entity of music.

The town was considered completely unholy and a stronghold of abominations by the divine. Warriors who worship the Valkyrie and divines wished to prove themselves to become Olympians and enter Valhalla. They stormed Yidhra and slaughtered every last living thing there. In his dying breaths, with his own deceased love and son in his arms, he cursed the divine and offered himself to the Outer Gods and Hellfire if he were given a second chance to live and kill the gods. He must first spend what felt like eons in the realm of the damned as a hunter of Fiends before he could take the path of becoming one himself.

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