Primordial Eclipse

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"It doesn't matter. So why should I care?"
Primordial Eclipse
Player: @Nihilim
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50+
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Classified
Species: Primordial Demon
Height: 1.85
Weight: 72
Eye Color: black with white iris (turns black iris while fighting)
Hair Color: gray
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Shadow Manipulation, Fear Inducement, Soul Binding, Reality Alteration
Known Abilities
Manipulating targets from shadows, Staying invisible even while no shadows around, Intangibility
Soul Armor of Eclipse : Enchantments keep this armor clean and rust free. While providing protections to material world. Also works storage for devoured souls.

Dark Helmet of Eclipse : Enchantments keep his mind protected from psionic plane. While enchanting his Fear-based powers. Also strengthens his perception of time.

Abbysal Cape of Eclipse : There is no enchantments here. This is simply sapient cloak that provides stealth when he is flying. Also enchanting his Shadow-based powers while providing good movement speed.

Dark Gloves of Eclipse : No enchantments

Dark Boots of Eclipse : No enchantments

No additional information available.


|#-----List of contents-----|

-----List of contents-----







He is apathetic to friends and foes alike. When his friends dies which is inevitable he can simply bring them back and continue pondering meaning of his own existence.

When he dies however he can simply cease to exist and fight another day when he rested enough.



He's been known by many names, that're long since lost in time. Before anything else he was a mage, dabbling in the secrets of the underworld. Like everything else in the world, becoming too focused on something tends to make time go faster. As time passed, he aged like any living being would. But his research continued. When his research was finally complete he was at an age of 100+. He somehow found a way to halt his aging to become pseudo-immortal by combining demonic and undead traits. Combining both demon and undead traits was mistake however demon side was angry all the time while undead side was hungry for living. As an result he lost himself on insanity and began path of slaughter. He became personification of fear as a result. Since then he's been called Primordial Darkness by many people, because his mere presence terrified even Gods. While on the usual killing spree however he accidentally ripped space and time and went back before even time existed. He was stuck there powerless until the big bang happened and earth slowly formed over who knows how long. He lived for centuries on earth after that, stabilizing his mind until his original timeline finally synced and confronted his past now future self. After millennia of fighting they were both exhausted and began to talk. They formed truce after realizing their mind will stay unstable until solution was found. After many years of research while under constant stress they found someway to keep their sanity while keeping their powers intact. Everyone has a shadow living or dead. If should they ever merge all shadows of past and future versions of themselves. They began to realise they can attain power to alter reality. But doing so can wipe their emotions for long time. After centuries of preperations complete they began the ritual and their past and future version of themselves merged and become one. Thus they no longer ability to feel emotion hence no desire for slaughter while attaining power to alter reality. Now they are still living on earth but totally detached from all the fighting. There is no point nor desire. If someone attacks them though they response with full force of the Eclipse.


That was long time ago...

After many years of living, they fully assimilate onto one mind.

They become him.

After finally fully control of his own mind and now lost emotions. He began long process of creating his own planet with souls for place to call home.

Years passed in his mind and soul while outside world remains unnaffected.

He finally created his own planet. There was no life in there, nor will ever be.

It can turn invisible and visible at will with spatial distortions on outline.

It looks like black hole but far from it

When it is invisible, it is not really there but in his shadow dimension contained in his soul providing destructive power should he ever use it.

When it is visible, day turns into night and space travel become possible with it.

Whenever he is bored he is travelling with his planet searching eldritch beasts to fight in deep space trying to tame them or if they are showing signs of intelligence trying to talk to them to understand them.


He is a monster. Plain and simple. He appears to be an old man with magic powers but reality is far from simple. When I stare at him, he stares back and I begin to forget who he is. Even now I'm writing this I struggle to remember the details. His gaze enough to send shivers down my spine. It looks like his simple gaze can easily make me forget everything which is terrifying to consider it.

Where was I? Oh right. He is a monster. Plain and simple. He appears to be an old man with magic powers but reality is far from simple.

Did I write that twice? Oh no not agai--




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