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Public Identity:Pwca
Global Handle:@WildClaw
Real Name:Unknown
Legal Status:Hero
Physical Data
Weight:50 lbs
Eye Color:Black, solid
Hair Color:Greenish Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality:Possibly Welsh [1]
Place of Birth:Possible origin story
Social Status:Not Applicable
Education:Not Applicable
Marital Status:Single
Relatives:Fairie Court [2]
Powers and Skills
Archetype:Controller [Illusion/Kinetics]
Powers:Sensory Distortion [3]
Flight [4]
Teleportation [5]
Shapeshifting [6]
Vulnerabilities:Inhuman Morality [7]
Skills:Unknown [8]
Controller HeroNatural

Dear Pwca, silly Pwca. Would you like a bowl of cream? Would you take me home again?

Pwca has taken you home!

Dear Pwca, silly Pwca. Take this gift of a belt I have made specially for you. This is your home, not mine.

Pwca lonely!

Dear Pwca, silly Pwca. I can tell you of a place with many people of brightness and color. If you take me there, you will not be lonely anymore.

Pwca help?

Dear Pwca, silly Pwca. There are many people there who need your help. Who call out for a brave, powerful Pwca to save them.

You want to go to Paragon City that badly, merch?

Pwca? But... you...

Pwca not stupid, you know.


Theme Music
PwcaSpacer1.gifClose Your EyesHeather Alexander
Gruagach!Heather Alexander
BalladMaggie Stiefvater

Who is Pwca? What is Pwca? There's a lot of speculation, but even the sources who supposedly know are contradictory and confusing. Pwca may not be an individual, but a species of faerie, or just a title given to certain faeries. Nobody knows for sure.

Shapeshifter, trickster, and seemingly immortal, that is all we know for sure about Pwca. And some of that is only recently discovered. More will be added here as it comes to light.

F.B.S.A. Report - Case #68924fA4a3

Rating: Open.

Disclaimer:Pwca is not officially categorized as a magic-origin entity as his abilities, while they can be described as magical in nature, are in fact natural for his species. As such this report was drafted by M.A.G.I. for the use of E.L.I.T.E. who will be managing Pwca's files.

Pwca dancing by himself. Pwca so lonely!Pwca dancing by himself.
Pwca so lonely!

Species: Pwca is a Hobgoblin (also called Urisk, Brownie, Domovoi, or Gruagach depending on region), one of the many faerie breeds. In this case, the term refers to a hearth spirit, with aspects of guardian and trickster. Famous Hobgoblins include Robin Goodfellow also called Puck from Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream, Harvey from the play and movie of that name, and possibly the Easter Bunny. Hobgoblins are known for shapeshifting abilities, able to take on the forms of many different animals, and their ability to be selectively invisible. They are tricksters, and while they should not be confused with the malicious Kelpies who seek to drown or harm those they interact with, Hobgoblins rarely give help freely in the manner that the helped would wish. Hobgoblins will assist mortals more usefully if given appropriate gifts and if treated with respect. These gifts must never be styled as payment, however, as that is considered insulting and disrespectful.

Name: The name Pwca (pronounced Puu-ka, using Welsh spelling) is apparently a title used by Hobgoblins that interact with mortals more than normal. It is assumed that Puck is a variant of this title. Pwca is either reluctant to share his actual name for cultural reasons, or it is unpronounceable with human voices. In several forms of mysticism, knowing the true name of something gives power over that thing. Pwca likely subscribes to that belief.

Abilities: Pwca has demonstrated illusionary abilities capable of distorting perceptions to the point of rendering himself invisible and causing villains to attack each other, as well as limited abilities manipulating the speed of objects and metabolisms. In what appears to be his natural form, he has wings resembling that of a dragonfly and is able to fly. He has demonstrated the ability to shapeshift into several forms, however this may be illusionary rather than actual physical changes. He appears amused by other heroes need to 'get training' and goes through the motions. According to reports from the trainers he interacts with, he appears to spontaneously manifest new abilities without any actual training involved. For example Pwca at one point demonstrated the ability to teleport objects from one place to another, and uses that ability constantly from that point in time on.

Communication: Pwca understands modern English and professes to not understand any other language. However, he appears to understand far more English than his broken speech pattern would indicate, and occasionally uses obscure vocabulary, antique phrasing, and words from multiple other languages. It is possible that he simply doesn't recognize that they are separate languages. What his native language actually is, is unknown. He also does refer to himself in the third person normally, but this seems to be as much an affectation as his broken grammar as he does on occasion switch to more normal modes of speech.

Personality: Pwca gives the impression of being helpful at all times, but does not always show initiative. He appears sincere in his desire to help people, but is easily distracted. His judgment is also very immediate, meaning that unless you are doing something wrong at that instant, he may attempt to help even the most obvious villain. If he does have proof of wrongdoing, that help will not extend to allowing the villain to escape judgment. With his broken grammar and attitude, he is spending a lot of effort being 'cute'. This may be a social defense mechanism, as his facial tattoos and clothing choices point towards having come from a more aggressive tribal culture.

Mortality: Pwca's metabolism appears to operate purely because he wills it to, and he can shut it off without any visible effect. When pressed for details as to how old he was, he indicated that he was forever new. From this, and other details derived from Croatoa's faerie population, it is surmised that when Pwca decides enough time has passed, he will simply leave his old life behind, and become a new Hobgoblin physically and mentally. He apparently can be killed, and shows some fear of death, but what precisely it would take to 'kill' him completely is unknown.

Likes dancing and music (both traditional and modern).
Doesn't like caves.
Knows just enough about technology to be dangerous.

Case Manager's Notes:There are a lot of 'seems' and 'appears' in this summary. Enough to concern me about the rest of this report. I get the distinct impression that the if M.A.G.I. had any actual information on the subject, they would be handling this case themselves, rather than handing it off to us.

Anonymous Note: Oh you fools.

You've tried to put faerie-kind into little boxes, label them, and force them to fit your expectations. Hobgoblin, Keplie, Pooka, these are just mortal terms and have no relevance to those who you would task them with.

For all his play-acting, Pwca is not a child, nor in any way human. Of course he is not malicious, neither is a natural tidal wave or earthquake. Pwca is a dangerous, unstable force of chaos. He is conforming to mortal order now, as to put himself in the best place to destroy it.


He was laughing as the Trolls were shooting at each other. There were civilians between them, but he didn't seem to care. Until one of the civilians yelled for help. He's a lot stronger than you would think. He picked up the screamer, carried him up to the top of a smokestack and told the guy, "Far away! Safe!" and then flew off. There was no way down for the guy, so I went up there and rescued him... again.

I just don't know what's going on in his head. If anything is. - Gargola

I don't see the problem. He confuses people. That's his gig, and he's good at it. - Burkut


  1. Due to the way he spells his name.
  2. Pwca does not appear to be the same individual as the Puck from Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night's Dream, or the Puck from Kipling's Puck on Pooks Hill, but may be a relative.
  3. Pwca can distort visual, audio, and other senses to make himself invisible, as well as confuse people as to who and what they are seeing or hearing.
  4. Pwca can fly very skillfully, able to carry weights that should not be possible with his wings.
  5. Pwca can translocate himself, other people, and objects.
  6. Pwca can change his shape to that of a black dog, a white rabbit, and supposedly a red hawk or eagle. More forms may be possible, but are currently unknown.
  7. While technically a hero, Pwca does not appear to relate to mortals. His actions can be chaotic, dangerous, and inexplicable.
  8. Pwca has not demonstrated any skills outside of his powers.
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