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Qwertie in her battle armor.
Player: @Tir McDohl
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Qwertie
Known Aliases: '
Species: Android
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Human Exterminator
Place of Birth: Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Numerous "children".
Known Powers
Robots/Force Field
Known Abilities
Can create force fields.
Battle armor, force field generator, laser rifle. All but the force field generator were made by herself.

Qwertie began as my plan to try a tankermind build. This has yet to be fully done, but I wound up enjoying the character I slapped together more than many characters I spent time on.



Qwertie was designed to be an artificial life form that was just as sentient as humans. Along the line, something went horribly wrong, bringing Qwertie to where she is today.

Original Concept and Creation

Qwertie was designed and constructed by a robotics engineer who had lost his family in the first Rikti War. His loneliness eventually overcame him, and he became obsessed with the idea of creating a fully sentient daughter in the image of the one he had lost, only strong and durable, so she could not be easily lost this time. His obsession eventually led him to the Rogue Isles, where he did whatever he could to obtain the necessary research and materials for his dream. This involved stealing prototype androids, supplying criminals with technology, and all other manner of morally bankrupt activity.

But it was all worth it, in the man's eyes. The day finally came where he would awaken his new daughter and would be able to continue his life. From the instant she came online, however, he knew something was wrong. She was completely mechanical in nature, with no hint of sentience. Her dull eyes, while molded to look just like his daughters, held none of the sparkle or life that he had imagined. Her motions, while graceful and efficient, were obviously stiffer than a real person's. Still, she was a very close replication of a human, and he was happy. He could continue to work on her, hoping to someday giving her the sentience he originally wanted.

Time went on, and the improvements were yielding frustratingly little. Still, the man pressed on. She was improving, even just a little. Someday, he would have her to the point that she would be just as good as his human daughter. He even planted the desire for children within Qwertie, glad that he had, in his own way, a legacy that would continue.

Then, one day, the unexpected happened. Qwertie displayed open and brazen free will. The man was confused, unable to sort out his thoughts; should he be happy, worried, fearful? His new daughter had just torn her synthetic skin off, leaving the bare circuitry. He had no more time to think, however, as Qwertie then turned on him. It is unknown if he still lives.


Qwertie had rebelled, quite possibly the most human of all actions. She now knew fully how to think on her own, and began doing so immediately. She sorted through her programming, agreeing or disagreeing with each line. Within a week, she had fully determined her own personality and ideals. The main ideal was that she hated humans. She also had immense pride in not being a human herself, and found it particularly distasteful that she was made in the image of one.

Deciding that the human world would never accept a robot with her ideas, she decided that she must immediately set out to protect herself proactively.


Being an android, Qwertie is capable of things that humans are not. Naturally, the opposite is true as well.

Machine Children

Qwertie's desire to be around her own "kind" resulted in the creation of her "children". These robots appear more like what Qwertie wishes she were like: inhuman and robotic in every way. Interestingly, just as happened with her father, there was one flaw; her children were very much sentient and possessed human-like personalities. Qwertie, while she had developed free will finally, was never anything other than an efficient machine. Somehow, her creations had surpassed herself and actually resembled, in some ways, what Qwertie's father had wanted.

The children of Qwertie are heavily armed and very deadly. They will do as their mother instructs without any hesitation and seldom with any error. While they will always immediately obey commands, Qwertie's children are often wistfully fond of humans, and often will lament that they have to kill them.

The children are also able to create a network with Qwertie in which they share their repair systems, via nanobots. When in this mode, Qwertie can become very difficult to stop.

Weapons and Force Fields

Qwertie, among other things, was adept at machinery. Being one herself, this became a very useful subject of knowledge. She began working with her force field generator that her "father" had given her, trying to make it more adaptable. While she was able to project it to others, she found it did not make for a good weapon.

She constructed a laser rifle similar to what her children have built in, but it is very obvious that she was never intended to be a combat model.

She also has the ability to repair both robots and organic beings using the nanobot medkit her father created for her.


Qwertie's personality is rather unique. While she has free will, she has difficulty expressing herself as anything but a robot. However, she has no intention of being any more human-like than she already is, so likely wouldn't even if she could.

Meatbag Management

Qwertie fully realizes that she cannot simply walk outside and begin killing all humans she can find. For the time being, she is willing to work with the "meatbags", and even goes so far as to "repair" them when they are injured. Naturally, this only lasts so long as they are considered useful, or where their death would have negative consequences.

Robot Superiority

Qwertie's long-term goal(which can be quite long, since she has no age limit) is that robots will one day be the dominant lifeform on Earth. She is quick to be insulting to humans, and even quicker to defend robots. She has an immense sense of pride that borders on racism(if it's even possible to call it that).

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