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When she was first committed she would have screaming fits and violently attack certain orderlies that came near her. This had the unfortunate result of Madison ending up in the 'safe' room, a typical padded room that barely measured 10' by 10'. She spent days in this room often going without sleep for up to 60 hours at a time. Sedatives had unforeseen results on her and a reliable mixture was never found.

The facility continued to deal with her in this manner often tutoring her in the morning during her lucid hours when she would appear almost normal. Yet as the day progressed she would become increasingly paranoid and delusional. The file on her is extensive and there is a vague description of the night she started manifesting her abilities. She had slept through the night after her longest bout of self-imposed insomnia they had ever recorded, somewhere around 113 hours. The Doctor on duty noted she had staved off her more debilitating afflictions for several more hours then usual. He attributed it to the long sleep she had the previous night along with distracting social activities and topped off with a new prescription of anti-depressants. For the first time since she had arrived they granted her access to the courtyard.

Observation notes in her file would go on to indicate from that day forward she spent all the time she could in the protected Atrium, surrounded by rose bushes, lush green grass and several young oaks. The doctors even prescribed her tutoring to continue in a quiet corner of her little haven. Her progress was closely monitored during the coming months and the connection wasn't made until after her release that the trees had grown over one foot in her presence. She still didn't sleep but her behavior was markedly calmer during this time period. It wasn't until a young Doctor named Drevor Lorn decided to use it against her. When she would begin to lose control he'd threaten to take her courtyard privileges away. This caused her great duress and instead of motivating her it made her angry and desperate. On one such occasion she refused to go back inside, insisting that she continue to watch the lightning bugs.

She had behaved all day for them and felt it her right to witness this strange light show she never knew existed. Dr. Lorn had other plans, hed come to the conclusion that she was responsible for her own condition through review of her personal file and medical history that essantially she was just a stubborn out of control child that needed discepline, and a lot of it. He advanced toward her intent on physically removing her from the atrium personally. She responded by pushing her way into a thicket of perfectly manicured rose bushes believeing the scraps and punctures were a small price to pay to be out of his reach. A report filed by one of the orderlies he summoned to remove her indicated the Doctor was yelling at Madison when he entered the coutyard. Specifically he was yelling how she would never get to see her roses again and that she would be punished for disobeying him. He goes on to state that the Doctor expressed his concern with getting her out of the thicket without injury to hospital staff and requested a lanyard pole. It was noted that this was not parallel to the hospitals procedures on removing a child from an area by force. The pole was brought and the Doctor used it to snag Madison around the neck and drag her forcefully out of the thicket tearing two entire plants out of the ground in the process. The medical reports that follow the incident attest to the injuries she sustained in the process. Listed on the paper in a steril column is a lundry list of deep bruising, rope burns and well over two-hundres lacerations caused by the rose bushes themselves.

She spent the following thirty two days in the safe room minus visits to the nurse who monitored her recovery. According to record blood tests were never done even though notations in her medical record described Madison as complaining of a crawling sensation under her skin. Dr. Lorn prescribed a strait-jacket and daily private theropy sessions that were unsupervised despite a hospital polocy specifically calling for two persons to be present for such things.

more to come.. someday

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