Recovery Unit Lilith

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Unit Lilith
Player: BlueMendari
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind / Crab Spider / Night Widow
Threat Level: 50 / 23 / 5
Personal Data
Real Name: Moira Thompson
Known Aliases: Strike Unit Lilith, Ghost Unit Lilith
Species: Cyborg
Age: 27
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 250 lbs
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish-American
Occupation: Mercenary, Medic, Fixer
Place of Birth: Port Oakes
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Currently 3 AT's: Mastermind, Soldier, Corruptor




Ghost Hound -- Member

Known Enemies



Moira was never an impressive little thing. She grew up on the 'safer' side of the isles, born and raised amidst the dusty streets and tenement buildings of Port Oakes. Most of her childhood was spent hiding under furniture between home-schooling classes when gunfights between gang members would erupt several stories below and generally making friends with the various critters that would either fly or crawl up to the rooftop of her apartment building. Despite his pay being low, her father always had steady work with the construction company, as the funding on the ferry-linking bridge project on the south edge of Port Oakes always kept coming, despite continued delays in the actual work.

Her post-teen years were spent primarily in Cap Au Diable, studying in college and living on the relatively safe campus. If it wasn't the Arachnos Drones covering the entrances, it was the ready supply of munitions at the nearby black market that kept most disturbances off of the university grounds. She even spent a brief stint amidst the Luddite culture, spreading pamphlets for extra tuition and ramen money.

It wasn't until her early twenties did she hit a real dead end. Her parents had managed to retire to Paragon City, but Moira wasn't terribly unhappy with her life in Port Oakes. She had a little apartment in Dockside, and had a job as a waitress at Blackbeard's pub. She still couldn't cook for the life of her, but the perks at the pub (and some of her regulars) tended to keep her fed, and paid. The girl could drink like her heritage stereotypes (she's Irish), and she earned quite the sailor's mouth with her late-night work. It wasn't a career, but it paid the rent, and she was relatively happy, if in a rut.


The details of her death are sketchy at best, like most casualties of the Rogue Isles. Either someone doesn't see it, or witnesses are conveniently missing. The truth of the matter involves a late night, a bank of fog, and a group of Lost huddling near a barrel fire in an alley. She'd chosen to head home alone after last call, and none of the burlier regulars was around to give the redhead a proper escort home. A passing Arachnos patrol heard the sounds of the ensuing scuffle, a familiar sound, and sent the thugs with their freakish mutant leader packing. Unfortunate for the barmaid, they'd come too late. The Anathema had done permanent damage to her mind while the scroungers simply beat her to death when she wouldn't hand over her night's earnings.


Instead of leaving sleeping corpses lie, however, this particular detachment brought the deceased Moira back to their labs, leaving all traces of her death a mystery. She was conveniently the right physical parameters for a research project, and dead to boot. No kidnappings need be made, though it would be a popular pastime regardless. They used her for the 'Lilith' project, a counterpart to Triage Unit Angel, a successful prototype android currently the property of Paragon City's Search and Rescue officials.

The Lilith Project

The idea behind the project was to create a virtual clone of Unit Angel, using Arachnos technology. Several attempts to 'acquire' the original ended in failure due to the nature of Angel's work and the number of allies often within assist range. These attempts proved to be valuable data-gathering operations in the end, however. The use of a human subject, deceased or not, was inspired both by budget concerns, and programming roadblocks when building a 'support' unit with pure AI. But really it was budget, and laziness, and the desire to keep the project under wraps before it was completed.

At her core, Lilith, no longer Moira, is a combat cyborg. At least 50% of her internal components are artificial, including a power generator, and parts of her external body are also armored and composed entirely of artificial materials. She has an array of internal storage compartments, many of them reinforced as well as airtight. The majority of her intact biological components are her main oddity. She attributes it to 'those perverse Arachnos geeks', especially the location of her armored datacore. Her pleasure centers and related nerve clusters remain intact and functional, due to this fact. They cut her pain receptors, however.

Several different setups were tested out on Lilith, though the 'Recovery Unit' designation was the final beta they had planned to show the Lord of Arachnos when the time was right. Unlike her Paragon City counterpart, Lilith's dispensers, injectors, and hypos were loaded up with psychotropic drugs, painkillers, and mutagens designed to give combatants a pick-me-up and performance boost at any cost. She could numb the pain of any number of Arachnos troops around her, making them shrug off the strongest attacks. She could fill the air with a mix of painkillers and sealant designed to stop bleeding and make a group of combatants stay on their feet. She was even capable of bringing a flatliner back from the dead with a dangerous concoction designed to overload the adrenal glands and force a body into reanimating itself. For the legions of Arachnos soldiers, she would be their angel.


The Arachnos geeks and techs, eggheads all but lacking common sense, spent over two years working combat algorithms, tactical training, and the nomenclature of various equipment into Lilith's databanks. They did forget one particular thing, however. Despite the mental conditioning and training, they never properly installed or hard-wired any kind of loyalty programming into her. She had endured quite a lot over the years since her 'rebirth', and her willpower had grown considerably with it. On several live-fire observation missions, she managed to stow away or ship out various equipment stores that happened to be 'intercepted' by rogue elements en route to their delivery locations. The time was right, and conveniently so, when she had planned her final severing from her Arachnos 'captors' and ran into RYNO of Ghost Hound.

Ghost Hound

RYNO gave her a home, and in return, she gave the Hounds a talented cyber-doc and fixer. She serves as part of the pack, bringing her medical knowledge and mechanical aptitude to the group, healing hurts, patching up broken things, and giving her all for the pack, where she feels much more cared for.

Aliases and Equipment


Her 'core' design is largely unchanged in purpose, despite numerous upgrades and streamlinings. At its heart is a support loadout, geared towards protecting the 'host' body. Her systems are largely protected by a custom suit of exoskeletal armor, though the bulkiness and level of protection it offers varies by the operation she is embarking on. She is currently powered by a reactor core salved from a Malta Hercules-class Titan. This allows her to project energy from it in both a protective shield as well as use an overcharge to damage or immobilize enemies.

Dependent on her suit and installed modules is her ability to fly, whether by wings and/or rocket-assisted maneuvering thrusters and/or specialized anti-gravity modules. She also has a multi-frequency omni-directional sensor suite that relays combat information to all of her teammates via huds, sonics, or nanobots with direct links to neural networks to aid them in combat maneuvers and tactics.

Recovery Unit Lilith

Her 'Recovery Unit' loadout is dedicated to protecting and supporting her allies, being the original intention for the Lilith prototype. Her various internal storage compartments are filled with a dizzying (literally) array of narcotics, stimulants, black-market drug cocktails, and various other questionable medicinal substances including repair microbots. These compartments are linked directly to injectors, sprayers, and other delivery devices mounted upon her forearms for rapid injection or field saturation.

These items are used for boosting the combat abilities of her allies, keeping them from falling in combat, and bringing them back to life should they do perish. Some of her chemical cocktails can also be used in a localized spray to harm enemies as well, reducing their combat effectiveness through viral solutions, muscle relaxants and sedatives.

She also has a control unit installed that are patched into a group of robotic drones that respond directly to her orders only, who not only provide her with direct fire support and offensive capability, but with more protection to herself in the form of energy shields. These units are named Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, and Delta, spelling out the word SHIELD, via the NATO Phonetic, which aptly describes their purpose to her.

Ghost Unit Lilith

The 'Ghost Unit' loadout is utilized in a force recon role, lacking just about everything the Recovery setup carries. Her armor is considerably lighter, modified from her stolen Arachnos gear, providing her with optimal mobility in conjunction with both her training and cybernetic implants. This also makes her much less resilient, as she has yet to properly integrate the Crab Spider backpack, as well as recalibrate the energy shield in her power core.

Her weaponry consists primarily of elements from the Arachnos armory she pilfered from, being modular light assault weapons. She favors the 'standard issue' sub-machine gun, fitted with an under-barrel grenade launcher. Her internal compartments are reinforced and filled to the brim with auto-loading munitions systems and both bullets and various grenades for her gun.

Strike Unit Lilith

The 'Strike Unit' loadout is designed for close-up support of forces allied with Lilith. Forgoing even the Ghost Unit's SMG, the Strike Unit is equipped with a pair of Arkival Munitions semi-automatic handguns. Much of the internal components have been replaced with an ammunition replicator to keep the guns constantly loaded, as well as a Hephaestus-pattern Emberforge. The Emberforge generates not only a consistent source of heat, but several variants of thermal emissions that can be channeled through specialized vents and magnetic fields. These emissions can do everything from healing and shielding allies, to causing agony to enemies, even so far as triggering a spontaneous combustion in the body of a fallen comrade to kick-start them back to full health in an explosive fashion. Unfortunately, this reactor interferes with her transmitter, which is why she carries her matched sidearms instead of bringing in remote automaton support.

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