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Red Cutter.jpg
"NO, I'm not a demon, ask me that again and I'll send you on a trip to visit one"
Teryy Cutter
Player: @Premonitions
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 13
Personal Data
Real Name: Terry Cutter
Known Aliases: "Red Girl"
Species: Homo superior
Age: 20
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130
Eye Color: orange/red
Hair Color: dark red
Biographical Data
Nationality: american
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: King's Row Hospital
Base of Operations: paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marie Cutter:Mother(Estranged)

George Cutter: Father(Estranged) Robert Cutter: Brother(deceased)

Known Powers
Precognition, Increased Agility, Balance, and Dexterity.
Known Abilities
Gymnastics, Meelee combat.
Assortment of knives, though these days she uses a pair of unique daggers purchased for her by the Gold Corporation.



Terry Cutter is a vagrant and former hero living in Paragon City.


Terry is rather sarcastic and confrontational, The high unlikelyhood of anything hurting her also makes her quite reckless, a contributing factor to her aggressiveness. She has a mild unwillingness to kill, mild in that she won't kill under most conditions, but will do so without hesitation if seriously threatened. She also has a cynical outlook on life, a filthy mouth, and a dislike for the concept of Super-heroism.


Terry's old Costume as Red Cutter Age: 15

Terry Cutter was born in Crowne memorial Hospital in 1989 along with her fraternal twin brother Robert Cutter. Both children displayed striking outward mutations at birth.

Both Children posessed an unknown type of melanin in theirs system that caused unusual skin pigmentation.

Terry was born with a deep red form of this, as well as long extension of her spinal column. It seems the melanin is more concentrated around her eyes and cheeks.

Robert was born with an indigo variation, and his digits on his hands and feet fused into three large fingers and toes respectively.

Due to the poverty of the parents, proper mutant ability testing could'nt be obtained at the time, but the children were clasified as mutants on their birth certificates nonetheless.

As the years passed, other strange things began to be observed about the children. Terry had uncannily never been injured throughout her childhood, not receiving so much as a scraped knee.

This despite a youth filled with the normal recklessness of a child. She always seemed to somehow be able to manuever herself out of harms way. She would also complain about strange dreams that proved prophetic later on.

Robert on the other hand, seemed to have the strange habit of destroying any toy he owned via unusual energy-based explosions. As the children entered high school, they had developed a firm grasp of their abilities.

Terry was able to innately predict any harm that might befall her, and Robert's body was generating a peculiar type of energy that he was steadily learning to manipulate to various ends.

Desiring to use their abilities for the greater good, they formed a crime fighting duo and signed up for service in Freedom Corps. ‎ Robert became Blue Cutter and aided Terry's efforts on the front lines with supporting fire of blasts of his own unique energy, and enhanced his sister via energizing her cells in various beneficial ways.

Terry Became Red Cutter and Utilized her Precognition to easily manage her way across the battlefield, never taking a hit, but always delivering her own in her own unique way.

Red Cutter Bringing Justice to the Hoodlums of Paragon

For two years they fought crime together as the Cutter Twins, Red and Blue. After a while Robert began acting strange, becoming more aggressive and moody, before eventually dissapearing for over a week. Robert Cutter was found dead with numerous contusions, bruises, and fractures, as if he had received a severe beating, but the cause of death was blood loss due to a massive laceration of the throat.

After this, Terry Ran away from home. Noone knows exactly what happened to Terry during Roberts dissapearance, or after her own, but she has been spotted in many areas of Paragon City, scrounging on the streets, and occaisionally getting into fights with the types of people who give the homeless trouble. Terry had also been seen occaisionally helping people like herself, the forgotten and lost, though this was a vary rare sight indeed.

Terry Cutter's Return to Superhero work Age: 20

Recently, she has offered her services as a Super-powered Mercenary to Maximillian Gold in exchange for room, board, and provisions during the harsh winter months.


New Terry Fight.jpg


Ms. Cutter's abilities are centered primarily around a natural Precognitive sense. She apparently has trained herself in it's use somewhat, and displays it in two ways.

Danger Sense

Cutter's powers naturally and reflexively alert her to oncoming danger or harm and allow her to react to things at much greater speed than is humanely possible.

Because of this, She is virtually untouchable in hand-to-hand combat with anyone using normal human speed. Super-speedsters, weilders of electricity or light-based attacks, gunfire, or attacks in situations that are just plain impossible to dodge, are impossible for her body to react to, and are the most likely to be effective on her.


It's unknown what exactly triggers these "visions" or how they work. In fact they have been observed occurring under a wide variety of circumstances, in a wide variety of situations, Including dreams, real-time events, and she has described them as feeling and appearing differently each time.

At any given moment Ms. Cutter can be striken with a powerful vision of things to come.


Cutter Flip.jpg

Cutter also displays above average agility,dexterity, and flexibility, to the point that she can perform feats equal to that of olympic level gymnasts, as well as climb most any surface via her fingers and toes.


Interview With G.I.F.T.

G.I.F.T. Interviewer: hello... Terry is it?

Terry Cutter: nods smiling Yes, maa'm but we were going to go by the Cutter Twins, I'd be Red, and Rob'd be Blue, cool, right?

GI: Yes, yes, very nice, now, We'd like to ask you a few questions.

TC: Okay!

GI: Now, first, are you a resident of Paragon city?

TC: Yes ma'am, Me and my brother were both born In King's Row, ma'am

GI: Good, and you're both Mutants, yes?

TC: Yes ma'am.

GI: and your ability is precognition, yes?

TC: yeah,

GI: and how long have you known you possesed these abilities?

TC: ummm, since i was about.. ten, so five year.

GI: mhmm yes, and you plan to use this ability in coordination with your brother to aid in the battle against crime and disaster in Paragon?

TC: yes Ma'am

GI: how exactly would you do that?

TC: well, I can pretty much move any way I need to and not get hurt, and I know how to fight pretty well, so I figure punching badguys might be the best way for me to do it.

GI: So you'll be using your abilities to aid in your direct hand-to hand combat, primarily in fighting crime?

TC: yeah!

GI; and why is that?

TC: huh? well, I can't read their fortunes until they give up

GI: no, why are you deciding to express these abilities through crimefighting?

TC: oh, well, I mean, what else am I going to do? mutants can't really go into sports. and, well, I always feel bad when I see people who need help. and, Like, I think I was born like this for a reason.

GI: That's a beautiful sentiment Terry, and I think the city would be lucky to have you.

TC: Thanks!

GI: Okay, Thanks Terry, now, if you and your brother would take these forms and hand them to Prince Kiros, you two can get started.


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