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PLAYER: @First Player

NAME: Victor Rojas
AGE: 26
PLACE OF BIRTH: New Hartford, CT

    Victor can absorb the life-force of an individual(s), enhancing his strength, speed, endurance and durability or healing himself and others.
    He possesses an extrasensory ability that allows him to detect any supernatural occurrences around him. In addition, he can read, feel and sense the sorts of sins the individual has committed in their life.

“People think of demons as evil, manipulative, and heartless monsters. Personally, I blame the media. Sure, a lot of us are a little rough around the edges. But can humanity honestly claim they’re any different?”
- Xaggoth The Unrelenting

Born in Hartford, Connecticut to two successful parents who loved and supported him in every way, Victor Rojas had what some would call the perfect life. He was relatively smart, well-liked by his peers, and supremely talented on the soccer field. He had a great future ahead of him. On Halloween night, then twelve-year-old Victor went trick-or-treating with his friends and after a few hours he returned home to find his house consumed by flames, with his parents trapped inside. Firefighters held him back as he was forced to watch his entire life go up in flames. This experience would leave Victor with an intense fear of fire for years.

After the death of his parents he was sent to live with his aunt Tricia and her abusive, sociopathic boyfriend Luther. Crippled by grief, this new and unstable environment was extremely unhealthy for the then teenaged Victor. He became violent and reckless, starting fights at school and sneaking out at night. It was during one of these late night excursions that Victor caught Luther leaving as well. He followed him and discovered he was a member of The Hellions, a satanic street gang. When Victor brought it up the next day he was shocked to discover his aunt already knew. Luther threatened to kill him if he ratted him out to anyone else.

Things only got worse from there. Once Victor had gained Luther’s ire, he would frequently torture him by shoving lit lighters in his face, taunting him about his fear of fire. His abuse didn’t stop at Victor, though. He’d take whatever frustrations he had out on his aunt as well. After one particularly bad night, Victor had had enough. After Luther stormed out, Victor went through his things, looking for anything he could use that would get him to go away. Eventually he found a footlocker that held Luther’s stash of Hellion paraphernalia. Under some clothing he found an old book; worn, weathered and incredibly thick. It told tales of dark rituals, blood sacrifices and black magic. Victor found he couldn’t stop reading. Minutes turned to hours before he came to a most interesting passage. Demon summoning. He copied the scripture and put Luther’s things back where he found them.

It took Victor a full month to gather all the ingredients he needed. When he did, he snuck into their basement to begin the ritual. At first nothing happened. Victor feared it’d all have been for nothing. There was no black smoke or fire, or anything to signify Victor had succeeded. Then, out of thin air, a man appeared. Well dressed but unremarkable and completely average looking. He claimed he was a demon named Xaggoth and that he could grant Victor’s wish. Although there was a catch. In ten years he’d return, with a favor of his own. Victor hesitated, but eventually he made the pact. And just like that, Luther was gone. He never came back around and Victor never saw him again. But a friend of his did. He said his name was Samuel and that he knew what Victor had done. Apparently Luther was with him the night Victor had performed the ritual and Samuel saw him suddenly pulled to Hell. But he wasn’t upset. He said he never really liked Luther. He was too angry, too reckless. But he saw potential in Victor. He offered him a family. Samuel invited Victor to join The Hellions. And he accepted. Victor overcame his fear of fire and after a brutal trial, Victor was a bonafide member of the street gang.

A decade of blood, fire, and violence followed. Victor had lost everything that made him good. To his surprise, his aunt blamed him for Luther “leaving” her and stopped speaking to him years ago. It was true, he did find a family of sorts within the gang. But it was a loose affiliation, a hollow brotherhood in which you were constantly worried about the one next to you selling you out to the authorities. It was nothing close to what Victor had lost.

And then, the bill came due. Victor had nearly forgotten about the pact he’d made with the demon. But ten years to the very second Xaggoth appeared to him. This time as a completely different man. He noted how much Victor had changed over the years. That, after all the sins he’d committed in the last decade, he’d actually just managed to turn into Luther. Victor realized he was right. Disgusted with himself, he begged for forgiveness. “Forgiveness isn’t mine to give.”' replied Xaggoth. “But redemption? That I can make happen.” Instead of claiming Victor's soul, Xaggoth merged with him with the proposal that together, they'd reap the souls of the wicked and corrupt. Victor questioned why Xaggoth would make such a bargain. The demon claimed that the partnership would make the task of harvesting souls far more efficient. But in truth, in the ten years between his deal with Victor and now, Xaggoth had been banished from Hell for his... liberal views regarding humans. Riding shotgun with Victor would be his way back in. With both minds now sharing the same vessel, Victor and Xaggoth cooperate to punish the evil and protect the innocents.

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