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Ryko Nailo swoops down to attack a Crey and Nemesis meeting in the Shadow Shard.
Ryko Nailo
Player: @Ryko Nailo
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ryko Nailo
Known Aliases: Weather Control (No longer in use)
Species: Unclassified
Age: 20
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 517 lbs
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Chief of Dimensional Investigation for Portal Corp.
Place of Birth: Aquileia of Friuli in the Holy Roman Empire, Dimension Xi Tau 4-1
Base of Operations: Peregrine Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Ryu Nailo (Son; Adopted Father), Marinus Nailo (Father; Deceased), Vita Nailo (Mother; Deceased)
Known Powers
Demonic, Magic
Known Abilities
Polearm Mastery, Ninjitsu, Dragon Traits
Broad Sword, Adamant Half-Plate, many magical and technological items
No additional information available.

The self proclaimed guardian of Portal Corp, Ryko Nailo has sworn to defend Portal Corp to his death to reclaim his honor that was lost due to Reichsman killing Dr. Brian Webb which he thinks was his fault for getting injured days earlier and thus unable to be there to stop it from happening.

While a master of polearm weaponry and an ice dragon, the lack of any form of polearm or Ice Armor for Scrappers was the cause for him to become a Broad Sword/Dark Armor Scrapper. He was first created during Wave 2 of the City of Heroes Beta by the person bearing his namesake, Ryko Nailo.



While once a kind and caring warrior with a bit of an adventurous streak, he completely changed the night when the demon Refic'ul possessed him. The change in attitude was only partially due to the demon's influence as the main factor that caused him to become radically different was watching as Refic'ul forced Ryko to kill the one woman he ever loved along with most of his loyal army. Since then, he put up the guise of being a cold, arrogant, uncaring soldier to keep others away so he wouldn't betray anyone else again. While this front has successfully kept anyone from getting close to him, it is slowly engulfing his real personality and his limited interactions with anyone outside of Refic'ul and those he works with is wearing down his sanity even though he would deny such a statement.

Yet despite his ever darker growing personality, he still holds true to the ideas of chivalry and honor often starting fights over someone disrespecting another. In battle however his years as a pirate come out over his more knightly side and will resort to any cheap trick and shot he can to win a fight. Due to this, he is often confronted as being a hypocrite but defends it by claiming that chivalry and honor have no place in a battle where only the strong and the smart survive.


Due to his dragon blood and Refic'ul's vast demonic powers, Ryko Nailo has a number of super-human abilities. In addition, he has also gathered a wide variety of magical and technological devices that mostly supplement his abilities in useful ways. During a battle with a powerful necromancer, the demon Refic'ul took control and drained the mage out of all his magical powers before stealing all his energy and turning him into a pile of ash. Ryko has no real understanding of how the spells work but is never the less able to use them. Furthermore, he has traveled the world over and learned many tricks of the trade in all manner of arts to increase his potential.

Demonic Abilities

Being possessed by Refic'ul gives Ryko Nailo many benefits that he has grown to rely upon even though he would never admit that the demon is anything but a life wreaking and annoying pest. While Ryko Nailo has control of his body, Refic’ul’s considerable power is vastly weakened due to Ryko restraining it in fear that Refic’ul might be able to take control if he uses too much. This is further weakened due to the fact that Ryko Nailo managed to trap Refic’ul’s power into 5 gems, one of which is still bound to him, and thus splitting his power. Never the less, the demonic power is still strong and should not be taken lightly.

Demonic Shield

Perhaps the most used ability, Ryko Nailo is able to tap into Refic’ul’s presence to create a cloud of demonic energy around himself which slowly corrupts and destroys anything that enters it. It can also temporarily take the form of any solid shape which he commonly uses to turn into a wall or shield to block attacks instead of simply letting them hit with a weakened effect. The Demonic Shield combined with his armor makes most normal blows against him drastically weakened. Because of its demonic nature it offers practically no help against holy energies.

Demonic Corruption

Similar to the Demonic Shield, Ryko Nailo is able to concentrate and create a larger cloud of demonic energy to quickly corrupt and destroy anything that enters it. Unlike the Demonic Shield, the Demonic Corruption cannot take a solid form leaving its sole function as a way to assist in taking down anyone he fights. It’s focused power is able to damage anything, even angelic beings, but demons and other dark forces are more resistant to it’s effects.

Demonic Blast

Though sheer will and concentration, Ryko Nailo is able to create a compacted and focused version of his Demonic Corruption that is launched from his hands and hunts down a target of his choice. The Demonic Blast travels fairly slowly but it constantly keeps track on the target by locking on to the target’s soul. When it inevitably hit’s its target, the demonic energy literally eats away at the target quickly dealing incredible damage but due to a lack of being near Ryko it quickly dissipates. He is able to fire an alternate version of the Demonic Blast that fires two blasts from his eyes which attempts surround and entrap the target. This method of blast is able to linger around for a longer time as the demonic energy is in a far higher amount and does not burn its energy attempting to damage the victim.

Essence Absorption

The secret and key to Ryko Nailo’s nigh immortality is Refic’ul’s ability to drain a person’s energy, magic, and life force and imbuing himself with it. He rarely uses it to absorb magic due to his belief that there is nothing technology can’t solve better then magic but Refic’ul on the other hand prefers to drain as much magic as he can as sort of a hobby to learn it all. When ever Ryko nears death, he uses the absorption to steal some of the life force from anyone near by to quickly regenerate his body and get him back in top form. The act of draining someone’s life force usually leaves the victim stumbling about in pain as the process is incredibly painful from a part of their very being gets ripped out from them. The one Essence Absorption ability that Ryko has little restraint on is the energy drain which only hurts it’s victims a little bit and lets him transfer that energy into super charging his natural regeneration. Due to his stubbornness in not wanting to transform into a human for a month to cure himself of the Drakesbane plague, he uses the Energy Absorption ability every day using the Rikti Monkeys near Peregrine to heal his body back to full.

Will of the Fallen

The Will of the Fallen is one of Ryko Nailo’s least used powers due to the physical wear it inflicts on him and a tactic he seems as too dangerous as it can backfire on him. Ryko can tap into Refic’ul’s spirit nature to create a mental bond and infiltrate weak minds nearby and fill them with visions of the past, nightmares, or simply disorient their vision. To create such a link however takes a high toll on Ryko due to needing to expend a large amount of energy to maintain the link and to keep from being affected by the ability himself as the link works both ways.

Dragon Abilities

While Ryko Nailo was once a normal pure blooded human, his blood is now fused evenly with that of a feral ice dragon. This fusion resulted in changes to his body leaving him far from resembling human and gave him new abilities and other increased attributes.

Extraordinary Strength

By no means as strong as most of the people with super strength in the world, his strength far exceeds natural human limits. He has developed in particular his upper body strength on top of his normal abilities. His daily exercise routines leave him able to bench press an amazing 5 tons and wield his two oversized halberds as if they were nothing but daggers. However most of his strength is actually suppressed when fighting due to his armor weight but this added weight helps him develop his leg muscles similar to training weights except offering protection at the same time. Even if he takes off his armor and thus allowing himself to exercise his full strength uninhibited, he will rarely show off his full strength and speed. In the few instances he has used his maximum potential; he was able to move so fast that it appeared as if he simply teleported and his muscles so strong that a swing with a polearm was able to create hurricane strength gust of wind.

Scaled Hide

One of Ryko’s lesser relied upon attributes is his body’s natural armor in the form of dragon scales. While they are quite durable able to turn most injuring blows into simple scratches, he much rather prefers to use his armor and Demonic Shield as means of protection with his scales being a last resort. Like most beasts, Ryko does shed his skin during which time new scales form and replace old ones and during these times he reluctantly assumes human form to “save face” and hoards his old scales knowing their value.

Natural Weapons

Perhaps his most used and loved ability is his natural weapons which he uses to extreme effect. Ryko has long since learned how to use every part of his body as a weapon and will often use it to gain an advantage in a fight, most often by catching the person off guard. The level of skill he has both multi-tasking and actual combat skills lets him be able to fight a dozen or more foes at once without even tapping into his Demonic Abilities. His razor sharp claws, and occasionally teeth, allow him to easily slice through most light armor as well as tear flesh. He will even use his 4 foot long tail as a weapon to grab, trip, or hold someone or something. Even his wings are a weapon in his arsenal using the boney tips to impale or to simply kick up dirt and blind the people nearby.


During recent years, Ryko had only been able to fly by using the Gem of Ventosh due to his wings getting melted off at the bone in a fight with a necromancer. However, after he managed to sever Refic’ul’s power his body has since slowly started naturally regenerating. During this time, he had to get around my walking and jumping due to the Gem of Ventosh getting destroyed in the ritual to limit Refic’ul. At around the start of 2007, his wings regenerated to the point where he could fly but they still haven’t grown back to their original size and shape. Even with his less effective wings, Ryko can still fly fairly fast clocking in at nearly 40 MPH. He will often fight in combat while hovering above the ground as it lets him use his feet, tail, and both hands to fight with even with the risk of being an easier to shoot target.

Ice Breath

Like his wings, Ryko once possessed the ability to breathe a blast of super chilled air capable of freezing any thing in the blast. Yet in the battle with the necromancer, his organs controlling this were seriously burned and have not regenerated in the least since then. While not completely destroyed, he is unable to use it for any real effect other then chilling a drink due to his weaken state.

Magic Spells

Even though Ryko Nailo has never once studied a spell book or been taught the ways of magic, he none the less knows several spells thanks to Refic’ul’s Essence Absorption. While he subconsciously knows how to use magic and cast the spells, he has very little understanding in why magic works the way it does.

Blood Illusion

Perhaps Ryko’s most powerful ability when used in combination with Intonjutsu, this spell takes a drop of his blood and turns it into an exact clone of Ryko which he can control by thought alone. These clones look exactly like the real Ryko down to the very last detail both inside and out with not a hint of magic to be found making it impossible to locate the real one with the exception of tracing Refic’ul’s presence as the demonic energy does not transfer to the clones. Each clone can exist for as long as Ryko wills it but the longer he uses it and the more there are then the more mental wear it causes him. To date, the most clones he has ever produced is five but he could not control the fifth one thus it simply stood still.

Dimension Rift

Not an impacting spell by any means, the Dimension Rift spell is rather a parlor trick at best. With a simple conjuration, Ryko is able to open a small hole to a pocket dimension where he keeps his most valuable items such as his halberds and some conveniences such as a drink or two. He can also use this spell to simply create a portal to another place in the same dimension but in either case the portal is too small for anything bigger then a foot to get through.

Forbidden Union - Life

One of the forbidden magic spells due to it’s questionable morality and extremely high price, the Forbidden Union Life spell takes two beings and merges them together into one creating a new life form so long as the two beings are in similar mindsets and conditions. The cost of the casting the spell however severs the caster’s soul from their body killing them instantly and that reason alone has stopped any power hungry people from using it to experiment with. This same spell is the exact one that was used to fuse Ryko with a dragon and is the only documented time this spell has been used successfully. Some creative minds think that this spell or one similar was used to create all the hybrid species like in folklore.

Forbidden Union - Death

Another of the forbidden magic spells due to its mass destruction, the Forbidden Union Death spell instantly kills the victim and the caster in a massive explosion and implosion before sending their souls to a place of endless torment for all eternity. This spell, despite being forbidden, is commonly learned by mages seeking total power so that if they do fail they can take the person who made them fail down with them. While this spell has never been cast in the Virtue universe dimension, it has been cast several times in Ryko’s dimension and records of such occasions tell of great castles being destroyed in a massive explosion viewable hundreds of miles away before reversing and vanishing completely.

Trained Abilities

Not all of Ryko Nailo’s abilities are extraordinary or supernatural and the ones he has learned tend to be his most impacting in the long run. He takes great pride in what he has learned in the years and for good reason as he has gone a long way toward mastering many things.

Honed Learning

Realizing at a young age that the quickest way to learn anything fast is to perfect your ability to learn, Ryko managed to train himself against all odds to master studying. This training has become so impacted in his life it is almost an innate ability. Unlike most people, he can quickly pick up and master any thing he sets himself to at an amazing speed, often just needs to see something preformed once to learn it and twice to master it. He has even been able to learn and copy things not thought possible by “cheating” with ninjutsu and charka manipulation thanks to his time spent learning with ninjas and monks respectively. While he has been able to learn some supernatural techniques such as Statesman’s Zues Lightning, he only uses them as an absolute last resort second only to unleashing Refic’ul because he views it as needing another person’s help and not his own ability. The only such ability that he will use frequently is Infernal’s Demon Binding, due to his hatred of demons, where he binds demons into his sword thus letting it occasionally burst with demonic power and serve as a focus for Refic’ul’s power.


One of the few ninjutsu techniques taught to Ryko during his brief time studying the ways of the ninja, the Shinobi-iri technique allows Ryko to quite literally vanish from sight. During his training with this technique, he had to learn how to avoid traps, stay quite, move fast, and adjust his eyes to the dark. These valuable traits along with his ability to become invisible have greatly aided him in combat, spying, and espionage over the years.


The Intonjutsu technique is another form of ninjutsu with skills focused on escape where as the Shinobi-iri was focused on stealth and infiltration. While the two skills usually go hand in hand, Ryko has so perfected the art of Shinobi-iri that he rarely gets to the point where he has to use the various escape techniques he learned. The only time he ever uses an Intonjutsu technique is in combination with his Blood Illusion spell letting him swap locations with any of his clones to avoid real harm by letting a fake take his place.


For non-spoiler history and story info visit: http://www.creyindustries.com/viewhero.php?id=2048

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Trivia & Notes


Did you know that…

Ryko Nailo was one of the few Dark Armor users who have played since the beginning of the game.

Hit level 50 by killing a Rikti boss in the Rikti Crash Site, but the Rikti’s final blow killed him resulting in a double KO and a level up.

Was the first person to find the exploration badge “Portal Parter” which he wears most of the time.

Was present at the first unsuccessful and successful Virtue Hamidon raid along with the first successful raid of the new Hamidon in Closed Issue 9 testing.

Roleplayed at every popular spot as it changed, even including Atlas before the boom box invasion forced the spot to move to Gemini.

Was working for Portal Corp long before it ever truly went in the game.


The concept of Ryko Nailo was originally inspired by Starscream of Decepticon fame mixed with King Arthur with a bit of D&D flavor thrown in. He has since changed as the game engine allowed, such as his appearance.

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