Sable Wren

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Sable Wren
Player: @Noir_deSilhouette
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Name: Robyn Brown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 17 (3/10/1992)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue almost Gray
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Chicago
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Detective, Martial Artist, and JOAT
Swingline (a grapple-hook gun), Hawk-blades (throwing knives), utility belt
No additional information available.



Robyn Brown was an ordinary teenager, a little geeky, not in the popular crowd, but not in the loser crowd, either. She was good at floor gymnastics, had taken dance for several years, and was a second-string cheerleader. She loved reading, and got good grades in school, but not smart enough to skip any grades. She was even taking a college course a little early, through the high school.

That changed when a small Chicago Circle of Thorns coven kidnapped her and her family, along with many other small, unnoticeable families across the city. They performed dark rituals on them, magical experiments. The Circle wanted a way to steal magical power and abilities from others, without having to take them as hosts, and these common people were their lab rats. All the adults died, but the children had flexible enough minds to adapt to the magical transference of knowledge. By the time they were done killing subject to feed into others, that one child being force-fed the abilities of other kids was Robyn.

Then the Dark Guardian of Chicago's Night arrived, The Twilight Hawk. He came from the shadows in a dizzying flurry of his trademark throwing daggers and kung fu, dodging spell and demon to take down the dark-robed figures which had turned Robyn's life into a living hell. As the mages went down, one after another, the green glow she had been encased in disappeared, releasing her. One of those other kids in her head prompted her to move, and she found herself punching one of the head mages in the nuts with a practiced move that she knew she'd never done before. The mage's eyes watered, but he just knocked her down and lifted a hand glowing with green energy to retaliate. She stood up quickly, hoping to dodge, but just knowing she didn't want to die scared and cringing on the floor.

The blast never came, as one of the hawk-blades hit dull-side first into the mage's temple, knocking him senseless. She stood there, shaking, as The Twilight Hawk finished off the last of the mages, crying with relief and disbelief. Impressed with her bravery in the face of danger, and sympathetic with the fact that she could no longer live a normal life as she had, he took her on as his most recent sidekick, making her the third to take on the name of Sable Wren, and the first girl to do so.


Sable Wren hero-worships The Twilight Hawk, and will do anything for him, after he rescued her from that dark pit. He was actually a wealthy businessman based out of Chicago, and he placed her in a private school with a doctor's requirement about a rare medical condition that might require her to leave school at any moment's notice. He trained her for months before letting her go out with him, and she found that the other kids in her mind helped a lot. With them, she could now pick locks, move stealthily, and knew how to fit into the city's underbelly - who to go to, what to say, to get information. She received knowledge of so much trivia that she couldn't even believe it.

The drawback is that she didn't only receive the information - she received the actual personalities of four other children in her mind, always watching through her eyes, listening through her ears, and keeping up a nonstop chatter in the back of her head. It's been very difficult for her to get used to them, but she even if she knew how to get rid of the, she wouldn't. They went through too much together, down there in that pit, and if anyone ever cleared them out of her mind, she'd view it as murder. Besides, it's their abilities, and their watching over her shoulder in the middle of a fight, which lets her be a hero and keep track of all the different attacks as a half-dozen thugs try to beat her down. And she doesn't know how she'd react to being alone anymore.

She's a shy sort, that hasn't changed, but she's started picking up more confidence - in part because of having to rein herd on her four riders. When she puts the mask on, it gives her strength and determination, as she's able to hide behind it and become the hero she wished she had been to save her parents. She has lost track of the hobbies of her old life, except for a few gestures more out of habit than anything, her grades have started to suffer, and she's not sure how to balance hero work with a real life, but she's hoping that she might get it under control soon.

Other Personalities

To make sure their experiment had obvious results, the Circle had picked four very different kids to put in Robyn's mind, kids with extremely different skill sets, placed into the mind of someone very average. Robyn is usually in control of her body, but the gang has agreed that each rider can have the body for one day, on or around their birthday.


Jimmy was a street punk, showed up part-time to high school and was a guarantee to drop out by the end of the semester. He wasn't an orphan, but his parents didn't spend much time paying attention to him, and he fell in with a gang. He's crude, thinks himself funny, and is something of a pervert about being stuck in Robyn's body. He's very against the idea of Robyn dating or doing anything romantic. Through him, Robyn gains the ability to pick locks, move stealthily, and has a knowledge of how to move through the criminal underbelly of a city. One of the times the Twilight Hawk came closest to kicking Robyn out is when she ran into Jimmy's old gang mid-crime and let them go free.

For those psionics who can enter Sable Wren's mental 'mindscape' and see her riders, Jimmy is a impudent looking kid with pale skin, wild red hair, beat-up jeans and sneakers, and a t-shirt from a celtic rock band, usually a "Storm Warning" t-shirt with the Gaelic Storm logo. His birthday is April 4.


Greg's quiet, resourceful, and clever. He was a friendly sort who had a small group of dedicated friends, and is often the voice of calm and reason in Robyn's mind. He was a boy scout - an Eagle Scout, in fact - before his death, and loved the scouts a whole lot. His parents had died before this whole event, when he was younger, and the Scouts had become his surrogate family. He knows he can't even get Robyn to join, now, because she's a girl, and it's his greatest sadness. In the weeks after their ordeal, he's the one who kept everyone grounded and helped them work through their mourning at the loss of their parents, their lives, their bodies. His survival knowledge, both city and wilderness, is incredibly useful to Robyn, as he lets her notice all those little details she needs to use for following a trail someone left behind, or catching clues at a crime scene.

For those psionics who can enter Sable Wren's mental 'mindscape' and see her riders, Greg is a neat-cut tanned kid with black hair to his shoulders, wearing jeans, a denim jacket, and hiking boots. He usually has a backpack slung over a shoulder, though considering he's on a mindscape, it's more representational than anything else. His birthday is August 11.


Chrissy was a completely timid bookworm before this all happened, getting perfect scores. The whole experience has completely changed her attitude, however, and she is second-in-command after Robyn, in the group in Robyn's skull. She's still very brilliant, however, and she's the only reason Robyn is still doing decently in school instead of flunking out. Chrissy and Robyn have very similiar tastes in boys, but now that Chrissy's insulated from actually having to act on her emotions, she pushes for Robyn to be forward and flirt far more than she ever could do herself. Chrissy and Jimmy fight a lot. She provides an almost encyclopedic knowledge of trivia that aids Chrissy greatly in detective work.

For those psionics who can enter Sable Wren's mental 'mindscape' and see her riders, Chrissy is a black girl with a tangle of black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wears jeans or skirts and a tribal-print top, and usually is carrying around a book. Her birthday is October 22.


April was a terrible tomboy, big into sports and cars. She had a part-time after-school job working at a nearby auto shop, the owner of which was a friend of her father's. She played soccer, tennis, and basketball, and anything else she could find pick-up games for during the summer. She's the most enthusiastic about being a hero, thinking it's about the coolest thing ever, except for the spandex. She'd prefer something more street-level and less brightly colored, like leather or denim. From her, Robyn gets a great deal of body awareness, even moreso than her own gymnastics had provided, and a knowledge of engines, machinery, and simple how-to that astounds her. April is basically a female teen version of MacGyver. Robyn insecurely wonders if April wouldn't have made a better host body than she does.

For those psionics who can enter Sable Wren's mental 'mindscape' and see her riders, April is a tanned girl with dirty blond hair cut short into a pixie-cut and dyed some odd, bright color. She wears jeans and a dirty t-shirt with some faded band name on it, with a rag hanging out the back pocket. Her birthday is June 20.

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