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"The protector of innocents and small animals, the defender of love and justice, I am Sailor Bast!"
Sailor Bast
Player: @mellissandria
Origin: inhabitant of the planet Bast (12 thousand years ago)
Archetype: rad/archery defender
Security Level: 50 as Bast
Personal Data
Real Name: Bastet of Bast
Known Aliases: Rhiannon Archer, nicknamed "Rhi"
Species: Felinoid shapechanger
Age: 14
Height: 5'4"
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Blue as Rhiannon and in cat form, violet in her senshi form.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Apparently of Egyptian descent as Bast, Irish-American as Rhiannon
Occupation: High school student
Place of Birth: Bast
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Going steady with Chris Carmichal (Healing Abyss)
Known Relatives: None living. Adopted informally by Mellissandria Restal
Known Powers
Can shapechange back and forth from cat form; can summon the Bow of Bast; can cast spells, blessings and curses with the Bow. Uses focus items to use her powers and shapechange from Rhiannon in either cat or human form to Sailor Bast. Despite being a shapechanger, she does not have a 'catgirl form'
Known Abilities
Extremely proficient with the bow and arrow.
Focus items (Bow of Bast, transformation brooch); also carries PJSA comlink, as well as an magic based communication device.
imprisoned in a magical amber crystal in another dimension for 12 thousand years. Has adjusted to living in Paragon City, and is a big fan of the feline heroine known as Amerikatt.


Over 15 thousand years ago, the followers of the Cat Goddess Bast were persecuted by by followers of other gods. They appealed to the Goddess to take them to a new home where they would be allowed to live in peace.

Bast took pity on Her worshippers and brought them to a new world, which became her namesake. She granted them the ability to change shape from human to cat as well, so as to ensure they would happy on their new world. The chief priestess became the first Queen; the throne would be passed from mother to daughter, unbroken. Younger daughters and sons became magical warriors and knights, in case history ever attempted to repeat itself. Always they took the name of their world and Goddess.

Eventually, others came to their world, seeing only a way to access the Well of the Furies of legend, and overran the peace loving children of Bast. The warriors were caught unawares, and several killed as the youngest warrior, Bastet, sent her youngest brother and sister to safety through a portal. (Their fate is not known, but it is hoped they were able to restablish the kingdom eventually). As the portal closed, Bastet (in midtransformation to her warrior form) was cursed by a combatant to 'an eternity in amber' In this prison, she was banished to a parallel dimension. She remained there for centuries, suspended in time, awake and aware, praying to her Goddess for a release from the prison, whether it was by death or rescue.

The Goddess heard her prayers, and put her in a deep sleep, sending her dreams of the afterlife, spent as an eternal kitten, returned to innocence, til such time that the Child of Bast would once again be needed.

And so she remained, until centuries later, the amber was broken by other magic users. It is possible that they were guided unwittingly by the Goddess, but no one to this day is sure. All that is known is that as Bastet was removed bodily from the crystal, she reverted to her cat form, her powers atrophied, her mind, despite the dreams, broken.

After a council meeting, it was decided to send Bastet to Earth in her original body - but without her memories of being in the amber or the war. This was to allow her a chance to redevelop long unused powers. A new identity and fake memories was placed into her mind. If the powers never returned, she could at least spend her life living in peace in the place known as Paragon City. The memories of Princess Bastet were sealed away, as if she were reincarnated into a new body. She had no memory of her life up to the point she awoke, expect that she could change from cat to human. A collar appeared on her, with a brooch attached to it.

Eventually, she was found by Mellissandria Restalis, who had just taken a teaching post at Paragon Juniors Supers Academy, a special school for children with superpowers. She enrolled Bastet into the school under the name "Rhiannon Archer".

Rhiannon soon discovered that she was a dead shot with a bow and arrow, and that she could transform into a magical girl warrior. She was dubbed Sailor Lune, in part due to her uniform's resemblance to a girl's school uniform. So it was as Lune that she patrolled with other students, learning to use her powers, and the magical bow that appeared in her hands one day at a crucial moment in battle.

It was also at PJSA that she got to know another student, shy and withdrawn, known as Chris Carmicheal,who could heal. Soon, they learned that they could fight together, one sensing the other's moments without speech. They started hanging out, and eventually, hanging out at the mall between classes and patrol turned into dating.

She also learned how to work and fight as part of a team, working with other students on missions to bring in the bad guys.

The day her team faced Malta for the first time, she was thrown into a situation where she had to defend a rookie hero named Strawberry Pi. As she pushed Pi behind her to cover the girl's escape, images, and memories flooded her brain...and she changed, her uniform going from midnight blue to royal purple, her skin going from pale to dark brown in seconds...

And for the first time in millenia, she gave her battle cry:

"The protector of innocents and small animals, the defender of love and justice, I am Sailor Bast! As avatar of the Goddess, I will right wrongs and vanquish evil!"

A rain of magical arrows fell onto the mercenaries, who were effectively knocked out, making it easy for the students to restrain them for the PPD. It's a scene that has been repeated over and over since then as Rhiannon/Bast has learned to use her magic to fight for justice in Paragon City and the surrounding area. Her "Rain of Arrows" and "Flames of Love" attacks, using her bow and arrows, have struck fear into villains from Kings Row to the Rogue Islands!


At present, Rhiannon is a student at PJSA, taking classes in magic in order to understand her own unique "Senshi" magic. She has come to terms with her past, and her Goddess, and there are even times when she acts like a normal teenager, for instance, clothes shopping at the malls when not studying or patrolling. She's even managed to find others like herself, defenders of love, justice and innocence.

She believes that they and Bast herself, are here, for a reason, perhaps to do with the Well of the Furies and keeping Emperor Cole of Praetorian Earth from taking all of that power for himself...

Misc. that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Technically, Sailor Bast is Egyptian, and reverts to her true race when she takes that form. As Rhiannon, she appears to be Irish-American with pale skin, and in cat form, she is blue/black. She does not have the classic 'Paragonian Catgirl' form; this may be due to her alien origins.

She always wears what is often referred to as a transformation, or brooch- It's ankh shaped, with an purple crystal, often worn on her lapel as Rhiannon, on her collar in cat form, and on a choker as Sailor Bast.

Unlike other magical girls, she doesn't have a talking animal advisor.

Rhiannon does have some musical talent; she plays the flute.

You would think as a magical girl, she would admire heroes, and she does. Oddly though, or maybe not, the one hero in Paragon City that she admires the most is not a member of the Freedom Phalanx..but is another protector of innocents and small animals-Amerikatt! After she finally met her idol, Bast's uniform had an addition... a single shoulder cape which resembles the one worn by that super-feline of justice!

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