Seer Kerrigan

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Seer Kerrigan
Player: User:Bit-Player
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Threat Level: 45
Personal Data
Real Name: Kerrigan (Surname Unknown)
Known Aliases: Kerri
Species: Homo Superior
Age: 18
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 120 lb.
Eye Color: Milky White due to birth defect.
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Seer (Former)
Place of Birth: Presumed to be Imperial City
Base of Operations: Imperial City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
High-order Telepath, Telekinetic
Known Abilities
Mental communication, Mind reading, occasional precognition, Telekinesis.
Standard Seer uniform, resistance comm, and occasionally a battered leather jacket.

Born in Imperial City, Kerrigan was taken from her parents after developing telepathic abilities. Those abilities were honed and brought under control, and at age seven she became part of Praetoria's Seer network. From that moment she ceased to be Kerrigan and became Seer 0773, just another node in the vast psychic network. A prisoner in her own body, her personality and will suppressed utterly by the cybernetic implants linking her to the network. She was effectively dead, her body a husk to be used until it was no longer serviceable- a faithful, obedient, perfect tool of the state.

It's funny how destiny likes to throw monkeywrenches into things.



While operating in the underground tunnels beneath Nova Praetoria Seer 0773 and her teammate came under heavy attack by a group of the mutated Ghouls that dwell in the dark passages. During an intense fight a ghoul managed to land a telling hit on the Seer. Her teammate felled the ghoul almost immediately, but the damage was done. The ghoul's claws had severed the junction where her controlling implants linked into the base of her brain. The damage ripped her psyche free of the seer network, and the shock of the disconnection sent her briefly into a near-catatonic state. This only lasted minutes, as while her teammate tended to her wounds she woke up, clutching her head at the sudden influx of voices and thoughts that were no longer dulled and modulated by the network.

The Resistance

Upon being freed from the network, Kerrigan was somewhat lost. But then she began to have nightmares of things that had happened while a Seer. Visions of hospital rooms and crazed screaming led her through many sleepless nights huddled in alleys and cowering in the tunnels of the underground. Memories of things she'd done under the thrall of the Seer network prompted her to seek out the resistance, and she was an active member for several weeks. However she soon realized *how* extreme the movement was, and was being asked to do the very things that she had done for Emperor Cole's regime. She was being used by her new 'friends' to achieve their own violent ends, rather than for the good of praetoria. As a telepath, she could easily see through their thinly veiled plotting and refused to participate further. She became more and more confused trying to strike a balance between foiling the more extreme elemments of *both* sides of the Loyalist/Resistance conflict. Eventually she learned of Primal Earth, and at the urging of two close trusted friends, she made her way through the Jury-rigged dimensional portal and into Talos Island.

Kerrigan, the Heroine

Once through the portal, Praetor Tilman and the Seer network's looming psychic presence disappeared completely. However it was replaced by the mental cacophony of a teeming city of millions, mental voices without the subtle influences of drugs, psychic control and social engineering that permeated her former home. The shock was initially painful, but as she got used to it she noted that the constant roar was easier to deal with than trying to listen in on everyone at once. Her allies, particularly Alisha Shatogi who was her teammate when she was disconnected, encouraged her toward becoming a hero in Paragon. Initially staying in a room provided by another friend, Remy, she began working with other heroes of the city.

She remained shy and withdrawn, but her mental condition and spirits steadily improved, finally culminating in a return to Praetoria and a showdown against Praetor Tilman herself.

During this time she also made enemies. In particular an operative names 'Eclipse', an agent of Special Section 15.

The First Ward

Following Praetor Tilman's defeat at the hands of Kerrigan and her teammates, the young psychic had pulled herself together enough to exercise more control over her powers. The weeks following the battle found her becoming more social and developing contacts and friendships outside her tiny 'comfort zone' of friends.

All this crashed to a halt following her second expedition back to Praetoria. She and her close friend Alisha ventured into the destroyed area to investigate some suspicious happenings, only to discover the horrible secrets behind Praetor Tilman's Seer program. The more the pair learned and saw, the more Kerri's memory returned. She began to recall and relive her *own* treatment in the same program, until finally culminating in a complete breakdown after reconnecting Katie Douglas into the Seer network.

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