Shadow of Desire

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"We both know, that there are worse ways to die..."
Lustful Shadow / Shadow of Desire
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker / Corruptor
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Noone actually knows...
Known Aliases: Tatianna, Mistress
Species: Human
Age: She isn't sure, yet she remembers events from at least 100 last years...
Height: 6'0 (183 cm)
Weight: Shhh! Secret...
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Plotting...
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single, though she is often seen with other women...
Known Relatives: Younger sister. Also, half of her DNA was used to create a clone...If that counts?
Known Powers
Heavy darkness control.
Known Abilities
Flight, Close Quarter Combat.
None, abyss provides her.
M for Mature Roleplayer. Really Mature. [1]
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I'm over it
You see I'm falling in the vast abyss
Clouded by memories of the past
At last I see

I hear it fading, I can't speak it
Or else you will dig my grave
You feel them finding, always whining
Take my hand now be alive

You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I'm not the only one
We walk amongst you feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone?

I'm over it
Why can't we be together embrace it?
Sleeping so long taking off the mask
At last I see'' - David Draiman Forsaken


Who am I?

It's pretty obvious, what is going to happen...[2]
When you were young, you most likely heard from your parents: "There are bad types of people. Skindheads, drug dealers, whores, nazis..." Well, list is pretty long. But then, finally whole rant was done. They always ended with: "They will have bad influence on you/kill you/rape you etc. You need to stay away from "them"..." or something along that lines? Sound familiar, eh? Ofcourse it does. Difference is, that "them" say exactly same things about me, toward each other and toward their kids...And I must tell you, they are quite right... - Tatianna, about herself toward random tied up heroine...

What am I?

Date: 1989-01-13

Time: 9:31 AM

Subject Number: μῦ-27

New serum injected into number μῦ-27. It's her thirteen serum so far, and we have no mutations. This one is strongest, and most likely will kill her along with Ω-01 and Ψ-07 which is 87% of probability. Other possibility, is finishing experiment with Super-Mutant at our disposal. Still, succes possibility is 4% bigger than we had so far, so it's worth taking a risk.

Date: 1989-10-13

Time: 7:24 AM

Subject Number: μῦ-27

Due to escape of Ω-01, only Ψ-07 and μῦ-27 remain. Despite her younger sister mutation, which is in pretty advanced state, this subject remains both - alive and without any special skills. Apparently instead of receiving long-term memory, she received short-term memory. Yet, this is considered "nothing" for our further experiments. To put it bluntly - She is quite worthless. We will send her to "Magical Enchancing" wing, in next two weeks. Maybe this will give some effects...

Date: 1989-23-13

Time: 12:47 PM

Subject Number: μῦ-27

We have sent subject to something, we call "Magical Radiation". MR will simply try to enchance her body with magical energy...Of some sort. Demonic magic, or such. Yup, i'm not too fond of it. Furthermore, I believe that we should remove whole Magical Enchancing wing. That would provide us, much needed money. Oh, well...

Date: 1989-23-13

Time: 13:00 PM

Subject Number: μῦ-27

Somethigbng went teerribly wrong im outof time. I can hear gunshots and screams just about t2o corridors from here. Cameras show that it inderd worked. MR I mean I cant describe it my handss shake to muchj ust by lookiung at it. Im in vaultr here, my only hope is that she doesnt enter and just ran waay. I have 8 armed manhere and some turrets aimed at door......We will b3e fine. We mustbe....

Date: 1989-23-13

Time: 13:13 PM

Subject Number: μῦ-27

You're all going to die.[3]

What is this?

"We are darkness..." - That was all she could understand. All she could hear inside her head. It was getting annoying. It was like that for few hours now.

Shut up... - Mere whisper left her mouth, as she was running through the sewers. Crey made secret laboratory here...Noone would expect that! And that's, why it was so good idea.

"The true shadow..." - Once again, it ruptured inside her skull...Quite annoying now, really.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! - More of annoyance, than anything else...But it worked. Her head was free, once again. She kept running, through this stinky rathole. She didn't knew where...She just did. It was first time, since she was actually conscious in that few hours...But hey! She wasn't bothered with it. She spent months, maybe years at this Crey lab. She killed all of them. She was free...Well, she will. As soon as she gets out of this damn sewer. It's sewer, so Crey reinforcements won't come that fast. And that's, why it was so bad idea...She was getting close to exit, she could see that. And then, everything screwed up.
Chibi version...Yet, i still wouldn't get too close.

I tell you, it's really here! Those fuckin' eggheads are having lab here! - Voice broke through the silence.

It better be true, or you will eat your own shit for the rest of the week. - Some laughs accompanied the comment. That was a good one, boss!

She managed to stop her run. And it was all she could do, before she saw five thugs infront of her. They were about six meters away from her. Both, thugs and her looked at each other suprised.

I be damned, that's some pretty hot chick...Walking around in the sewers. HELLION'S SEWERS. Without permission. I think we will have to punish her.

But boss, what about Crey la- - at this very moment Jimmy got slapped into back of his head, by the bulkiest of all five.

They can wait! I didn't got my stick wet in weeks... - He grinned, as did his three followers. Jimmy kept rubbing his head, clearly not too happy.

Look, Crey reinforcements will be here in few minutes...I suggest that we just go- - She gave her best effort, to sound confident but she failed pretty much.

Dumb Slut! We are motherfuckin' Hellions! CREY CAN DO US SHIT! You on other hand... - He let out a chuckle and like a little clones, his gang did the same. She eyed them carefully. Every one of them had some submachine gun. They were all quite buffed, except Jimmy who was short and thin. Only difference amongst them was their leader. He looked like a damn gorilla on steroids. He moved toward her, and as she moved back he aimed his gun at her. She stopped instantly.

There, there. I can shoot your knees and do it, but then I will have blood all over myself... Let's just play together nicely, okay? - She tried to imagine him being choked by shadow, ruptured, cut...Anything. It wasn't working. He already grabbed her wrist, and pulled her closer.

"HELP ME. I know that you can hear me! TALK TO ME. NOW!" - She cursed her stupidity. She could take many high-tech weapons, but she relied on this thing, instead...

"You want us to help you, mortal? Us, who existed longer than this pathetic world? Us, who conquered and killed in another dimensions? Us, who are seed of Netherworld itself? We would rather help this one infront of you! He isn't as pathetic as you are. He isn't as weak as you are. He actually will rape you, and then if we are lucky - kill you. Then we would be able to take him over. Why we shouldn't do that?! Give us good reason, and we will kill him. Fail to convince us, and you will burn in the Nether as your live will end. What it will be, mortal?"

"Because, if you give me enough power...I will show you, violence you didn't seen yet. Violence, that you dreamed about every millenium. I will also, show you level of deviance you could never achieve without me. I will make whole mankind suffer. I will make them tremble in fear, anytime they hear na-"

"Your empty words mean nothing to us, mortal. You can't lie to us." - Leader of the gang, pushed her against sewer wall pulling down his pants.

Hehe, boss the bitch is crying!

And I didn't even entered yet! Sweety, you gonna enjoy it. And if you don't...Well, at least we will!

"YOU WILL FOLLOW MY COMMANDS! I'M YOUR MISTRESS, AND YOU SHALL OBEY ME!" Once again, voice of desperation crossed her thoughts. After a second, that felt like eternity she heard:

"You are first one, to realise that i'm here to serve...My mistress."

Sir, you have to see this! - One of Crey Researchers called over Scorpinoid that was sent along to take care of "Riot" in lab.

It better be, damn important! - Annoyance could be heard in his voice...

Sir, this four were chocked...I'm not certain about other three yet, but this one...Got his penis stuck inside his own throat.

What?! You are sure of it? - He looked over bulky man.

Yes sir...

...I see. I wouldn't wish that, even to Hellion. And what about this one? - He said, pointing at small and thin Hellion. He was sitting on wheelchair, and had no limbs.

Urhm...He had message for us. - Researcher mumbled.

AW? You should say earlier, you idiot! What was it?!

Erhm..."Don't try to find me. I will be destroying one of your labs, each friday the 13th."

...She must be crazy to announce it like that. Noone is capable of taking our labs alo- - He stopped, as at this very moment, tendrils made of shadow ruptured through Jimmy's stomach, killing him instantly. [4]



Torment of Souls - Her own organization. Any details about it, are yet to be revealed.

Character Trivia


In my opinion, voice is important part of every character. Therefore, I provide two versions of voice for Tatianna.

Normal: Her voice is most likely to be like Alaina Beaton from this song.

Shadowform: She sounds like that 1:27 ("Black tongues speak" and such...)


Porcelain and the Tramps - King of the World - Main theme of character.

Genitorturer - Lecher Bitch

Porcelain and the Tramps - Gasoline

Emilie Autumn - I want my innocence back


  1. Art by
  2. Art by
  3. This last five posts, are information that can be retrieved from one of destroyed secret Crey facilities...Since everything was sent to main computer!
  4. There are raports from Autopsy of all five available for anyone with access to Crey Labs. Also, it is possible to obtain information that three labs were destroyed so far. Only thing they have in common, is being destroyed on Friday the 13th.


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