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Player: @rageycat
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: undisclosed
Known Aliases: scaleybutt, lizardface
Species: half dragon/japanese
Age: 200+ years
Height: 4 foot
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Nin Lord
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nin clan
Known Powers
Karate, Nin followers, Force Field generation
Known Abilities
Nin Lore, Nin style magic, Nin illusions
Bow, any other armament he can get his talons on.

"strike!" -direct battlequote

sidorn was created to more or less see what masterminds were about and I loved him immediately, a mix of the comic, the tragic, and the downright silly. His story is completely originated on the city of villains and extemporaneously at that. There are some characters I work hard to create, he just sort of fell into place while I was roleplaying him.



The nameless clan, were outcasts who had lost their way and their position. They accepted this as punishment for failing to meet the end of their ancient bargain, to be Nin is to be cursed, to suffer twice the perils you were fated to meet in your life you are given power and strength to survive. Their former leader, the last specially trained kunoichi of the clan, is this clan could have stood well as proof of this. She was attacked and molested by a dragon of corruption, a dark thing that revels in vile deeds. The product of this was sidorn, the current lord of the Nin clan.

sidorn was raised by his mother to be the consummate Nin leader even as they traveled through China encountering the Tsao clans whom caused much trouble for them. It was in South America that the clan rooted themselves hidden away from the world, growing their strength in preparation to become a great clan once again.

sidorn became lord of his clan at age 92 when his mother passed on at the ripe age of 108. He worked long to strengthen his people and then recently led them into Paragon City where he was thwarted by the Tsao, an ancient enemy he will never forget. He was captured but his Nin broke him out of a transfer prison and he led them to the Rogue Isles for a better beginning.

It was in pocket D that he met Malixxa and hired her on as a Dark class Nin to become the first kunoichi of his clan since his mother passed away. It has been a difficult trial but she has accepted membership into the clan and if not for his twice bad luck things should have gone smoothly even if it took a cult of crazed freaks to bring things along.

He is troubled now by an assassination attempt upon himself and Malixxa by one of his own clan as well as the appearance of his mentor in Nin magic, Hale.


sidorn is a kind creature who is more or less friendly and even seems to ignore insults upon his person. He keeps a placid demeanor throughout his life even while working for the most part. But underneath is a more violent torrent of fears, anger and betrayal. He longs for humanity but he is obviously not, he could long for his father's monstrosity but even in that he has failed he believes. He sees himself as a cute little lizardling, having nothing but the worst of both his parents physically. Hiding behind his facade he does his best to live on, and prove himself something more than a reject for even the laurels of his past have not proven to mean enough for him to believe he has accomplished something great.


Akasutki's - Freaks & Ninja with a need for a mage, Hurray!

Malixxa - Dark Malyce is sometimes dense but learning


Nin lord

He has nin to obey him?


He generates repulsive and deflective shields of force as well as being able to throw people away from him with said power.

Additional Powers

He feeds off the emotional emanations of others, needing nothing more to preserve himself with a good steady supply.


Leadership, Tactics, Bushido, Stealth, Seduction(He sort of jokes about this because of his looks)

Weaknesses and Limitations

Sidorn truly believes he is without a soul, whether or not this is true, it affects his psyche greatly, he even bears a dark magic tattoo on his body that he believes allows him to be affected by the Nin soul curse. He attempts to live up to the standards of humanity even as he is an assassin. Also he detests killing innocents for no reason, to the point of violence against his own family. He also worries that his ability to feed on emotional emanations and his lack of a soul will turn him into a creature like his father. He has a terrible temper that, once unleashed, is difficult to reign in.


Bows, blades, charms, and Nin(beware he can throw a nin at you)

The Nin


All darks are Jounin class nin and oddly enough all of sidorn's are Female, though they hide this save for Dark Malyce

Dark Sation is a distant cousin of his though sidorn keeps this a secret, she is also in love with him. She is most noted for an obsession with leather and a slight attitude.

Dark Drame is quite courteous and a professional, she is also in love with Sation and has a large shy streak she hides behind. If Sation asks, she does.

Dark Malyce is also known as the cat burglar Malixxa, Though sidorn has been trying to teach her subtlety, failing most of the time.


These are the shadow boys, they keep to themselves but all seem to like poker, drinking and quoting random mafia movies.


Nin disguises

The Green Nin- Sidorn's primary Nin look, he is green and

Akasutki's Nin- To appeal to freaks he chose a freakish nin outfit.

Other Characters

Xodd - The evil so evil that villains think he is too evil Villain.

Caraecyn - Damn mage.

Jonas Sahandra - The Vampire... Paladin?

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