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Player: @Crazyleo
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Simika
Known Aliases: Tek
Species: Android
Age: 14 years
Height: 5'.5"
Weight: 400lbs
Eye Color: grey
Hair Color: cyan
Biographical Data
Nationality: N\A
Occupation: Intelligence Operative
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: SPU (deceased)
Known Powers
See Datafile
Known Abilities
See Datafile
See Datafile



Simika is an individual who is always on the go; wither she’s out busting heads against those who threaten the place she calls home to spending quality time with the people whom she considers family. It’s no wonder that she hasn’t burned out.


Simika's primary equipment consists of wrist blades that are actuallly an energy field infused with nano-bots. Depending on the settings; these nano-bots can render anything unconscious or kills by disrupting the electrical current that is required for any lifeforms to live.


Simika can interface with any computer by creating a neuro-link either by a physcial cabling or through the frequencies for all computer networks to comunicate with each other. Simika also has applied knowledge in cybernetics, robotics, neurology and nano-technolgy. Simika has virtual training in over a dozen different forms of martial arts

Character History

Simika’s inception was the result when a man who merely calls himself Sir Lawrence studied SPU’s sentience during SPU’s fight for his right to exist. Lawrence’s theory was that while SPU’s sentience was accidental: if he could create a mechanoid who will be designed with sentience in mind; that mechanoid will be a whole new life form.

Lawrence knew the dangers with this line of reasoning; but he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t pursue this goal; because Lawrence oversaw the entire project that created SPU in the first place.

Despite the initial difficulties and failures; Simika became self-aware about a month in SPU’s campaign. Simika’s maturity was accelerated where a month in the real world equals to a year in virtual space. During this time; Simika’s psyche was tested by the best people in the field of psychology and academics. In two years, Simika was deemed ready to be “born”.

Simika aided SPU in the finishing part of his campaign when they encountered the OMEGA AI for the first time. The fight was intense but they were victorious; but OMEGA made good its escape.

Afterwards, both Simika arrived back in Paragon City. Left to her own recognizance; Simika teamed up with a hero named Captain Amazing. After their brief adventure together, he invited Simika to join his Super Group: The Justice Guard, followed shortly by SPU.

Under the leadership of Amazing and his co-leaders; ArchStrike and Liberty Guard, Simika flourished as she gained each level of security. It came to no surprise that she attained the highest level achievable in record time. During this time; she became close friends with ArchStrike and a shy woman who would become Amazing’s wife: Genine.

During the conflict with a villainous group calling itself The Society of Evil; Simika was captured by a villain named Xerixon accompanied by what appeared to be a Mobile Assault Unit. But the words that the unit spoke were from OMEGA AI.

During Simika’s torture at OMEGAs hand; it explained that he was rescued by the leader of this group, a man who calls himself Dreadnot. Simika’s persona was then transferred into a nearby super-computer while OMEGA took control of Simika’s body.

During Simika’s torture at OMEGAs hand; it explained that he was rescued by the leader of this group, a man who calls himself Dreadnot. Simika’s persona was then transferred into a nearby super-computer while OMEGA took control of Simika’s body. She quickly freed Liberty Guard and instructed him on how to transfer her persona matrix into the neuro-sphere. Together they made their escape and helped the other members achieved victory over the Society of Evil.

In 2009, SPU and Simika was contacted by an Arbiter of Arachnos. The Arbiter quickly explains that he was in charge of the security detail that was tasked on transporting the OMEGA AI to a more secured facility when it made its escape. SPU and Simika quickly decided to join forces to stop OMEGA once and for all.

During this time; Simika learned her hacking skills. She used these skills in order to track OMEGA or to cover the team’s tracks. When she discovered the ALPHA protocol, SPU recognizes that it was the protocol that was responsible for giving him his sentience.

As the time drew close to ending the chase at the weapon platform, Simika objected to SPU sacrificing himself. But SPU’s words of that he was created to serve. If it means that he must give his life in service; he would do so. But the words he spoke resonated with Simika were thus: "But my greatest legacy will continue on; for you are born of my own persona".

After OMEGA was destroyed and Simika was headed home when she was arrested by order of the FBSA. During her interrogation, she realized that Longbow was tracking her trail as she hacked the various systems. She fought vehemently with Amazing at her side that what she did was for the greater good. The forces that she was against didn’t think so. The final judgment was that they will revoke her right to be a hero. But in recognition that her actions did saved the world; she would be allowed to keep her security ratings.

Simika decided to take a sabbatical from The Justice Guard. During this sabbatical; she met Mark Johnson. Mark who was working for the CIA who was tracking an individual who calls himself “The Negotiator” and that he was keeping track of Simika’s activities. He asked her if he recognized him as he showed her a picture of “The Negotiator”. She stated that she doesn’t recognize him, but she was curious why he was keeping an eye on her and stated that she would like to help. Using their combined skills, they eventually his actual name: Genya Sakado.

Sakado was eventually captured by the team. When Simika asked why he was following her, he stated that the organization that created SPU was back in operation, and that they considered her a threat to their ambitions. While Simika contemplated on Sakado’s words, she received a call from Captain Amazing that forces from Praetoria were invading Prime Earth.

During the war, Simika was charged to lead a team to defend Tera Volta against loyalists incursion when she was critically injured. She was transferred to a hospital that had a neuro-sphere on site. With her persona matrix safely stored while they tried to repair her body; it wasn’t meant to be. Lady Grey stepped forward and offered to construct a new body in return to working under her direct supervision. Not seeing any other course; she agreed.

Simika was tasked in creating battle armours that she would use to provide combat support to other teams fighting. Simika took to task with a flourish and about a day later; she created her first TEK battle armour that had the capability to shield others. As she looked at the armour; she knew that this is something she will be doing for the rest of her days and she knew in her heart that SPU would be proud.

As the war continued, she made quite a few armours with various abilities. As the war wound down; Simika mission shifted from combat support to intelligence gathering and analysis for other agencies.

As she was doing anylysis work with Vanguard, she spotted a hero teleport directly in the RWZ. As soon as he arrived, he was immediatly ambushed by a squad of Rikti. Simika turned to her supervisior for permission to assist the hero which was quickly granted.

As soon as Simika arrived, she and her teammate quickly vanquished the squad. The hero quickly thank Simika for the assist and introduced himself as Starforge. He mentioned that he was in charge of The Global Defence Force and he was investigating Crey involvement in traffiking of Rikti technolgy for some unknown purpose. Simika offered to assist the GDF in the investgation. Starforge accepted Simika's offer and offered her a position in the GDF.

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