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Player: Draugadan
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Widow
Threat Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Maus
Species: Unknown
Age: Young
Height: 5'
Weight: 100
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Arachnos Widow
Place of Birth: Germany, Praetorian Earth
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Training / Teamwork
Known Abilities
Member All Sinister Terror Squadron

Lights... lights all 'rounds me. Oberst Aurick wakes me's... feelsings so weaks... eberythings brights... Eye's wakes ups in shinies places. Eye's ist seeings no ones 'cepts Oberst Auricks. He ist sayings zhat he ist mein Vater. Eye's vast mit hims fur zhe longest times. He ist teachings me zhe Ehnglisch und sayings zhat mein names ist Maus und mein firsts memries ist auf zhat brightest places. Zhat vas mein 'tires vorld sints Eye's can 'members. Mein Vater, Oberst Aurick, vas tellings me's to stayings zhere fur mein own safeties. Buts Eye's ist knowings zhat wasn't truest. Eye's vasn't locked in zhat coldest cements places 'cause auf zhe dangers. Nein, Eye's vas zhere 'cause Vater vas 'fraids auf me's. Vater vas tryings ales zhe times to hides zhe 'fraids, buts Eye's coulds smellings on his skins. Zhe strangest parts vas vater coulds not tellings me how 'fraids he vas. 'Speclies zhe nights Eye's drinkings zhe life froms zhe warmest auf his bloodiest bodies. Eye's leabings zhe brights places und hidings in zhe darkest places. Eye's findings zhe Neber während. Eye's vatchings, und vatchings, und sometimes eatsings zhe foods vhen he ist nots vatchings. Bentchlies He ist leabings unds Eye's follows... und Komen to zhe newest places. Zhen beings hier Eye's gets founds by zhe vidows. Zhey ist trainings me fur zhe fightsings. So's now Eye's ist fightsings und watchings zhe Neber während.



Maus is a member of the All Sinister Terror Squadron


Maus rarely trusts anyone, especially after time on Praetorian Earth being hunted by Tyrant and the other Praetorians. She was bread by a former Nazi soldier years after WWII to fight and destroy the Praetorians. Her small gasp of English comes from training by the Preatorian hero Oberst Aurick.

She can be a bit skittish, and nearly filled with terror around anything resembling a cat. She is has never made a friend, and has a heart of pure cold evil.

Ich suche, das Licht zu verdunkeln, das ich in anderen finde.


Maus' powers come both from her mutant regeneration ability and from Nazi experiments. It was her mutant regeneration ability that allowed her to survive the horrific techniques used. The former Nazis used her to apply his vast technological skills of conditioning and surgical enhancements with the intent to free the world from the terrors of the Praetorians. His experimenting, and her current training by a small faction of Arachnos Widows are what now give provide her powers.


An unexpected result of the experimentation was the ability to Teleport from place to place. Maus just thinks about being at a location takes a step and she is there. She also can focus on a person she is familiar with and pull them to her side.


Maus' conditioning included training in stealth tactics. The conditioning, and her small size make her very difficult to detect.

Character History

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