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A note from the authors... This knowledgebase was gathered by the manpower of quite a few poor souls that have perished over the years, some to the Clown's excesses and others to their own. It is a hard path tracking this monster and those of us that do so, do so at a great personal risk. All that we know is gathered here, and we hope someone can use it to kill this thing. It has taken family, friends and acquaintances from many of us and none of us will truly get rest until this is over. -- The Criers Cabal

Stabbo the Clown
Stabbo the Clown-ByToxicShia2.png
Artistic rendering of Stabbo the Clown (see it's history for a larger image)
Player: Classified
Activity Level: Retired
Archetype: Corruptor
Origin: Science
Primary Set: Assault Rifle  (Tommy Gun)
Secondary Set: Traps (Party Favors)
Ancillary/Patron: Black Scorpion
Level: 50
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Unknown
Identity: Unknown
Known Aliases: Stabbo, Stabby, Stabs, Stephen LaCroix.
Occupation: Gangster Clown Caterer
Education: PhD suspected but unconfirmed.
Citizenship: Rogue Isles
Legal Status: Zig Escapee
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Date of Birth: Unknown (1940?)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Port Oakes, Etoile Islands
Group Affiliations: Nightmare Menagerie
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Uncertain, assumed male.
Species: Uncertain, assumed human.
Ethnicity: Whiteface, assumed Caucasian.
Eye Color: Empty
Hair Color: Sometimes
Complexion: Pale, sometimes bloody.
Height: 7'2"
Weight: Unknown
Build: Tall/Lithe, dense musculature.
Distinguishing Features: Rictus grin, head fin and elongated ears. Possibly prosthetic.


Ziggursky Case File #65161867

National Criminal Profile

Report For: Date Ordered: 11/30/2007
LACROIX, STEPHEN Last Updated: 09/01/2007
30 Royal Dr #6, Paragon City-KR RI
SSN 95204XXXX was VALIDLY ISSUED between 1940 and 1941 in NY
17 additional names and addresses were found. Click here to view the report.
---- ----
Date of Birth: 04/17/1977
SSN: 65874XXXX
Address: Paragon City, RI
Source: Kings Row Justice Center
State: RI
County: Kings Row
Case Number: S-3486-KR-5001635486542
Case Type: Felony
Sentence: Other - Location: ZIGGURSKY
Offense Date: 08/04/2006
Disposition: PLEA INNOCENT
Disposition Date: 03/06/2007
Current as of: 09/01/2007
---- ----
Date of Birth: 09/01/1979
SSN: 84267XXXX
Address: Paragon City, RI
Source: Atlas Park Municipal Court
State: RI
County: Atlas Park
Case Number: S-4352-AP-9800402547810
Case Type: Misdemeanor
Offense Date: 03/15/2000
Disposition: PLEA GUILTY
Disposition Date: 04/06/2001
Current as of: 03/13/2006
---- ----
Date of Birth: 10/31/1967
Address: Paragon City, RI
Source: Talos Island Circuit Court
State: RI
County: Talos Island
Case Number: S-6843-TI-1324975642364
Case Type: Felony
Offense Date: 03/15/1997
Disposition: Guilty/RESP SENT IMPOSED
Disposition Date: 04/06/2001
Current as of: 03/13/2006

Ziggursky Entry Paperwork

Stabbo the Clown
Stabs Mugshot.png
Mug shot of Stabbo the Clown.
Birth name: Unknown; Presumed Stephen LaCroix
Alias(es): Groucho Burkowitz, Teddy Gacey, The Gacy-Cat Killer, Stabs, Stabby
Born: Unknown; Presumed 1940.
Location: Unknown
Died: N/A
Cause of death: N/A
Number of victims: In excess of 500.
Country where killings occurred: USA
States where killings occurred: Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts.
Span of killings: 1940s through N/A
Date apprehended: Escaped.
Penalty: Death Row

Case Number: S-3486-KR-5001635486542
Block Number: 36-C
Date set by Court: 03/07/2007
Date Affected: 03/10/2007
Notes: Date was pushed back three days to ensure the proper number of Hero Corps representatives could be present to assist with the necessary transfer precautions.
Threat Assessment: Drugged by recommendation of the court forensic psychologist, subject is under effects of Ketamine, Thorazine and Haldol. Transferred convict should still be considered dangerous while under bond. Clearance is given for utilization of near-lethal measures during the course of any disturbance caused by the convicted.
Pickup Locale: Kings Row Justice Center, Paragon City RI.
Destination: Ziggursky Correctional, Brickstown District, Paragon City RI.
Transferring Agent: Longbow Spec-Ops Agent, Sergeant Grady O'Malley.
Sanctioned Transport Method: Convict to be fully restrained, escorted by at least 4 guards fully armed and transported in a pre-secured PPD SWAT van examined by agents of the court.
Transfer Statement:    "Convict accepted at lockdown doors of Kings Row Justice Center, received from 4 guards and by 6, I chose to bring two additional with cattle prods to keep the inmate in line in case the drugs lost their potency. Inmate was in a straight jacket with impervium lining and accompanying orange uniform which had been marked by some type of white dusty material that was unidentified until after transit and during summary delousing. I took a sample for later testing, and was drooled on by the convict. I immediately disinfected and was pretty sure he had done it on purpose. Looking up into that rictus grin permanently pulled back deep into his head, those empty black eye sockets inset and unfocused... I was fairly sure he was looking back at me, but on that many drugs I could not be sure he was even able to perceive me."
   "We got him into the truck and the majority of the ride was uneventful, the other guards remained in the back with him for the entire trip to Brickstown. The drive took approximately 36 minutes and when we arrived there, the back was quiet. I knocked on the back doors at the unloading cage, but there was no response from the guards. Immediately worried, I contacted the prison staff and received backup in the form of 20 Zig jailkeepers with riot gear. Seeing as this was the standard allotment, I suggested they double it and bring a medic. They did so and owing to the nature of how the truck doors work, we were forced to pry them open with jaws of life. Inside we found the reason for my forthcoming request for early retirement."
   "The prisoner remained straightjacketed and drooling, but laying around him in a pile were the 6 guards I brought as accompaniment alive but cocooned and face painted. At early examination it was possible to determine that the cocooning had been done with loose threading, but the source was unknown. In post-examination by forensics experts the threads were determined to have been pulled in long strands from the underwear of the accompanying guards and wound tightly around their bodies. No guns or cattleprods had been discharged inside the vehicle, no signs of struggle were found on any of their bodies, and they were totally fine aside of loss of blood circulation from the tightly wound threading. Two complained of discomfort during the immediate and intense evacuation of their bowels shortly thereafter from the GI pressure. The face paint consisted of a mixture of chalk dust and blood secreted from the tear ducts. Experts were at the time of this report, unsure how this all took place. The inmate quietly followed prison guards and transfered out of custody shortly thereafter."

Jung Typology: The Myers-Briggs Profile of an Animal

Upon entry to Ziggursky Correctional, Stabbo the Clown was introduced to the MBTI and was found to fall into a tough niche among Jungian profiles. One of high extroversion and very little introspective behavior. This leads to erratic and rash situational decisions with little forethought to the future. In effect, he reacts in the same manner as an animal to all given stimulus with rare moments of intense intellectual lucidity. During these times of mental clarity, he is in fact at his most dangerous. He seemingly reacts to threats by becoming more overtly intelligent for the duration of the stress period. On the Jung Typology test (The Myers-Briggs Test) he rates as an ESFP[1]. To quote a common interpretation of this MBTI group:[1]

   According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, people with ESFP preferences live life to the fullest. They live in the moment and find great enjoyment in people and material comforts. They rarely let conventions interfere with their lives and find creative ways to meet human needs.
   ESFPs are excellent team players, focused on completing the task at hand with a maximum amount of fun and a minimum amount of discord.


   ESFPs get a lot of satisfaction out of life and are fun to be around. Their exuberance and enthusiasm draw others to them. They are flexible, adaptable, congenial, and easygoing. They seldom plan ahead, trusting their ability to respond in the moment and deal effectively with whatever presents itself. They dislike structure and routine and will generally find ways to bend the rules.
   ESFPs tend to learn by doing and take the hands on approach in most things. They also learn by interacting with their environment. They usually dislike theory and written explanations. Traditional schools can be difficult for ESFPs, though they do extremely well when they see the relevance and are allowed to interact with people or the subject area being studied is of interest to them. Others usually see ESFPs as resourceful and supportive, gregarious, fun-loving, playful and spontaneous.

Theoretical and Known History

Little is known of Stabbo the Clown, whom the courts assume was originally known as Stephen LaCroix. His earliest years are only barely eluded to in the work "Behind the Monster" by Dr. Stephen LaCroix which is quoted later in this biography. Other pieces of information were gathered by hidden recording equipment around his cell at Ziggursky, as well as taken from second hand accounts of conversations. These small "verified" historical details were combined below into a summary, while development theories from various members of the Neuroscience field follow it in a compressed format.

Childhood Development & Effects

Known Information

Born to parents unknown to him, Stabbo the Clown (or perhaps, Stephen LaCroix) began life as a ward of the court system. Records pertaining to Stephen LaCroix, supposedly born in 1941, indicate entry into the civil hands of the Justice system took place at the age of 3. Records before this are missing and all efforts to locate them have failed due to fires and paperwork relocations during the Truman era. One of the few documents to survive listed the reason for protective custody as "gross endangerment, abandonment, and physical abuse" during an early (and primitive) psychological analysis. The findings show an introverted and quiet child, prone to outbursts of intense physical activity. Spastic and at times quite wild, he would on occasion need to be restrained and made understand the need for "quiet time".

The child entered foster home after foster home, breaking up one family after another in a serial pathology that would become a major factor later on in his life. But it would not rear its hideous head again for quite a few years to come. At the age of 6, Stabbo found himself in an orphanage for disadvantaged children in what would become the Rogue Isles. Formerly a mental hospital, the Aberman Home was converted for use during the 30s "dustbowl" as a shelter for conscripted camp workers mining for zinc and calcite. This environment allowed him to fit into the background, only coming forward during his now rarer bursts of exceptional intelligence. Inside of 5 years, it was generally accepted that he was the smartest child in the institution and he received no small amount of discouragement by his intimidated and bullying peers. A sudden series of fights erupted at the age of 11 in which many other children had been harmed while attempting to bully him in small groups. This triggered a reaction among the orphanage's staff and a decision had to be made. The child was very intelligent, but defied all attempts to be placed with a family of any kind. In fact on returning from these attempts, medical evaluations noted his state of "neurotic self-abuse and paranoid behavior".

In a moment of kindness -- or arguably sound wisdom -- it was decided that the orphanage would sponsor his first year at a school for the gifted. Initial testing was still available at the time of this biography, so for posterity and to protect the integrity of these writings, the following is quoted:

"At first, Stephen seems a quiet child with habits punctuated most by moments of profound wisdom uncommon at his age. Our examination of his knowledge and skills was done in three sections, each split into several sub-sections. First a test of his maturity level to determine if he will fit in with our current student body and he passed with flying colors. In a few sections he even questioned the logic of the tester in a manner that flustered poor Mr. Fisher enough that he had to do it in two separate parts, on two separate days. The second test was of general vocabulary and I administered it myself with mixed results. In areas of science and higher thinking, his vocabulary was extensive and well formed. When it came to choosing descriptions of emotions, he had considerably more trouble but considering his background, I believe this to be normal. The third test was of general logic skills, and he scored higher than any other child in the school's history. Despite his sometimes unsettling stare, his welcome smile will be a nice addition to our academy." -- Joshua Calabrisi, PhD English.


     "Stabbo is a very interesting case of acute antisocial personality disorder. His childhood had many warning indicators! But at that time it was not considered necessary to test children for the wide range of psychological conditions. I believe at that time the disorder was referred to as 'conduct disorder' in an effort to make it seem more innocent and impulsive due to teenage chemistry. From reading the book by Dr. Lacroix, it comes very obvious that the child gradually became more accustomed to society as more and more damage was done to his psyche. This would have a high probability of causing a direct split in personality, possibly causing an emotionally splintering disorder." -- Prominent psychoanalyst, Adrien Grenabe, MD Psychiatrist.

Teenage & Adult Years

The teenage years of a youth's life are often the ones that truly form him into the man he will become. After exposure to a near adult social setting from a youth scholarship, it can be easily imagined that Stabbo/Stephen would have to have experienced the majority of his early social and emotional perversities within this age range. Sadly, not much is known of Stabbo the Clown between the years of 1959 and 1990 and all that could be found, is available for your study below.

Known Information

The easiest to locate information on Stabbo the Clown is a wide and heavy paper trail left by his assumed original ego, Stephen LaCroix. The problem with this is that his history appears sanitized when examined retrospectively. Dates are pristine with nearly no overlap, references and articles mentioning him all do so in a healthy light and little to nothing is known of what he did between work or schooling hours. But there are prolonged absences where Stephen LaCroix went off the grid, and Stabbo the Clown became more apparent.

Stephen LaCroix

Stabbo the Clown

Teen Development Profile

It is believed that between the years of 1954 and 1959, while at the McAllister School for the Gifted, Stephen underwent extreme emotional stress as his classes became more difficult and social pressure intensified. These are the perfect conditions for extreme sociopathy to be uncovered in a subject likely to break. To allow this to occur, Stephen's time before entering the Aberman Home would have to be filled with emotional conflict and abuse. The sudden departure from any sort of home life to enter the court system suggests either violence or sexual predation on behalf of his parents. Yet some experts theorize that he may have been witness to a terrible event in the first 3 years of his life that caused a psychological splintering effect. His attachment to clown imagery and toy-like devices such as his well known and despised "stink bomb", would suggest a fixation on his earliest childhood developments. Figuring heavily into this is a small replica Jack In The Box left at the scene of many of his first murders in place of the victim whom he had abducted.

Assuming a fixation on childhood imagery, Stephen would have been very immature compared to other children in his social situation as a teenager. But all eye-witness accounts say otherwise and that he acted very much in an adult manner. This implies a deep and intensely protected childish side only allowed to come out in private or withheld entirely from the world. In "Behind the Monster" Stephen described the "infamous Stabbo the Clown, the Gacy-Cat Killer" as a multi-personality serial killer that acted as a "stress vent" for another more serious personality. Since the capture of Stephen LaCroix as Stabbo the Clown, heavier investigations into "Behind the Monster" reveals that the clown maintains at least two separate personalities.

Owing to the nature of Stabbo's crimes in later life, Stephen identifies Stabbo not directly as a murderer but more as a malicious prankster attempting to tell a lethal joke. It is claimed he never hurt animals, never tortured other children and in fact aside of some reasonably dangerous jokes, he never killed before the age of 20. In a way, the separate personality of Stephen LaCroix was trying to warn the world of Stabbo the Clown and how it might be possible to defuse him. After his capture and the obvious recession of the Stephen personality, it became clearer that Stephen's attempt likely failed.

Adult Status Evaluation

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

While incarcerated at Ziggursky Correctional (ZC), Stabbo the Clown was submitted for reaction based physical testing on 3 occasions to determine threat levels within the institution, volunteered for experimental Crey drug trials eleven times and was caught on over 6 total hours of internal video footage utilizing post-human skills. The overall picture garnered from this is one of extreme physical dysfunction above and beyond that estimated after his initial entry to ZC. The following excerpts are from various sources, some of which are only retrieved in part due to the destruction of both hard and soft files under suspicious circumstances since the extraction of Stabbo the Clown from ZC by agents of Arachnos.

Feral Reaction Time & Split-Second Lucidity

"Subject StC exhibits extreme physical reflexes in full immersion reaction testing during confined tests. Evaluation was conducted by myself, Dr. A. Wilkins, prior to the subject being allowed to enter the Crey-sponsored recuperative drug trials for the neurochemical MAD-42. Subject was informed that he would be seeing a visitor and was lead into a test staging yard with the full accompaniment of guards reserved for supervised visitations and ordered to wait. Subject remained still in exactly the position he was guided to for a total time of forty-one seconds before he began pacing. StC appeared to be full of anxiety driven nervous tension from the way the muscles of his jaw and face moved, similar to the motions of mastication. After two minutes of pacing, a series of false guards (CreyTech Automatons Mk III) entered the testing yard armed with HK21E belt-fed machine guns and assumed the positions of a firing squad in front of the pacing subject."

"At first StC pretended to ignore them while continuing to pace in a circuit from one far wall to the other, at a total length of 20 feet each 15 second interval. After approximately 30 seconds, the subject stopped in the exact center of the yard placed directly in line of fire from all false guards and turned to look at the testing yard's automated security camera. He then smiled as the automatons were set to fire and a final testing systems check was commenced from the observation booth on the second floor above the testing yard. Given the clear by my assistant, I gave the order and the false guards commenced firing blanks at the subject. The test maintained one direct purpose, to measure survival instinct and reaction time in a deadly situation. According to the slow motion replay of the video footage overlayed with projectile pattern simulation, StC did not dodge any of the false bullets. The subject instead had in less than 1/10th of a second placed himself such that all of the bullets entering his personal space would have impacted on the outer foot, calf, and hip of the subject's left side, while his torso was turned to force as many projectiles as possible to pass through the region occupied by the left lung, stomach, large intestine and small intestine. His neck was contorted at a 112° angle, placing it behind his spine and ribcage on the far side from the bullet projection point. A very unsettling image."

"For a typical human being, the estimated spent projectiles (1467) would have killed a human instantly but in the case of the average Zig' inmate would have ensured a 76% chance of fatality. Projectile pattern simulation estimates subject StC only had a 12% chance of fatality at that reaction time. Upon subject realizing bullets were blanks, he laughed for ten minutes solidly and demanded my support staff get him a pony. He seemed more bothered by the refusal of a pony than by the potential of being shot by 1467 bullets. I shortly thereafter cleared him for testing and gave my staff two days of stress leave before testing our next subject." -- Summary by Dr. Wilkins

ZC Medical Evaluation Notes, by Dr. Jeffrey Canon

"04.01.2007 - Inmate #65161867 was brought to the infirmary after an altercation in the recreation yard involving four other inmates that are known members of the Trolls gang. The guard that wheeled in the stretcher indicated that #65161867 had begun the altercation and had been acting erratically ever since arrival at the facility and after consulting with the warden, it was decided a full medical workup might be necessary to determine if any steps might be taken to correct this behavior. Inmate arrived at the infirmary in a state of unconsciousness with what I must presume is his collar bone exiting the front left shoulder at a 30° angle when referenced against the sternum."

"#65161867 was strapped to the examination table in the radiology lab after determining his biological functions were not impaired and the inmate was injected intramuscularly with benzodiazepine and Ketanest to ensure a sleep-like state while undergoing body scanning. The first scan was a general x-ray to get a bone structure layout, the second was a magnetic resonance imaging scan and the third a complete CAT scan. Findings were fascinating enough that the medical research team from the Crey research lab on floor 7 were called to attend the exploratory diagnosis. At approximately 5 minute intervals during data exploration, nurses watching the inmate were forced to up the dosage of the sedative benzodiazepine 6 times until reaching the typical inmate limit for a Class I threat. Seeking confirmation with the medical research team, it was decided to triple the dosage limit. By the end of data exploration, the total amount of Ketanest and benzodiazepine used to sedate inmate #65161867 was in excess of 7 times the human limit used for 14 hour transplant surgeries. Seeking confirmation from the warden, I requested the chance to keep the inmate overnight once his collarbone was set and received it. In the course of the night, staff exhausted the supply of benzodiazepine and were forced to resort to morphine injection to calm the inmate."

"The following findings are the result of the administered tests, blood analysis and a resulting sonic ultrasound to map the inmate's digestive system:
Inmate #65161867's metabolism runs at a rate of consumption 10 times more intensive than a standard human being's but does not physically move any faster, implying that materials subjected to digestion are hyper-processed for maximum nutritional gain before exiting via the colon. This metabolic increase also explains why the inmate's body temperature was an average of 104° Fahrenheit throughout his time in the infirmary.
Over 70% of the bones in the inmates body are formed out of hyper-dense cartilage, allowing for incredible flexibility and a longer gait of movement than is typical of his size and build. Skeletal irregularities include but are not limited to: 1) a small shark-like fin that is capable of retracting into a gap between hemispheres of his brain, attached to muscles of the cheeks and jowls; 2) distended jaw musculature allowing it to be freely popped from socket to dilate the mouth a full 8 inches; 3) fully prehensile cartilaginous spinal structure allowing up to a 90° bend at any point in its length; 4) segmented ribs each broken in 3 places to allow flexibility and motion without organ obstruction; and 5) no kneecaps, the inmate's knees can bend both totally forward or back but from the setting of the joint it is implied the subject chooses to walk with knees forward but is not limited to it in any fashion.
Physiologically, inmate #65161867 is identical to a typical human in all standard anatomies excluding those so far noted. Aside of a hemispheric split of the lobes of his brain that does not impede any known mental function, and an incredibly over-active liver, blood toxin analysis returned cleaner and better processed than any the lab had ever seen. They said so and demanded a re-sample to check against their findings. The re-sample also returned pristine despite a known drug abuse history including over a dozen class I substances and hundreds of household chemicals.
Magnetic resonance imaging returned nothing below the neck, the inmate's skin acting as some form of magnetic buffer. Tissue sampling sent for testing indicated the minutest amount of a magnetically reactive chemical similar to that found in mutants with the ability to fly using gravity fields. The lower amount implies either a stunted activation of this trait, or that it has yet to be fully developed by the inmate. Suggestion was sent to the warden regarding this and the inmate's exercise time being moved to an indoor fitness room. MRI scans of the brain indicate intense energy-consumptive activity of the Parietal lobe and Cerebellum even while heavily sedated.
Sum of chemical analysis reports: 1) The greasy materials scraped from the inmate's skin during blood drawing were sent to the Hard Chemistry lab on floor 6. Returned analysis indicates it is bio-organic in origin, likely secreted from the inmate's pores in a process similar to sweating and used to protect the skin from harsh environments; 2) the inmate also shows signs of blood secretion from the tearducts indicating a form of longterm internal hemorrhaging in the face and saline production glands from internal pressure changes due to movement of the head-fin.
Toxicology reports of the drawn blood showed tremendous anomalies of the white cell (leukocyte) count that would normally indicate the presence of a disease such as Human immunodeficiency virus, but on direct examination through microscopy it was clearly not the case. White cells collected from the sample were impregnated with a foreign biological material previously unstudied, but resembling a retroviral load. By exposing the viral material to uninfected blood at various stages of development (ranging from age 3 through 35) showed incredibly differing results. In all blood drawn from a subject over the age of 6, the virus would directly attack and destroy all biological matter it directly contacted, without cellular division. In direct opposition when mixed with the blood of a pre-adolescent human, the material experienced division and parasitically infested the new material in 1/1000th the time typical to an AIDs infectee. It is unclear the effect of the retroviridae involved, but it is clearly throughout the subject's body."

Candidacy for "Jekyll's Disease"

In the months of May through July of 2007, Stabbo the Clown underwent 11 individual trials for the 42nd trial version of an experimental Mood Affective Drug (MAD-42). In effect, the drug was supposed to be a longterm neural inhibitor that blocked aggressor tendencies in super-powered impulse control cases. Basically it was supposed to make you at least slow down as you came to a decision by increasing resistance between the higher reasoning sections of the brain and the motor control functions. The study was to run at 1 week intervals with testing on the 7th day of each week to check for symptomatic rejections of the drug including catastrophic liver failure, kidney blockage, chronic indigestion, chronic diarrhea, dehydration and glandular hemorrhaging. Of the initial 15 inmates volunteering for the first week, only 6 of them survived. The six survivors were immediately given the opportunity to leave the program and a new total number of 15 started on a new formulation. This continued for three months with only one return testor each time: Stabbo the Clown.

Symptoms that effected the other inmates totally passed Stabbo by, with his only complaints being a constant sense of euphoria not unlike "laziness after a big meal" and unending flatulence. It was the opinion of the Crey researchers studying him that the flatulence may in fact have been not so much a side-effect as an excuse to make others wretch in his presence which always got him laughing... albeit euphorically. At the end of the study, none of the previous test subjects survived and the program was declared a total loss in all counts but one: a new potential condition.

The Crey researchers discovered that by dosing Stabbo even more heavily with MAD-42, it caused a totally unexpected reaction. His alternate personality Stephen LaCroix would surface for hours on end and speak with them discussing neurochemistry, philosophy, psychological conditioning and possible solutions to the problem with the drug itself. This lead to the doctors and researchers making the connection between the traditional "Jekyll & Hyde" story of the Victorian era and Stabbo's state of mind, with the only direct juxtaposition being that they were determined to say that Stephen was not in fact a suppressed personality so much as a constructed figment. This was not an opinion Stephen was very fond of when speaking with them, leading to the only documented situations of Stephen heavily threatening others with abuse in the open and with little in the way of tact.

Arrests & Convictions

Stabbo's history is littered with moments during which law enforcement held him cupped in their hands only to free him again like a twisted dove. In the guise of Stephen LaCroix he was be arrested on a dozen occasions between 1960 and 1980. The charges included loitering excessively long in public places, possession of narcotics (usually amphetamines) and on one occasion shortly after the first string of murders attributed to him, he was dragged from a tree near Harvard Medicine's closest female dormitory. Despite the well defined charges and obvious history, nothing stuck and he would be released shortly after each arrest. A very humble beginning for what would follow.

After being questioned on a routine random pickup during the 1962-1967 killings, Stephen's identity left the public eye for long periods during his schooling and Stabbo the Clown began to show up at unsanctioned fraternity parties as a "gag" mascot. A few minor infractions occurred and it wasn't discovered until 1968 that some of the Harvard student body's most brilliant and aspiring students went missing during these years under similar circumstances. He would not be within police custody again until the years 2000 and 2001, when he was arrested for impersonating a member of the medical profession (illegal breast augmentation), and charged for medical malpractice (using defective heat-destructive breast implants), impersonating a member of the clergy (at 2 parades and 1 bar mitzvah), and 2 counts of arson. One of the few well-recorded incidents was a drug possession charge under the pseudonym of Laural Hardy. He plead guilty to the charge of possession, was released on a $20,000 bail and disappeared long before his trial.

The next time the public eye would pass over him personally would be during the infamous Gacy-cat Trials.

Modus operandi and victim profiles

In "Behind the Monster", Dr. Stephen LaCroix described Stabbo the Clown as an IBSK (Insect-Behavioral Serial Killer). This was defined as "a male or female member of a sentient species capable of remorse that shows both a) no signs of mercy, and b) a total lack of impulse control in regards to Maslow-cataloged instincts which ultimately leads down a self-deprecating spiral rather than self-destructive." In layman's explanation, an insect although potentially sentient is singular in its drives and goals, even going so far as to cannibalize other members of it's species and/or hive during times of struggle. A human being exhibiting these characteristics would be only arguably self-controlled during periods of lucidity and prone to excessive periods of predatory behavior unbroken by rational thinking. Despite this description, Dr. LaCroix warned that any predator learned tactics given enough time/safety within a margin of error and that Stabbo certainly had that in his formative years. He would eat whatever was available when hungry, sleep wherever seemed safest when tired, and likely to fall on a victim like a brick wall during times of sexual frustration. Despite potential for its presence in his psychological profile, Stabbo the Clown is not as of 2008 wanted on any counts of rape. There have been 3 victim testimonies in the past where an individual (2 female, 1 male) claimed to be carrying the offspring of Stabbo the Clown from forced intercourse but in each case DNA did not match samples kept on record by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is an odd note that although one of the victims was male, it was not a clerical mistake in the records and the victim in question was gave birth to an entirely different type of inhuman creature.

Also of some note was that Dr. LaCroix theorized that Stabbo's constant chameleon-like habits originated with a form of hero worship. Essentially, in a given era Stabbo would latch onto the public image of a more renowned serial murderer and learn from their mistakes in the manner a young child learns from examples portrayed by parents and role models. Each decade as it passed would bring forward a new and more refined profile of murders totally unlike the previous, punctuated by incredibly violent and depraved offenses that made the national media ring out in chorus. Around the end and beginning of each decade the crimes would come to a temporary halt as it appeared Stabbo finished spiralling to the bottom of a typically lethal cycle. And then like clockwork a sudden brutal death would occur and news agencies fell on it like starving animals, feeding Stabbo's need for public recognition and redirecting investigators toward an entirely different pattern than he was in previously.

The first clearly defined profile surfaced in the 1960s kidnapping and killing of Harvard students Macey Hall, Jonathan Edwards, Olivia Grey, Sam Winston, Aleisha Anderson, Sarah Harding and Timothy Daltry. Each student went missing on or around the Harvard campus in Boston (Massachusetts) between the hours of 9pm and 7am during their approach to a motor vehicle parking area. During a particularly careless snatch in 1967, "a white-painted guy in a brown leather trenchcoat" was seen by a 3rd party observer while stuffing a "lumpy black bundle" into the side of a white utility van."[2] This tip led to half a decade of futile searching as Stabbo changed his hunting pattern to mimic that of Edward Theodore Gein according later direct testimony.

Investigators have not been able to pin down the victims of murders between the years 1967 and 1972, but several trophies made of human bodyparts (2 lamps, 1 poorly constructed leather chair, and 4 wallets) surfaced in the 1980s at private underground auctions and were revealed as imitations of Gein's own work. Later forensics experts would reveal that the leather of the trophies were cured with a mixture of brain and Stabbo's greasy skin secretions.

A picture of the 1971 AMC Gremlin
During questioning Stabbo has admitted under questioning to using a 1970 AMC Gremlin in the commission of dozens of confirmed hit and run murders around the continental US. Although not a traditional serial spree, each of the murders grew progressively more elaborate and bizarre in placement. It began literally at the youngest point possible with running down women ages 16-30 pushing baby carriages and included two very public instances where the vehicle entered subway stations following fleeing victims. The earlier of the two subway killings gained hateful retort when brought up in questioning of Stabbo the Clown, followed by prolonged ranting and spitting. Repeatedly he muttered the sentence "Knocking them in front of the train doesn't get full points!", before nearly killing Dr. Alphonse Marko Psy MD by flipping over a 1400lb wooden conference table. It was believed this "failed" murder caused the second subway chase in the summer of 1974 in an attempt to correct a perceived offense and added the "bonus" of a crowd of Japanese tourists visiting the city of Chicago on a cultural exchange. Seven of the eleven tourists were killed on contact, while three were hospitalized with severe conditions and the last (Japanese citizen Yattamono Shiro) suffered a mild case of whiplash and two broken fingers after falling from the top of a Coca-Cola vending machine he found cover atop of.

In 1974, the same lime green AMC Gremlin was spotted drag racing a group of teenagers in a black Plymouth Duster. The two cars collided doing in excess of 90 miles an hour and the Duster recovered quickly but not in time to prevent plowing through a fence protecting a herd of beef cattle. The vehicle killed two thirds of the livestock and all occupants of the vehicle, as the AMC Gremlin chased a calf past the scene doing only 7 miles per hour, stalking it across two farms and into downtown Spokane, Washington before being chased out of city limits by local police. The same year, the battered and chipped Gremlin was witnessed chasing five nuns across the grounds of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland Maine. The chase only ended when the last potential victim dodged hard to one side to offer the rest a running chance and made it into cover of the church. The car was unable to get through the doors, but witness testimony was unclear if the car rammed the doors five or six times; damages were estimated at $3000. 1975 brought six hit and runs on school properties, aimed distinctly at handicapped children and two other incidents where a short schoolbus was run from a road while on a steep curve, rolling it. The second of the two landed on its side in a 3 foot deep body of water. Shoe impressions left near the scene suggest Stabbo watched the occupants drown while enjoying two bottles of wine, one red and one white (left empty at the scene) and eating a pound of Bing cherries (the pits were also found on the ground) 20 feet away.

In a startling change of pace, Stabbo's prey became much slower but much more difficult to find in the latter half of 1975 and beginning of 1976. Signs of his growing disinterest in the new method were strong when he stalked and killed a group of disabled senior citizens inside the confines of a nursing home in West Virginia. The car entered through a pair of double doors after ramping 10 steps at a 60 degree angle and collapsing the large oaken doors onto the body of nurse Allen Sheffield of Brook County; killing Mr. Sheffield instantly. The vehicle then destroyed four thin privacy walls and crashed through the TV sitting room, killing at least six on the first pass. The second pinned two to a wall and the third pass culminated in chasing a man 80 feet down a narrow hallway assisted by a four legged walker. The vehicle became trapped in this hall above the last victim's body. Retired Polish war photographer Ernst Benczick captured a single clear photo of "The Gremlin Marauder" before dying of a shock induced coronary. The picture is now in a private collection and was sold by Mr. Benczick's son in 1980 for a sum estimated between one and two million dollars. Eyewitness reports by viewers at the auction describe a seven to eight foot tall individual in a refurbished WWII SS uniform with long pointed white ears, clown-style facepaint and giant red shoes instead of boots. The man was caught on camera climbing from the back door of the Gremlin while waving to the Mr. Benczick and smiling. This incident made it into national media briefly before being forcibly hushed by Federal authorities.

In the year 1979, Stabbo slipped again from the public eye and entered a dormant period during the capture and subsequent prosecution of John Wayne Gacy. It was theorized in Dr. Stephen LaCroix's book that although Stabbo the Clown had been using a "jesterish" identity throughout his time of crime, he in some fashion idolized Mr. Gacy's bravado. Stabbo reportedly (according to Dr. LaCroix himself) spent these years learning all there was to know of the Chicago man's rape, torture and murder of young men. During the unmasking of Dr. Stephen LaCroix as an aspect of Stabbo the Clown's personality, reports by penitentiary guards set to watch the criminal indicate that Stabbo was visited by Dr. Helen Morrison during his trial process but that she did not belong to his defense team. Reports from her visit suggest there may have been a shouting match before she hurriedly left the holding cell block and returned to her vehicle. Attempts to contact her for comment on this were redirected to her lawyers. In Dr. LaCroix's book "Behind The Monster" Dr. Helen Morrison is referenced six times on comparisons regarding John Wayne Gayce and he referred to her in a familiar manner suggestive of more than academic friendship.

Stabbo was seen several times around the United States of America between the years of 1980 and 1985 but only one series of murders has been identified as his from the whole length of this time. It's 1984 and the setting is the rural community of Waterloo, Iowa. Home to approximately 70,000 citizens that consisted primarily of blue collar workers and their families, it's 96° Fahrenheit on a cloudless afternoon in July when police receive a call from several citizens in the community's west side indicating a "ripe, garbage-like smell kind of like roadkill" emanating from several private residences scattered throughout the neighborhood. Police responding to the calls discovered the houses all abandoned with doors unlocked, heavily scented with recent putrefication and the insides heavily marked in multi-colored anti-police graffiti. Investigators were called in and a gruesome discovery was made: each of the 5 houses had precisely 33 bodies stuffed into their crawlspaces and garden sheds, clearly left there for days with the intent of being found. The total victim count increased by 11 each day for 3 days, found in the garden sheds, wading pools and cars of city residents before they suddenly stopped. The community was at a stand still with citizens paranoid of finding further bodies for months.

Police were baffled for the latter half of 1984 until a local resident stepped forward to point out the correlation between the killings and those of the incarcerated John Wayne Gacy. All victims were male, reasonably handsome and ranged in ages of 14 to 21; all were found around houses and each of the abandoned houses totaled at 33 (the total number Gacy admitted to killing). Most of them had been reported missing during the two weeks prior to their discovery in various locals of the state of Iowa and the Federal Bureau of Investigation was authorized to investigate on the afternoon of the discovery. Citizens were restricted with a 6PM curfew and asked to only go out in numbers of more than one for the next two months until investigators determined the crisis was over despite the outcries of a skeptical and terrified city. No further bodies were found in the city of Waterloo, Iowa, and until later claimed by Stabbo the Clown during his trial, they remained a decayed mystery. In the space of 2 weeks (give or take a day) Stabbo the Clown claims to have abducted, killed and stashed a total of 198 victims. Representatives of the FBI still stick to their originally posited theory that the murders were committed by a group of disgruntled employees from a nearby farm machine factory that had released more than 2500 of its employees due to an agricultural recession shortly beforehand.

Not a lot is known about the other murders of Stabbo the Clown before 1990, aside of vague inferences from "Behind The Monster" and the occasional back-referencing ransom note left at the scene of abductions. Over 300 deaths between the years 1960 and 1990 have been attributed to the list of possible offenses beyond those already mentioned. Offenses range from strangulations, vicious assault and battery, torture and clear into international war crimes. The only common factor to all of the deaths were eye witness accounts noting the recent presence of a "clown with a shark fin on his head and giant fake ears" right before or after each crime. It is possible due to his habit of changing MOs in each decade that as many as 200 other deaths have been attributed to popular serial killers better known in the media. The only thing certain is that even during time periods where Stabbo the Clown himself was not sighted, there were still murders matching his various habits all over the continent.

1990-2006, "A Degenerating Spiral"

It is unclear what caused the event to begin the downward spiral for Stabbo the Clown. Experts have suggested that the clown's short-lived attempt to enter mainstream fandom on "Shtahbo The Clown's Laugh Riot" may have been the breaking point, but nobody can be sure. The show aired in the late 1980s during PBS's (the Paragon Broadcast System) early saturday morning block, but it is unclear specifically when as records were lost in a station fire that consumed half of a block of the King's Row neighborhood. The first episode aired with next to no notice and featured a delicately arranged puppet show of carved ceramic faces telling parables from various eras of human history... or so it seemed. In stinging satire, the puppets told the tale of Punch and Judy in rigorous detail with special lighting and sound effects for the first fifteen minutes. Afterward, the show took a distinctly different tone as the puppets re-enacted scenes from famous works as: Caligula (the movie; specifically the orgy scene), Aida (the opera; the lovers dying locked in the vault), Fahrenheit 451 (book by Ray Bradbury; the first book burning scene), and A Clockwork Orange (the book version; the rape of two 10-year-old girls).

In the second episode, the show took a dramatically random turn for the worse. Yes... worse than the puppet re-enactment of the rape of two teenage girls. In a rare showing, Stabbo the Clown somehow managed to convince studio executives to run the episode live from their sound-stage under the guise of a last minute re-write. The cameras and thousands of TVs keyed up to bear witness to an insane and almost indecipherable acid trip version of an episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse. In the space of the first forty-five minutes before broadcasting was pulled, Stabbo managed to re-enact the traditional PeeWee "Connect the Dots" routine with small shrunken voodoo heads, claimed his "Secret Word" was "felch" and demanded all the kids blow spit bubbles whenever it was said, and even went so far as to do a traditional Scottish sword dance while wearing a codpiece affixed with an 18 inch long gloss-steel replica of a penis on which hundreds of small diamond-like rhinestones were glued. The show was in the midst of airing a sub-episode Stabbo announced as a new game called "Find the Gerbil" when broadcasting was pulled. The largest regret of cult TV aficionados today is that they never got to see what the "mystery cartoon" at the end of the show was supposed to be. Experts on the show's short history suspect it may have been a clip from cult animated film Fritz the Cat that was found on the studio's cutting room floor by a foley worker. The clip was rumored to have been from a bathroom scene in which numerous nude anthropomorphic animal people were stacked up in an orgiastic pile of pink bubbles when the police (as pigs) broke in and started shooting.

In 1990, his first openly exposed and fully media covered bank robbery sparked inquiries into his identity. Reporters countrywide took an interest in the grease paint covered psycho that was harassing Paragon City and the surrounding regions incessantly. His attacks focused on the areas known as Atlas Park and Founders Falls, both areas opulent in their own manner. Rumors surrounding this time suggest that Stabbo was building up money for a final attack on the city, only for him to suddenly go underground. The papers were bewildered and the police had no answers.

In the late 1990s and into the early new millennium, Stabbo resurfaced to put into play his master plan. Capturing several individuals off the street (mostly the homeless), he tortured and then killed them in efforts to determine the level of spongiform encephalopathy within their systems. One of these individuals was the famed hobo butchered to be fed to the children at his birthday party events, a man whose name was never discovered and DNA sampling found no matches. What was determined from testing the meats found in Stabbo's freezer was that each piece had been left to marinate for an unhealthy period in the spinal fluid of his victim, driving the quantity of infectious cells through the ceiling of testing comparisons. Spongiform bacteria is responsible for such conditions as Mad Cow and Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases, due to the transmission of prions. Prions have been linked through various medical studies to most forms of cannibalism and the resulting insanity from the practice. effect, Stabbo the Clown was feeding Sloppy Joes™ infested with prions to hundreds of children in the span of just a few days. The premiere party using this technique was held for the Mayor of Atlas Park and aimed squarely at his three children, but also exposed nearly a hundred children of the city's elite to the mixture. All documentation of testing on the children after the fact was been locked down by the government and agents of Freedom Corps during Stabbo the Clown's later trial. At the time of this writing, a confirmed 40+ of the children have died from complications resulting from this party alone. The worst part for Paragon City? He managed to perform and host at least 4 parties in addition to this one that have been documented, each under a different assumed clown moniker and in different makeup. The only deviation in tactics and behavior occured at a single party held in the suburbs of Paragon City. Half way through the party, when he would have otherwise been juggling knives, fire and live kittens, he stealed away from the party with the birthday boy to take him out for ice cream while the smiling parents served his meat mixture. A week after this party, the fatalities were unconfirmed but numbers estimate at nearly 90%. Many of the families in the surrounding neighborhood noticed the connection and the birthday boy's parents were later found murdered in their bed.

It was at this time when Stabbo the Clown was caught, in a manner unexplained to the public and admitted only under closed sessions of the court during his trial. He was found guilty of all charged crimes despite an insanity plea and sentenced to Ziggursky Correctional. This seemed to be the sign he had degenerated further than ever, and the court suspected the consecutive life sentences would see him ushered off into the dark shadow of Paragon City's history. They were wrong.

You see, a penitentiary is meant to be used to store penitent people. Individuals seeking redemption for their crimes, but what the city did not realize is that they had released Stabbo the Clown into his personal version of Heaven. A close quartered population of hundreds of super powered murderers, freaks, abusive criminals and power struggling gangs. Individuals with no moral compunctions, no conscience to be found and absolutely no impulse control. Men that like to laugh at the sick and dying, pour poison into the city's water supply or systematically rape an entire city starting with the men and ending with the children. In effect, they locked him into a box with the largest audience he had ever been given privilege in meeting, and god... if he didn't just love it.

In Ziggursky Stabbo found the crowd of viewers he had always been looking for, every interaction was an act and full of trumped up adrenaline-powered aggression. A shark among sharks, he would have opportunity to throw himself screaming at mob bosses (his favorite prey), superadyne abusers, and even locked up members of the arcane cult, The Circle of Thorns. Security footage of his time inside have him getting into fist fights with Trolls, exchanging card tricks and once breaking into the middle of a communing gathering of Carnival of Shadows strong men in nothing but a dental floss bikini and seven containers of petroleum jelly. Every minute was a laugh, every day a fit of giggles and each passing week one less he had to worry about feeding or cleaning himself. It took care of every animal need he had, and the few that it neglected he could fulfill himself at the expense of the rest of the prison population.

It is unclear at which time in the course of these events that Stabbo the Clown discovered the new cocktails of drugs flooding the streets of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, but he took to them quickly and likely in secret. His behavior became even more erratic, more aggressive and dangerous. Other prisoners began to die around him, and for long periods he was locked in the holding block. It was after one of these times that he was recorded by security cameras tearing out the heart of a fellow prisoner while the man was still alive, hunched over the body and chewing on the man's shoulder with his incredibly sharp teeth. Experts viewing the video after the fact are quick the note the total animal savagery and lack of thinking involved in the kill, unlike any he had previously been seen undertaking. Hurriedly fleeing the scene of the crime, he managed to hide the heart somewhere within the facility and it was never found. A week later, an Arachnos dropship broke through the walls of the Ziggursky facility and spirited Stabbo the Clown away.

2007, "Sudden Remission"

Release from prison seems to have had an agreeable effect for both the inside population (due his absence) and the outside population (who aren't being predated nearly as hard as expected). In a strange turn of fate, it almost seems Stabbo found himself distracted from nearly 5 decades of murderous intent and turned his attention elsewhere. It is unclear if this shows the beginnings of a remorse-state (unlikely) or if it is indication of a brief time of remission. His history implies a possibility of at least 6 or more years of remission in any period, but typically the Stephen LaCroix persona stages some type of public appeal such as the book he wrote, during these times. It is unclear why no indication of Stephen's resurgence has shown up in the media, but it has left the collaborators on this collected work mystified.

In effort to remain scientific despite this incredibly unusual behavior, it has been our goal to collect as much data about changes in Stabbo the Clown's life as possible. The focus is turned mostly toward those that have taken place since his escape from Ziggursky Correctional.

2008, "Sudden... Absence"

On Saturday, April 19 2008, Crier's Cabal operatives tracked Stabbo the Clown into the wilds of Sharkhead Island while he attended an event known as "The Freaker's Ball". Subject arrived in an outfit made entirely of electrical tape and a WWII German gasmask and was greeted by a large audience held in honor of his known associate, The Wild Muse. Among those present were known terrorists and criminals (Thresher Shark, Gothik Glori, Dr. Wretched, etc), and an assortment of disguised Paragon City heroes such as Ixiie, Quana, Rain Fox. Crier's Cabal operatives were forced to retreat from the event when a massive Rikti invasion took place and the area became unstable. Judging from ranged measurement tools, some of the worlds most dangerous individuals gathered for this rave and stayed clear into morning.

Upon returning to the event, operatives made it back in time to witness a bright flash of light and the sudden disappearance of the night's benefactor The Wild Muse and her known bodyguard, The Wild Grace. Shortly thereafter although it was unclear how it occurred, Stabbo the Clown appears to have used a large explosive device to rip a hole in the dimensional barrier and flee. We can only presume in chase of The Wild Muse whom The Crier's Cabal has suspected to be in a mutual criminal bond with Stabbo the Clown. It is doubtful they share any romantic attachment as world-reknowned experts deny any possibility of his being capable of sharing intimacy or trust. Cabal operatives marked the location of their exits for future study in case of return.

Eye Witness Character Accounts

     "This guy is f██████ fascinating, man! You have to hand it to him! I've seen a few records from the court trial that they never released to the public, and do you have any clue how he tampered with the evidence? No mention of it in any of the papers, nothing in the normal news and hell, not even covered by the tabloids. All anyone worried about were the kids and the hobo he chopped up for kibble. First, he requests his legal right to look at the evidence. Most of it was bloody clothes, paperwork, some kind of freaky journal he'd been keeping with his recipes in it and a collection of books. So here he is! He's in a room in plain view of three guards on the other side of a glass wall. Right in front of them he whips out his c███ and pisses into an evidence bag! Yeah, pissed all over the bloody clothes! Course the cops freak out, but by the time they unlock the doors and get inside, he's already taken a dump in another and dropped a load in a third! I mean, f███ man, that takes balls! ... Personally, I think he really is just in it all for the sick laugh. I've seen killers before, and this s███ is just too ironic to be killing out of spite. Has to be some kind of joke only he gets." -- Phil Ghast, serial-murderer expert and consultant to the Paragon Tattler.

     "Since our show today is all about strange murderers, I thought it only right to bring up a case that is all over the papers right now. Stabbo the Clown, supposed alias of Stephen LaCroix. Entitled the Gacy-Cat killer in a string of murders said to go back as far as the 1970s, he has some serious history. So the guy snatched a hobo he found down in Kings Row, butchered the defenseless guy like a lamb and then packages him like veal. The police figure he used half of it in the commissioning of his crimes, while the other half was found in his fridge. Grinds it up, turns it into Sloppy Joe™ mix and uses it to cater three separate kids parties. Pretty screwed up guy, right? Well, look at it this way... He dressed up like a clown, told bad jokes, and played with little children. It leaves me wondering why nobody checked to see if maybe there might be some sexual abuse involved as well? I mean, they're calling him the Gacy-cat killer for a reason and I don't think it's just because he's wearing a little facepaint. Kid diddler, plain and simple. My theory is that when he was a kid, someone probably abused him sexually and now he's just trying to return the favor by stickin' it in a few little boys." -- Malcolm Talbot, talkshow host of "Paragons of Communication" on Paragon Channel 6. Deceased, it is suspected by Stabbo himself after escaping Ziggursky.

     "What do I think of that freak? Well, I handled that Clown's internal transfers from ward to ward. I do think he's crazy -- don't get me wrong -- I think he's totally insane. Too dangerous to be exposed to the public, in fact. But the whole time I handled him, he was nothing but a gentleman. So much so that I started carrying a tazer just in case he tried to be too much of a gentleman. The really weird part, the bit that convinced me how crazy he is was what his cell looked like. You seen Better Homes and Gardens? Yeah, his cell looked like the token Martian Stewart bedroom. We celled him with the darkest, nastiest, most vicious sons of b██████ we could find. You know, for the safety of the less dangerous prisoners? Well, give him four days in that cell and the cellmate was acting like his butler. No joke, like a personal servant or something. Would answer his cell door, even if he was only five feet inside... Would get new supplies when his cell needed them... Did all of the cleaning, sewed his clothes, carried his food at mess time, and in one case I got to watch one of his cellmates brush those damned shark teeth. The guy with the toothbrush? Convicted serial rapist, pedophile and ex-mercenary for a company running blood diamonds in the dark heart of Africa. Didn't even complain and even seemed happy to be doing it. The Clown is like two entirely different people depending who he is talking to." -- Warden Andrea Walker, of Freedom Corp.

Known Associations

In the Media

An excerpt of the best selling book "Behind The Monster", by Dr. Stephen LaCroix

Recorded Public Appearances

Stabbomatic Symphonic AudioMix; "Swinging in the Wind" edition

In late November of 2007, a young man by the name of Carl Eubank (alias DJ Anarky) stumbled across a rare gem in the Pocket D's Jolly Roger Bar. The gem took on the form of a red and white hand-painted Crey mPod left unattended at the bar. Availing himself of the scientific initiative, his curiosity overcame him and he checked to see what the playlist looked like. This curiosity would be his undoing but became a tremendous gift to the psycho-therapeutic community in that he pocketed the mPod before making his way out of the club. According to eye-witnesses and testimony from his significant other (one Charles Downs of Port Oakes), Mr. Eubank left the club just after midnight and just before the return of Stabbo the Clown in search of the lost player. Shortly thereafter the Clown availed himself of a local Friday night radio party and it is unknown how he spent the remainder of his evening.

In the meantime, Carl Eubank was in his home audio studio ripping the songs from the mPod to his mixing station. By morning, collections of the songs in supposedly the same order showed up on bootleg tables for $5. The three CD set was released under the title "Stabbomatic Symphonic AudioMix" and would not until a week later be known as the "Swinging in the Wind" edition. This would be Mr. Eubank's final work in the audio community as his body was found five days after the CD release in exactly 5 carefully severed pieces (the limbs detached from the torso and pelvis). The head and torso were found dangling from the main broadcast antennae of the WSPDR building in Cap au Diable by maintenance crews sent to find the cause of transmission static. The other four limbs were spread haphazardly at hundred foot intervals between the WSPDR building and the Port Oakes ferry. Forensics experts believe the limbs were pitched from a car window in much the same manner as a newspaper according to the blood spatter markings on several residential doors they came in contact with.

Experts contacted to give comment on the CD set gave numerous disparate opinions, ranging from a nostalgia set to a complex mnemonic audio scrapbook to maintain loosely associated memories.

The following list is arranged in the same order as it was on the CD set. After investigation by criminal profiling experts working in conjunction with music critics, it has been determined that parts of the list are thematically attached to eras of Stabbo the Clown/Stephen LaCroix's life. Compared against the biographic timeline Stephen LaCroix presented in "Behind the Monster", many experts have corroborated the likeliness of this theory.









No Snitching, or "I'll bite off your fingers."

The following quotations are from individuals approached in the neutral confines of the Pocket D rave club and recorded without their knowledge, or asked directly by the more defiant investigators searching for information on Stabbo the Clown. Should you happen to know Stabbo personally, feel free to add your own quotes.

"Sure, he's insane. But the good kind of insane I like to be around, not that bad kind of insane that makes me want to choke people." - Iceciro

"Stabbo? Oh crap. Uh Stabbo is....interesting. Kind of has the Free Range rude mentality like Hannibal Lecter, so don't be an asshole. *shrugs* Fun at parties." - Casual Goth

"Mr. Stabbo!?! *giggles manically* He SAVED Blackball he did, he did! Mr. Stabbo is like JESUS, except you can believe in Mr. Stabbo! He's not silly and fake!" - Blackball

Reference Materials

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