Star Might

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Star Might
Player: @Heartshine
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Anna Fable
Known Aliases: Ann, Fab, Fable, Anne
Species: Believed to be human
Age: Looks to be in her 20's
Height: 5'3"
Weight: >_<
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: All American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Lab
Base of Operations: The Palladium Sentry
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Super Strength, Durability
Known Abilities
Adorably awesome!
Super suit able to withstand high levels of damage



How do you make the perfect hero? Are they born of tragedy? Good parenting? Is a nurture versus nature thing? Or perhaps just the opposite? It's a long standing debate, no doubt. And many have their own point of views. One of those point of views belonged to a military scientist who personally felt that the perfect hero was created. Was designed from exactly the right mixture of genetics then grown in a lab, so that their development can be aided and molded as they were artificially aged. And then, after the body was formed and ready, a soul would be needed.

It would have to be a soul of pure innocence. Easily molded into the perfect daughter, the perfect soldier, the perfect hero. Once that soul has been transferred, the exact right memories would be needed, ensuring that the pure, innocent soul grew and thrived. For that, an entire life could be manufactured. One of a happy life in a small town, surrounded by friends and a loving family. Growing up to love country and be willing to fight for it as was needed.

And this is how Anna Fable, Star Might, was born.

She believes that she grew up in that happy family, surrounded by love and patriotism. And when her powers kicked in, she fully believed that she was meant to help guide the world back to peace, to aid not just her country and the people within it, but everyone. She has come to Paragon City in the hopes that here she can be of the most help. She is new to the city, but not to the fight. With the help and guidance of other heroes, perhaps she can find a place for herself amongst them. Or that is her hope, at least. What she doesn't know, is that tabs are being kept, that the scientist who created her and molded her into who she is still watches and manipulates from the shadows, ensuring that his project is a success.


The girl next door who can pack a punch. Thanks to the memories implanted into her, Anna thinks that she was raised in a small town in Texas, raised on good morals, a strong family foundation and a strong love of her country, the good ole United States. When she came into her powers, Anna new exactly what she was supposed to do with them. She was supposed to help people. Save people.

There was never a question in her mind whether or not it was the right thing to do. She's a good girl at heart, and that's what good girls do. Good things. She is strong willed, but sweet, never swearing and always keeping the negative things she has to say about people to herself. After all, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Her sense of humor isn't a refined thing, you can crack her up with a good knock knock joke.

As with any really good girl, she has a thing for the bad boys, though she's only really run across this problem when watching TV shows or Movies. She is warm and always friendly and if faced down with chasing the bad guy or saving a box of kittens, she will always -always- go for the box of kittens.


Cuddle Bug
Cuteness Proximity
The Glasses Come Off
Good Is Not Dumb
I Am Who?
Ideal Hero
Naked On Arrival
Opposites Attract
Plucky Girl
Super Girl
Super Hero
Sweet Tooth


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While she's not entirely invulnerable, Star Might has an incredible willpower. Knives will break on her flesh, but a high powered bullet could still pierce her if she's surprised. However, her strength of will seems to be tied in direction into her level of durability. The more fight she has in her, the harder it is to break the surface of her skin. Demoralize her, however, and she's left completely vulnerable.

Super Strength

Able to catch a plane from the sky or rip a pole out of the ground, Star Might possesses incredible amounts of strength. This power, as well, seems to be tied into emotions and strength of will. The more desire she has to stand up and fight, the stronger she becomes.


This is one of the few powers she possesses that isn't tied to her willpower or desire to fight. She can fly at super speeds. Though she isn't able to outfly a bullet, or anything quite so fast, she can outfly cars and most types of planes.


Zackarooni - Awesome alien dude who's really easy to make turn bright blue.
Ctaclan Nthatte - Squirrel Girl of pure awesome! Quickly working her way into the position of best friend.
Crosslinks - Smooth talking, Robin Hood she could have almost fallen for.
Xeden - Quiet, overworked coalition buddy.


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