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"Guess what? I bring it."
Player: @Fared Lightning
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50 + 1
Personal Data
Real Name: Tala Sel'em (Tirithian Name) Selina Ashland (Human Name)
Known Aliases: Sel, Selly
Species: Tirithian
Age: looks to be in her 20's
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 LBS
Eye Color: Golden/ Blue when using her energy lenses
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Icon Employee
Place of Birth: Planet Tyrith
Base of Operations: New Mexico
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased (Tirithian Parents) Alive (Earth Parents)
Known Powers
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Invulnerability, Solar radiation manipulation (Shielding, Etc)
Known Abilities
tailory, artist, some knowledge in fighting


Birth In Tyrith

Tyrith, a wonderous place full of powerful human-like beings, advanced technology, and more. In the House of Sel'em, Tala was born to Leoa and Tion; Tion sees the potential in this baby, an potential that has the power to save Planet Tyrith, or maybe destroy it. Such is the way of science, you get to be driven to such extremes to provide breakthroughs, but such things are condoned by the Council of Sciences. Two months later after Tala's birth, Tion decided on one thing: A ship that could survive any radiation, even the sun's. Days of building, planning and testing have fully paid off, a small ship, made of steel that could survive the sun's radiation have been built, he put the baby within the pilot seat and it was off into the sun.

The sun, the thing of beauty where it shines among the other planets, breathing life into the oceans, plants, where it can also shine at the most darkest of places; but something is coming towards the sun, a small ship that is flying towards it. It lands with little to no damage, the baby, Tala, cries as she was in a maelstrom of solar radiation, increasing her strength, boosting her powers, most beings would've succumb to the radiations if they were ordinary but not her. Not Tala. She is far from ordinary, she has gain much power as an infant but she doesn't know it yet.

Tala came back to the House of Sel'em, sleeping, like a newly born baby. Tion was proud at the fact that this experiment was complete, and at his and Leoa's daughter. He pondered on his latest success, but all things were not meant to last for long. A dark force would came to rule over Tyrith like a storm.

The Tyrant Cometh

Malik Zor'em, months later, with careful planning and motivation, manage to overthrow the current government and established a tyranny. Building an empire with some Tirithians sympathetic with his cause, he had control of the council and the senate, becoming an emperor in the process. Knowing that Tyrith is the pathway to the future of the galaxy, Malik slowly builds an army, filled with superhuman soldiers, boosted with solar radiation, and weaponry; but then he sees one thing that could make his empire unbeatable for eons to come..., and it's in the House of Sel'em. Malik knew of the successful project involving the Sel'em's offspring and he would sent some of his soldiers to the house to retrieve her.

Leoa sees the Tyrant's men walking towards their estate, knowing that their daughter can be used as a weapon for his wicked empire; she warns her husband, Tion then thought of a plan to get the baby to safety, it's going to be a long shot but it's worth to keep her out of the hands of the Emperor. Tion noticed that the small ship that's been made for the experiment, he wonders if it's working, with some slight modifications, it turns on. He then resets the Co-ordinance to a far away place, where Tala was out of the Tyrant's grasp, that'll put a stop to an unstoppable empire with her as a weapon; somehow, Tala was cooing in spite of the danger that is ahead of her, Tion wonders where her carefree spirit came from but it didn't matter as Tion kissed Tala on her forehead as the small ship flew just before Malik's men barges inside.

In space, a small ship floats into parts unknown, it doesn't have anywhere to go until the ship's computer found a new location..., Earth. It then flew there to the best of it's ability, while it continued flying, the computer revealed that the fuel ran out and it drops there, bracing for a crash landing.

A New Home

Gregory Ashland was coming back from work, mainly due to a small pay grade from his boss last week. He wanted to be a father to a child, but his wife, Gillian had a miscarrage by the time they were in a trip; that she was caught in a car accident that killed an unborn baby from her womb. They grieved for him but time heals all wounds and it's time to move on years later; Gregory looked at the smoke at the New Mexico Forest, knowing that there was more to it then just a simple smoke from a campfire, his thought would be proven otherwise.

Gregory, with his 9mm in handy, walked slowly to the crash site, he sees an interesting metallic ship that's crashed landed from the sky. He aimed the pistol but sees that it's different than any other alien he watched on television, he investigated further. He slowly walked towards it and slowly open the cockpit, revealing... a baby girl, with golden eyes. Gregory looks at the child with a slight smile, apparently his luck is changed for the better.

Origins Revealed

One of the bullies, Seth was injured, with a shattered leg, broken jaw, some lost teeth and a broken left arm. His parents was angry at the fact that a teenage Selina was responsible for this and were to press charges but the principle was okay if she was suspended for about a week. Both of her parents are angered by her outburst that crippled this teenage bully, Gregory then grounded her for a month; a month has passed since that incident, and it's her birthday, she's sixteen years old. Gregory thought that it's time that her origins were revealed, the time has come.

Selina walked to the garage where this small ship is at, she wonders what it does; could it possibly be reveal the secrets for her sudden outburst of power? Or something else? Selina touched something from this small ship and was shocked as the mysterious being wearing some kind of alien garb appeared. He greets her with a warm smile and he revealed himself to be her father; the holographic Tion, explains to Selina that her true name is Tala, also he revealed that he experimented on her to see that her potential would be realized, because of those thoughts; he sent Selina into the sun and as a result, absorb most of the solar radiation. Tion warns her of the Tyrant and his wicked ways, he revealed to have perished while keeping her safe from Malik's grasp. Also, he said that she has the power to shape her destiny. The hologram then disappears.

Selina was shocked, this "Tyrant" wanted her to be the weapon all because of an experiment by sending her to the sun? She knew the reason why, it was to keep Selina safe and to realize her potential to do good, both to Tyrith, Earth or the entire galaxy. Gregory sees the worried expression on his daughter's face, he was there to comfort her; she liked the fact that the Ashlands were there to care for her even when she was this powerful. Humanity is hard to master but it was a learning experience that she wouldn't forget.

Enter: Starheat

Coming soon.

Powers and Abilities


RP Hooks

- Selina worked in Icon as a designer, maybe you hear of her and her works on your costumes?

- Selina is an good artist, if you can do a request be sure to let her know. (I'm not a good drawer XD)

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