Stellar Flux

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Stellar Flux
Player: @Vengful Fury
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Laura McHale
Known Aliases: Stell, Stella, Ms. Mime
Species: Demi-human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Physicist, engineer.
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Parents: Louis and Gina McHale. Brothers: Jack McHale and Mike McHale.
Known Powers
Gravitational and electrical control.
Known Abilities
Enhanced intelligence, manipulation of cosmic forces.
Herself, her mind, her lab.
Unethical, destructive, cold, impersonal.


Excerpt from "Science Today: Issue 387, 1998"

New-comer Laura McHale is causing quite a stir in the scientific community. Already comprehending and rejecting string theory, she's recently beaten Dr. Hans Ada in a debate over the nature of anti-matter. The kicker? She's only 12.


Born in the cold Jersey winter on January 12th, 1986, Laura was the youngest of three children. Tested by a child psychologist in pre-school, the psychologist confirmed her parent's hopes: Laura had an incredibly high IQ. Unlike her smart-ass brother Mike or her slightly dumb brother Jack, Laura excelled in all fields of math and science, eventually going to MIT at the age of 15. Spurred on by her proud father, Laura went into the field of particle physics and engineering. Laura quickly blew through college and grad school by the age of 19. By the age of 22 she was given the offer of a lifetime: work on the Hadron super-collider and activate the machine.

Working for the Man

Placed under the watchful eye of Dr. Ramone Ramirez, Dr. McHale worked fervently on finishing the machine. Unluckily, the head of the project, Alexander Marks, began to slash the budget. Embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars, Marks bought third-rate supplies and unstable technology. Despite the works of Ramirez and McHale, the super-collider was nothing like they planned it to be. Instead of a particle accelerator, they unwittingly built a quantum bomb powered by accelerated particles. When the day came, Marks fled while Laura activated the device.


It's not exactly clear what happened upon activation. What is certain is that Laura is the only known survivor, with Ramirez missing (presumed dead), and that all press and journalists observing the events were killed. Medical examinations and interviews indicate that she was saved by her latent mutant genome, but at a cost. Laura has been left with incredibly pale skin scarred by twisting purple lines and a large, impact shaped scar over her right eye. After the area was deemed stable, she was extracted by an American paramilitary group to be forced to replicate her creation. Upon her denial, Laura was charged as with the deaths resulting and was exiled to the Etoile Isles.


Taking the name "Stellar Flux", she integrated herself with the Black Scorpion group known as Blackweb. Laura resides as a doctor specializing in "loose morals"; nothing is off limits depending on your reason. She predominately works with cybernetics, medical procedures, the occasional cloning and with standard medical check ups.

Powers and Personality

She is generally referred to as "cold" or "studious", never exactly getting over the fact that it was her passion that almost killed her. Nevertheless, Laura is amicable and kind towards most members of Blackweb.

Laura has powers over gravitational anomalies that she uses to suspend and trap opponents. In addition, she can use electromagnetic blasts to harm her enemies.


Cloned Sonus Casus' eye.

Created a cyborg out of a Hellion and her own devices referred to as "The Longbow Hunter-Killer Prime". LBHK Prime lives up to his name and constantly stalks and murders Longbow.

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