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an Unnatural mystic blowing through the air.
Character Build
Player: @premonitions
Origin & AT: Information Unavailable
Primary Set: Information Unavailable
Secondary Set: Information Unavailable
Level: 17
Biographical Info
Full Name: Confidential
Identity: Confidential
Known Aliases: Street Mystic Urban Wizard City Mage
Occupation: Researcher: Midnight Club Super-hero Cashier: Darius Occult Bookstore
Education: Confidential
Citizenship: Confidential
Legal Status: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, brothers and numerous extended family
Age: 25
Place of Birth: United States
Base of Operations: Confidential
Group Affiliations: Confidential
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Confidential
Species: human
Ethnicity: Confidential
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Complexion: Confidential
Height: 6'0
Weight: 190
Build: Confidential
"We Move For All Mankind"



The Street Mystic is a superhero from a long line of mages, wizards, necromancers, shamans, and other practitioners of magic and mysticism. Insightful yet absentminded, He follows in the footsteps of his lineage while still marching to the beat of his own drum. Wielding the very heart and soul of Paragon city against those who would do it harm, he works to make a difference in the world, and a name for himself. =Appearance= Chase Stands at a little above average height with a fit build. He wears his hair in shoulder-length dredlocks adorned with beads,shells, and other whatnots that he usually ties back or wears under his hood. When working he wears a long, sleeveless hooded coat with many hidden pockets in it and an old-world look to it. Under it he wears a lightweight body-armor for protection and a pair of military pants with gym shoes. When "off the clock" he favors Loose-fitting clothing, hoodies, baggy jeans and the like


Chase is the epitome of the goodhearted absent-minded professor. In his daily work he makes strong connections with the world around him. This gives him a great deal of compassion and kindness and an overall polite and friendly demeanor. It also means he is always receiving a ton of information at once and can be easily distracted or sidetracked. He often forgets to keep appointments and has little respect for rigid rule systems from authority figures. Chase is a good person to go to if you need help right now but might be less then dependable in the long run.


Chase's family has been working with the Midnight Squad since the early 1900s.From his borhters and sisters to his distant cousins an afinity for magic runs





City's Heart

City's Pulse

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