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Teranar Nai
Origin: Magic (Fey)
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Teranar Nai
Known Aliases: Tezzah, Tera, Terry
Species: Shadow Fey
Age: 74
Height: 6'
Weight: 75 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Shadow Fey
Occupation: Super Hero, Freedom Corps
Place of Birth: Shadnar, Spirit Realm
Base of Operations: Salamanca
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Sefra, Adopted Child
Known Powers
Power of Shadows, Sword made from Orichalcum
Known Abilities
Flight, skilled at sword fighting.
Sword, Ornate armor, .38 Special Revolver

Teranar Nai is a shadow fey from the Spirit world. He now lives in Salamanca, in the Croatoa area, doing his best to help Salamanca.



Hero Corps' Raven Squad, Current Supergroup. Order of the Silver Moon - Former Supergroup. Longbow - Reserve Vanguard - Member, Sword Division


Teranar is known as being lighthearted. When he is teamed with other heroes he often provides joking advise, when asked for a plan he often suggests they not involve him getting hurt, jokingly suggests people he likes (Or hates) go in first and get maimed, and states obvious tactics such as, "I'd was thinking I'd hit them with my sword." However when he's confronted with a dire situation, or when in a position of leadership, he rises to the occasion, acting serious and determined.


His best known power is his shadowy nature, where he can bend shadows to physically protect him, or to hide himself completely from sight. This gloom can also extend to cause his enemies despair and agony, disorienting and harming them. He can also sap a bit of his enemies' life essences to heal himself should he be injured.

Old Fighting Style

When he was a member of the Silver Moon he used his shadowy nature and skill at hand to hand fighting to deliver powerful shadow punches, his speed at delivering blows is amazing and powerful. Its weakness is its shadowy nature, as the main opponents of the Silver Moon were the Circle of Thorns.

New Fighting Style

After the defeat of the Silver Moon Teranar inherited the angel Bel's sword, which has proven much more effective at fighting the magical horrors of Croatoa and the Circle of Thorns. He's grown extremely skilled at fighting with it, giving one the sense he's had formal training before he came to our world. His style seems to be oriented for single target fighting, and against Rikti swordsmen he's been known to insult them, saying they're fools to fight a dualist. He also packs a .38 special, though its use is rare and scant except in massive, pitched battles where its not always easy to run around a battlefield, and more recently has learned limited shadow and healing magic from his room mate/adopted teenager Sefra.

Additional Powers

Shadows and Swords are not his only known powers.


Teranar can fly at a very fast pace, and can even make small objects around him hover. He insists that his ability to hover at any time is natural, though many people sensitive to magic claim it comes from other sources.

Power Pool

Leadership: Around Teranar people seem to have a feeling that somehow everything will be allright, and around him they can concentrate better on fighting, hitting harder and more accurately.

Power Pool 2

Fitness: Teranar moves swiftly and is in excellent physical condition, able to recover his health and endurance quicker than an average person!


Teranar often uses his holy angel sword crafted from Orichalcum, and sometimes his .38 special. He wears several outfits, but none provide any actual protection.

Character History

Teranar came to our world through the weakened barrier between the spirit world and Croatoa. He lived in Salamanca, trying to blend in with the people there, but was relatively ignored. He did attempt to attend the local High School, since his looks let him pass as a teenager, but only lasted one semester. He then met the Order of the Silver Moon, who invited him to join them, after first befriending him through random meetings in Salamanca.

The Order of the Silver Moon

The Silver Moon was Teranar's first supergroup, and his first time being accepted and treated as an equal since he came here. He made fast friends with most of its members, especially one member, an angel named Bel. The Order fought supernatural threats such as the Circle of Thorns wherever they could, and Teranar made a good addition, even if his shadowy nature made him less effective against them. A little over a year after he joined the Order was lured into a trap in Oranbega and mostly wiped out. During the fighting a mortally wounded Bel gave Teranar her sword, and he only narrowly managed to escape Oranbega.

After the Order

Afterwards he joined up with Hero Corps, and has since drifted from role to role, becoming a well known hero championing the plight of Salamanca and trying his best to help the village. He now lives there in an apartment, and often takes to the streets to help and encourage others who would help Salamanca and Croatoa.

The Second Rikti War

Teranar was very spur of the moment caught up in the Second invasion by the Rikti, but has thrown 100% of his energy into it. He quickly joined Vanguard and at first participated, then started to assume positions of leadership in the Anti-Rikti efforts, leading city defenses and attacks on the Mothership. While doing work for Vanguard, he very proudly wears a full suit of their armor, though repainted in Silver and Black. His thoughts on it have been like him they are invaders from another dimension, but unlike him they didn't seek a new home, they've only looked for war, something about invading his new home infuriates him.

Teranar's Room mate Sefra

During his time with the Order of the Silver Moon Teranar was part of a team that rescued a small, secluded village of Witches from an attack by the Circle of Thorns. Though their arrival was late and most of the village was gone, the few survivors went with them to Paragon. One of them, a teenager named Sefra, had no parents and nowhere to go, and moved in with Teranar and Bel in an apartment in Salamanca. After Bel's death she continues to live with Teranar. Being a witch, she's made friends with the Cabal, often inviting them over on Thursdays for a 'sewing circle'. Teranar dreads these nights, as an apartment full of witches often means strange things being cooked in the kitchen, strange rituals in the living room, objects floating without any seeming reason, and giggly witches seeing just how much they can annoy Teranar.


Teranar wears an extremely ornate Orichalcum cross necklace Bel gave him on his 1 year anniversary of both being a member of the Order and being a couple with her. Its large and encrusted with several expensive gems, and while everyone says they sense strong magic coming from it, Teranar insists it has no magical properites or power. The player left this purposely open-ended for Roleplaying potential.

While this Teranar he bears no resemblence characterwise, the player is the same person who played the Paladin Teranar on the Shadow Council server in World of Warcraft. Should you mention this he will start a long OOC rant about what he didn't like about World of Warcraft and how the only thing he misses are friends, and not the game system. This article about a character is a stub -- a small, but growing, work in progress. If you're the creator of this character, why not consider expanding it?

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