Tesla Girl

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Tesla Girl in her Vigilante garb
Tesla Girl
Player: @Thraxxousai
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Celeste Hill
Known Aliases: Tesla Girl
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red/Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Scientist at Portal
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alynna Hill (deceased)
Known Powers
Electrical Blast, Electricity Manipulation, Cold Mastery, Flight, Fitness
Known Abilities
Electric control, flight, scientific genius
Modified Electro Suit for enhanced damage, Power armor

Tesla Girl is an intelligent scientist, a gifted inventor, and a dangerous enemy. Growing up in Paragon City and becoming a researcher at Portal Corp., her life changed forever when her sister developed mutant powers, and she too heard the call of the hero...



Calculated calm and quiet would describe Tesla Girl. She sees everything in the world as something that can be rationalized and explained... To those she knows she can be friendly, radiant, and confident, though she tends to keep to herself around newer people. Since the loss of her sister however, Tesla Girl has become darker, viewing the criminal elements of the city as something that requires a more permanent solution and has begun taking steps down a dangerous road.

She's not really into being a woman... she knows people see her as beautiful, yet she simply doesn't care, or doesn't have the time to be bothered with any of it. She prefers to keep her hair simple: flowing free, and dark in color. She is just as comfortable in a pair of sweatpants as she is her heroic attire.

Lately, she tends to prefer the company of those who share her general mindset. Though she is friendly and approachable, she tends to meet most people with veiled interest, generally watching what they say and do to better gauge what kind of person they are.


Growing Up

Celeste and her sister were born to Abel and Mary Hill in lower Skyway City. She grew up in a loving home, and learned early on that she was gifted and excelled in school. Her parents encouraged her academic prowess, and she soon entered into the prestigious Paragon School for Higher Learning at the young age of 16. It was there she was discovered by a man named Dr. Wight from Portal Corp. Dr. Wight saw in her the mind of a scientist, and took her under his wing as a pupil, teaching her to harness her gifts.

Tesla Girl in her original costume.

The Rise of Tesla Girl

It was around this time her sister's powers flourished... Her sister was a mutant and had developed super powers. Celeste, loving her sister, and wanting to help in any way she could, assisted Alynna in the creation of the Energy Girl persona. Still, it wasn't enough. Celeste wanted badly to be with hr sister, fighting crime and saving the day as a team. They had always been close, and so late one night, she snuck into one of the secured labs at Portal Corp., having an idea of what might be there. what she found was an abandoned prototype serum that was supposed to grant temporary super powers.

It didn't turn out how she predicted however. When she drank it, she immediately went into Cardiac arrest. Dr. Wight found her and summoned the paramedics. A cardiac defibrillator was used on her to jump start her heart and save her life, but she was hospitalized as a result. Her sister came visiting her everyday and that's when it began...

They both noticed she could tap into electrical currents. It seemed that Celeste had gained from the cardiac defibrillator what the serum alone had failed to grant her: power over electricity.

Her and her sister spent the next several months working on her powers, and she even adopted the heroic moniker of Tesla Girl. The two sister became a fearsome duo, and they were always in the public spot light. From saving cats in trees, to thwarting Arachnos, they were admired far and wide for their daring, bravery, and heroism, and served as role models to young girls everywhere.

The Fall of Energy Girl

However all good things would come to an end. One night, during a raid on an Arachnos Supply bunker, she was hit from behind by a Fortunata's mind attacks. Helpless, she could only watch in horror as her sister heroically fought off several waves of Crab Spiders, though not without losing ground. Before her helpless eyes, Energy Girl was impaled through her back by one of the blade arms of a Crab Spider. Her horror and her grief overwhelmed her and she broke through the paralyzing mind abilities and mercilessly slaughtered every last Arachnos operative in that base. As she stood over her sister's lifeless body, surrounded by the broken, smoking bodies of her sister's murderers, she felt a terrible emptiness. None of it did anything to sate her or to make her feel better.

Following Alynna's funeral, Celeste sank into a deep and angry depression. Her parents tried to be there for her in that terrible time, but Celeste pushed them away. She distanced herself, defying all efforts on their part to try and keep what was left of their family together.

She almost immediately dropped her original red, blue and gold costume, opting instead for dark blue and black. Her powers even seemed to darken, twisted by her grief. She took to the streets once again, but she was no longer in the spotlight. She worked at night, from the shadows of cold alleyways far away from the public eye. However, she would soon come face to face with her worst nightmare.

A Dark Dream

A Year passed by. Celeste had become the harbinger of the night. Still haunted by the loss of her beloved sister, she was not expecting what happened late one summer evening. As she patrolled, seeking out the very dregs of society, she was attacked - by Energy Girl.

As she tried to speak with her sister, confused, yet overjoyed that she was alive, it became obvious something was wrong. What was then revealed to her was worse than any nightmare, any cruel daydream she could imagine: Her sister had been taken by Arachnos, rebuilt, and programmed to kill her for the loss of that base. Arachnos had twisted her mind and body into a tool for their own, twisted revenge. Peregrine Island became their battlefield, and Celeste tried everything she could possibly think of to break through to her sister, but to no avail.

After defending herself for nearly four hours, both of them wearing down from their intense combat, what was left of Alynna broke through the Arachnos programming.. and then broke Celeste's heart. Alynna stopped everything, recognizing her sister, and begged for mercy, begged for Celeste to kill her. Celeste argued that there had to be another way, that perhaps they could find a way to save her still, but Alynna adamant. She explained that the nerve stapling was permanent, and before she could say more, the Arachnos programming retook her mind.

She immediately snapped, lunging for Celeste while her back was turned. Alynna struck her with a powerful energy blast and nearly killed her. She was saddened, horrified, and grievously injured, but more than anything, she wanting to save her sister. Celeste pushed herself to fight back and managed to somehow gain the upper hand. As a scientist, she knew once Arachnos had you, it was nearly impossible to be free. As a sister, however, she only knew she loved Alynna. Coming to the heartbreaking conclusion that her sister had been right, she grabbed the reprogrammed Energy Girl and twisted her neck, killing her for a second time.

The first time she couldn't save her... and once again, helplessly, she was forced to watch Alynna die.

A Shadow Lined with Electric Light

Tesla Girl disappeared from the public eye for nearly two years. When she emerged, she was changed. She now bore black power armor with conduits on the arms in place of her once heroic costume. These glowing conduits amplified her abilities to lethal levels. She became the harbinger of punishment, meting out her own style of justice to the criminal elements of the city her and her sister once protected as a team. She scoffed at the impotent "justice" dealt out by the law and many of the other heroes, the law that threw criminals into the cardboard prison in Brickstown only to see them break out and harm more innocents. The impotent system of justice that had failed her and her sister. She no longer arrested criminals, she simply executed them... her change shifted her from hero to vigilante in the public eye, no longer seen as a savior by many, and now teeters on the edge of darkness...

Strengths and Weakness

Tesla Girl's biggest strength is her ability to manipulate all forms of electricity. She can seemingly draw an inexhaustible amount of power, and can fight long after others have dropped. Her armored suit increases her survivability in prolonged fights, but trying to get past her electrical barrage is usually fatal. Her Rocket boots give her amazing support, allowing her to fly and hover easily, fighting from up high, and fleeing if need be.

Her biggest weakness at currently is her anger. When it surfaces, she often loses all self control, rushing blindly into dangerous situations. She also has a hard time getting close to people, always afraid she will lose them, as she lost her sister. Behind her advanced armored suit and her powers over electricity is just a woman. Killing her is not that hard: a gunshot or a knife would do the job nicely.

Powers and Equipment

Her primary ability is of course, the manipulations and projection of electricity, both at range, and in close quarters. However, unless she channels her electricity through her arms into her hands, it remains nothing more then a simple tingling to anyone who touches it.

She has a modified Creytech Suit with high yield conduits that harness her electricity and force-feed raw power into her arms, making her bolts of electricity deadly to most humans and humanoids.

She also has a heavily modified armored suit made with Nth Metal and Impervium to help her fight Rikti and magic based creatures.

She uses Rocket boots of her own design to fly, as without them, she's firmly rooted on the ground.

In addition to all that, she acquired a Magical Talisman from an Archmage which lets her use several Frost abilities, greatly aiding her in combat.

Friends Allies and Enemies

Friends and Allies

Dr. Wight

He is her teacher and he mentor, and she regards him highly. That said, she has not been in contact with him as of late, due to her conflicted nature, slowly sinking into the shades of gray between what the public calls a true hero, and what they call a villain.

Lord Ignatious

A potential flame (literally) back in the day. The two spent a lot of time together shortly after her sister's first apparent death. It never developed into anything more, and the two remain friends. Ignatious moved to Los Angeles to continue fighting crime there. The two stay in touch to this day.

Marius Silvertide

An immortal man who saved her life more than once, hes a friend, mentor, and father figure. She would often turn to him for help, and he would always gives. He is currently studying tomes on a mutual enemy of theirs and hasn't spent a lot of time with her, though she knows he is concerned for her.


She met this Archmage during a patrol and nearly attacked her. Though the two have just met, Tesla girl feels Aisynia understands her plight, and the two have been seen frequently stopping criminals together. She is interested in learning more about this woman.



As the people that killed her sister, Tesla Girl wants nothing more than to destroy the entire organization, Lord Recluse included.


A powerful, seemingly immortal monster. Blight is primarily an enemy of Marius Silvertide, though he and Tesla have crossed paths as well. Blight is an inhuman monster and nearly killed both of them. Tesla Knows that were she to face him again, her choices would be to fight and be killed, or run from him.

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