The Lord of Rogues

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The Lord of Rogues
Player: @Rebel FireStorm
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: The Lord of Rogues
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Leader of the Rogues
Place of Birth: Port Oakes
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Hacking, general thieving
Power Suit, Cybernetic Arm
No additional information available.



Early Life

James doesn't have parents. Not that he can remember, at least. The earliest he can remember was trying to survive on the harsh streets of Port Oakes, begging for money, stealing food, and trying to avoid the pedophiles with perverse tastes. That was at age 5. Fourteen long grueling months later, he was picked up by a gang of petty street thieves called the "Port Oakes Rogues Guild." They gave him training in thieving, breaking and entering, and a bit of martial arts skill. Apparently, an intelligent young innocent boy made for a good petty criminal. For the next few years, James struggled to survive, fighting off other guilds, scratching together enough coin to pay for guild dues, and still getting enough for himself to eat. At age 10, James was caught while trying to pickpocket someone. The mark, George Hammel, noticed Jame's innate brilliance despite his lack of education. Hammel decided to adopt James and put him into school.


Junior high was tough for James, everyone else made fun of him because of his years behind. The teasing made him determined to learn and within a year, James was as good as anyone else in his class. By the beginning of High School, James was far ahead of his class. Despite the learning environment and the example his adopted parents tried to set for him, James began to slip back into old habits. By 16, a combination of his good grades and his bad behavior got him into college. He still suspects his early "graduation" was to get rid of him, but the school denies it completely. James only lasted two years in college, taking eight classes a semester, making A's the whole way through, but spending his time stealing, partying, and sleeping with random women, who he stole from afterward. He got kicked out near the beginning of his junior year after the dean caught James breaking into her office, trying to hack into the main campus computer. Even with only two years, James still absorbed an advanced knowledge of electronics and engineering.


Out of school, James worked a variety of odd jobs for the next two years, occasionally stealing for kicks. About half a year after his 19th birthday, James suffered from liver failure, brought on by his excessive drinking. Unable to find a donor, James used his technological prowess to design an artificial liver before his deteriorated completely. Healthy, but broke again, James drifted back to the streets. He found begging and stealing as an adult was much more difficult than it used to be and wound up in jail several times before he mastered the arts. Two months before his 20th, James found the remnants of the Port Oakes Rogues Guild. With his new knowledge and leadership skills, he took the group over, shortening it to "The Rogues" and taking on the moniker The Lord of Rogues.

The Rogues

James spent the next year and a half trying to sort out his new criminal group. With his gadgets and training, the Rogues transformed from petty street criminals to a significant criminal organization that handled everything from high security thieving, hit contracts, and corporate espionage to pickpocketing, drug running, and prostitution. Other orphans and street kids gravitated to the "gang" for James' protection, giving him a large supply of recruits for his operations. James also learned pistol combat, favoring twin custom modified 9 mm Beretta 92FS semi-auto pistols. During this time, James committed a lot of crimes, but none of them really bugged him. Except for one. He was on his way out from a bank job when, like usual, a hero came to stop him. James kicked the female hero, disarmed her, and put her on her knees. She was barely 16, fresh to the world of being a hero. But even as she gazed up at him with tears in her eyes, James calmly put a gun to her head and shot her, without hesitation. He kept the bullet casing from the kill over the years, without knowing why. Eventually he would claim it as his one shred of humanity.

Power Suit and Artificial Arm

With money rolling in from his wide variety of crimes, James decided to construct himself a power suit to enhance his criminal capabilities. The suit saved his life multiple times over the next few years, giving him a multitude of options and features that amplified his effectiveness. Unfortunately, the suit was unable to save him completely from a blade master James had recently stolen from. The master snuck up behind James and attempted to cleave him in half. Fortunately, James was able to move and the blade only took off his right arm and a small part of his shoulder. James managed a lucky shot, killing the master before he could try again. Bleeding profusely, James barely managed to get to a hospital before he passed out. Upon leaving, they offered him a prosthetic. James refused, and spent the next few months building his own version.


James ran the Rogues for a number of years until one day the charred remains of what looked to be James were found in Port Oakes. The body had James' armor, James' HUD and cape, and James' guns. He was declared dead and Vic, James' second, took over the organization.

((James faked his own death with Vic's help, took his adopted father's last name and became James Hammel))


The only power James has is flight, and that's given to him by his power suit. He can also pack a pretty hard punch through his artificial arm.



James is very physically fit, muscular with great stamina. He can easily climb up building sides or jump from roof to roof when not wearing his armor.

Thieving skills

James has been stealing since he was five, and has gotten very good at it. He could possible be a kleptomaniac, or it could just be a habit he developed from 19 years of thieving. He's an adept pickpocket, able to take almost anything without the mark noticing. James also knows how to pick almost any non-electronic lock, most with ease. The electronic locks he hacks and overrides, using his right arm to jack in, though he can hack it manually as well.


In his years of thieving, James has picked up quite a few tricks on stepping silently, blending with the shadows, and using distractions.

The Rogues

When stealth isn't enough, or when he knows there will be a firefight, James calls in a few of his groups low-level thugs. These thugs, all willing to die for their leader, are trained in armed and unarmed combat, along with the occasional arsonist.


James' Power Armor

Power Armor

James derives most of his "powers" from the armor he wears. The suit gives his flight capabilities, extra damage protection, and increases his speed and strength slightly. The HUD portion of the armor contains a variety of features including motion trackers, night and thermal vision, polarization settings, computer linkup, targeting systems complete with a hostile tagging function and an objective marker.

Cybernetic Arm

Aside from functioning like a normal arm, James' works as a miniaturized computer, which hooks up to whatever display he has available. The arm projects a single hand holographic keyboard he can type on with his good hand. Several versions of data ports are housed in the wrist, twisting to whichever is needed, allowing James to hack most modern systems quickly. At the palm of his hand is a concealed taser, which can be both shot and used in drive stun mode. James can also use the arm to punch holes through doors and some walls. His arm is relatively easy to detach when unarmored, though he usually only does so to perform major repairs.


James carries twin custom modified 9 mm Beretta 92FS semi-auto pistols, with 18 round clips. He stole the pistols from a platoon of soldiers who were on a training mission and modified him for his own personal use.


Without the armor, James has very few combat skills. He survived for a long time without it, but can still be taken down as easily as any other mortal. Also, without his arm, James is seriously hindered, both in combat balance and in normal every day activities. James' love for Terra could also be considered a weakness. He'd do anything to save her, including giving up his own life. Clever enemies could exploit this. His new non-lethal rounds are ineffective against electricity manipulators; the rounds actually give them more power. Beings not human may or may not be affected by the rounds as well.

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