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Fox Lee (who prefers people to call her "Fox", and hates for them to call her "Foxy") has been a City of Heroes/City of Villains player since March 2006. She is a bisexual Australian woman (yes, really a woman) and the wife of fellow gamer Talen Lee since May 2004. Though she is less interested in Western comics, she is a longtime anime and video game fan who particularly appreciates CoX due to its depth of character customisation; she can often be found contributing to Jay's Costume Request thread on the CoX forums. She is incredibly liberal, and describes herself as sexually open-minded (which generally means that she likes pornography), which means that her characters - on both sides - tend to be politically opinionated and of "alternate" sexualities.

Fox started playing CoX on the Freedom server, since the friends who invited her to the game had already established groups there. Being a tremendous altwhore, she branched out onto Virtue after using up all her Freedom slots, in search of fellow roleplayers outside her immediate group of friends. She also has a roleplaying supergroup on the Guardian server, because the name she wanted for the group's founder was already taken on Virtue.

Further details about Fox which don't pertain to CoX can be found on her main page.



Fox's global handle in-game is @Fox Lee. She can also be contacted on the official forums by private message (FoxLee).


Fox is a dedicated (though not obsessive) roleplayer, seeing that as being the whole point of an MMORPG. She doesn't think roleplay substitutes for actually playing the game, however. She enjoys playing a characters who are solid on both flavour and mechanics.


Fox is a mature roleplayer who is over twenty-one. Many of her characters are antitheistic, homosexual, bisexual, and/or polyamourous, and she has no problems allowing them to swear, refer to things like sex or drugs, or discuss political or religious matters. She hopes people will tell her if they are not comfortable with these things, or simply avoid role-playing with her.

Creative Works

Fox is a relatively prolific anime-inspired artist, who offers commissions for CoX characters (amongst other things). Her rates and conditions can be found at her main page and at her deviantArt.

Fox is also obsessive about this wiki. She hopes to help clean up, arrange, organise, and standardise as much of it as possible - and, as such, is often commenting with advice on formatting, article placement, et al. She apologises to anybody who finds this annoying. She also offers to help out anybody who's not comfortable with writing for the wiki, whether it's making pages from scratch or proof-reading/editing/formatting.

Since Fox is now a Virtueverse sysop, her OCD is hereby official. Please excuse her if she is overzealous in tagging/spellchecking/discussing your page! She's just trying to help.


The following are characters played by Fox on the Virtue server. She tends toward female characters because she thinks their models are much more attractive and versatile than males, though it took the addition of a client-side "musclefem" patch to satisfy her taste for powerful women. This hasn't stopped her from using a couple of creatively-built "female" looks to serve as her ubiquitous pretty-boys.

Fox is also part of another CoX wiki, Silicon City, for characters and content not restricted to the Virtue server. It's currently heavily under construction, and lacks some features of a "proper" wiki thanks to the fact that she couldn't get the MediaWiki software working, but it has its purpose.


Project Corona

Skid Row






Yeah, there aren't many of thse. Fox thinks Arachnos are twerps... and, since the rogue/villain distinction is often more about obedience than morality, most of her red-side characters are automatically in the halfway camp.

NPCs and Former/Pending Characters


Fox is affiliated with the following Supergroups on the Virtue server.



Other Content

Other Virtueverse content made by Fox:


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