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would you tell me, please, where i'm meant to go from here?

originally played on the Virtue server from approx. 2009 to the game's closing as @Majidae, now going by @Nightside.
you can call me Alice, and i'm your local super friendly, music obsessed perky goth. i love meeting new people, so don't be afraid to chat at me if you see me running around in game!

female [she/her they/them] • twenty-four (august 26th) • portland OR (PST) • night owl hours • graphic designer/narrative designer


global: @Nightside
discord: Alice #7156

rp guidelines

• i don't RP with joke characters or characters who break lore too hard. sorry! it's just very tough to fit them into my character's canon!
• i am always open to relationships forming with my characters, but i don't pre-ship. they develop organically through RP! i am always happy to geek out, share memes, and chat about it, but i don't like planning my character's social lives.
• i don't ERP with people i don't know well, and if you're only RPing with me just for ERP purposes... that's a little tasteless, honestly. i'm more than happy to fade-to-black with my partners if that suits their comfort levels.
• i prefer text fighting to PvP, with or without dice rolling. if you'd prefer one outcome or the other in advance, let me know!
• if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. i don't bite!


Name Info Supergroup
Nightside Having gained sentience years ago, this virus-turned-hacker, vigilante, Internet junkie never takes anything too seriously. After all, it's all just a game (but you're not supposed to know that).
Deathwish Orphaned at a young age, a horrific drunk driving accident revealed that Sparrow was incapable of dying- able to heal from even the most grievous of wounds. Giving in to her curiosity, Sparrow ran away to Paragon, hoping to find answers about her heritage there.
Cyanide Cast out by his people, this voracious alien crash-landed on the Etoile Isles, and now seeks to find his place in this unfamiliar world... as well as fill his stomach.
Game Over As smart as she is self-centered, this bratty young woman puts her skills to the test by broadcasting her villainy to her army of diehard followers on Twinge, the Isles' premiere streaming website.
Cheshire A rambunctious and spirited young woman coming to terms with the fact that her mutation may be a power far greater than anything she could have anticipated- and what that means for her and her future in music. The Protectorate
Drop Dead Her normal life was interrupted when the heir of a rival magical family killed her. Now she has to balance her studies and social life with being an undead lich sworn to revenge.
Breathless Beautiful and mysterious, she keeps most everything about her under lock and key. However, her powers let her steal breath from the lungs of those around her- how long can she manage to keep her reasons for being in Paragon City a secret?
Malady A twisted and vile creature that managed to escape from its containment facility and find shelter on the Rogue Isles. It sees all lifeforms as a plague that must be cured... by any means necessary.
Haunting Haunted by the ghosts of heroes and villains past, she seeks to help them right the wrongs they could not fix in life. Though shy, she hopes to learn from those who came before, and become a hero in her own right.
Glitched Originally designed to end a war, before things were negotiated to a truce. Burdened by the guilt of what they had created, the scientists sent their weapon into another dimension, hoping that he would become a savior, rather than a destroyer.
Hellhound Left Hell after finding hunting down souls and tormenting the damned to be way too much of a bother for his liking. Now spends most of his time hunting down corrupt heroes and the occasional villain who gets too big for their britches.
Misfortune A mutant with the ability to broadcast bad luck to everybody around her. Refusing to let her life become a curse, she spends most of her time making life a series of unfortunate events for any villain unlucky enough to get in her way.
Ghosting Trapped in a hellish 'mostly-ghostly' existence by their family's curse, this impetuous flirt has decided to make the most of a bad situation and has become a phantasmal assassin, hunting down targets for the highest bidder.
Lunation Mutated by a villain's transforming serum, this ex-scion of an anti-mutant family now searches for purpose in her life, all while dealing with the fluctuations of her moon-based abilities.
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