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Hi! Thanks for visiting my user page. There's minimal information to be found but I hope to change that in the future. Moving on, you probably found your way here via my editing progress on pages around Virtueverse.

Let me make it clear: please feel free to use my coding and apply it to fit your needs. I do not mind this at all so long as you give credit and your own creative spin and not directly 'steal' my writing, concepts, and/or pictures. I'll be glad to help if you have any issues.

I have very few characters active at the moment after deciding to downgrade to a select handful to better devote my precious time and character development. If you'd like to use any of my characters in a storyline, or just to RP, hit me up!

A shining star who struggles with her own existence. Aglow is a heroine who manipulates energy and light, and has only recently begun to become aware of other powers. She questions her ability to control herself and even her faith in religion has collapsed. A darkness plagues her that she cannot shake. Can she overcome the psyche of her power, or does it consume her?


Character description.

* indicates works in progress.

Retired or Deleted Pages:
Unhearted, Guttersaint, Ghostheart, Cloudslip, and Vandalous. My dA.

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