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Player: User:Darkaine
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: John Stiles
Known Aliases: Vind
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Middle Management for Gauntlet, Inc.
Place of Birth: Aiken, SC
Base of Operations: Various
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation, Flight
Known Abilities
Seemingly Fearless in most battle situations.
Handheld Medical Device, Standard Comm Gear, Medical Teleporter Transponder
No additional information available.



Super Group: The Gauntlet


Frequently appears to be carefree. Prone to joking. Some bouts of depression. Tends to rush in to battle. Will stand to the last to cover a comrade's escape. Will not hesitate to get within arm's reach of an opponent if that is what it takes. Loses his temper around Rikti.


Energy Blast

Able to fire blasts of pure force in a variety of manners, from small blasts from his hands, all the way to enormous blasts affecting everything within a 30 foot radius.

Energy Manipulation

He can wrap his hands in the same "force" he blasts with to do devastating damage in close quarters fighting.

Force Mastery

As he has progressed and gained more control and finesse over his powers, Vindicator can create a near impregnable bubble around himself for protection and can use his control over his "force" energy to absorb certain types of attacks for brief periods of time.


Vindicator can fly at average speeds for extended periods of time.


He has become somewhat proficient with security systems thanks to his association with Angrytownsman.


Weaknesses and Limitations


The Widowed - A One-Eyed Hurt-Dealing Machine

Omnithorpe - An Illusion/Empathy controller with Flight and Teleportation.

Grizzam - An Energy/Invulnerability Tank. He will make sure you do not forget the gravy.

Judgment - A Dark/Dark Defender with Flight, Speed and Teleportation. A dark deity trapped in multiple human hosts. Heaven help us if this being is freed.

Ff running.jpg
Fallenfantom - A Martial Artist with Superior Reflexes.

The name FallenFantom can be found as far back as 1770. Reports of a masked man aiding those in need have been reported in Canada and all over the continental U.S.. What we do know is he is a mutant. He does not appeat to have any regeneration ability so it is hard to tell if he is immortal or it is a name that has been passed down over the generations. More information to come as it comes in from the field.

Guruverse - A loose coalition of heroes - see


Slow Burn - A Gravity/Energy Dominator with Flight.

Rikti - An invading Alien Race

Character History


John Stiles was bounced from foster home to foster home. After graduating from high school early, he proceeded to work odd jobs and go to a vocational college in the evenings. He made several attempts to learn about his parents with no success. Frustrated with this and the endless inane jobs he endured, Mr. Stiles proceeded to drink more and more. After repeated DUI offenses, his license was suspended.

It was at this time that Mr. Stiles met a court clerk named Isabel Johnson. Twelve months later the two were married. The Johnson family welcomed John into their family with open arms. The next two years showed a remarkable change in John. He stopped drinking and successfully received an Associates Degree in Business.

On Isabel's grandfather's birthday, May 23rd 2002, the entire Johnson family (her grandparents, parents, 2 sisters and brother) gathered at her grandparents Atlanta, GA home. Everything went fine until they went to an Atlanta Braves game. The Rikti appeared and laid waste to the Stadium and the crowd within.

John woke weeks later in a hospital with no memory of how he got there. The last thing he could remember seeing was his wife's lifeless body as he was being dragged towards a circle of light.

Time of Discovery

Shortly after his release from the hospital, he began exhibiting brief bursts of energy. After hearing about the Rikti situation in Paragon City, John left Atlanta immediately and proceeded to head north, refining his abilities along the way. He showed a ruthlessness that was alarming, and he was ordered to visit the office of noted Psychiatrist Dr. Freda Brown twice a month for his first year as a condition of his Hero License. He has mercilessly attacked Rikti and Lost whenever he has found them with zero regard for his own well-being or innocent bystanders.

Time of Healing

At the insistence of Dr. Brown, John ordered a costume from Icon; he was very specific about the design without knowing why, and he took the name Vindicator. He joined the Twilight Aegis after teaming with two of its founding members, Omnithorpe and Grizzam. Despite the turmoil that would eventually challenge this team, Vindicator found strength amongst its members.

Time of Breaking and Mending

At some point in early 2003, the Twilight Aegis dissolved. The only member on record is currently its leader, Judgment, aka Iudicium. A handful of former members, including Vindicator, created a new team, The Gauntlet. Vindicator and most members of the Gauntlet also worked for Gauntlet, inc and its sister corporations. While the Gauntlet as a team is now non-existent, Gauntlet Inc. is still running and has among its employees Vindicator, Angrytownsman, The Reformed and others.


With the Gauntlet seemingly disbanded, Vindicator has joined a loose coalition of heroes tagged the Guruverse. Vindicator has noticed several power fluctuations recently. Most seem to occur when Slow Burn is in the immediate vicinity. To help mitigate this effect, Vindicator now has a suit of armor that was made to help him better channel his power. Even so, he is often compelled to don the red and blue suit.

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