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Henry Hoskins, one-time member of the Rogues Gallery and master of the element of water. His powers originate from his highly advanced powersuit that allows him to not only manipulate water in the atmosphere but also allow himself to fly for short periods of time. After many battles with the superhero Xanatos, very few of which he won, Water Wizard decided to mend his villainous ways and rehabilitate himself. Because of this, for a short while he worked as a vigilante in Kings Row; fighting alongside such street-level legends such as Charon and Springfist. Hoskins' reformation came to an end, however, when his old former gang leader Revolver II tracked him down, asking him to join Team Doom. It didn't take much to get Hoskins' to take up the life of a rogue once more - women and wealth. His sole motivators.

Water Wizard was one of many rogues who died defending King's Row from Rularuu during 2012's Battle for the Multiverse.

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