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Player: @Shinkada
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Weiss, Weissy
Species: Mutant Human
Age: Unknown, likely early 30's
Height: 5'10
Weight: Erratic
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Nova Praetorian
Occupation: Freelance Security/CEO
Place of Birth: Nova Praetoria
Base of Operations: Nova Praetoria
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: All known relatives, deceased
Known Powers
Kinetic Manipulation
Known Abilities
Kinetic Enhancements, Ballistics Manipulation, Teleportation
'Claro' and 'Curo,' a pair of custom, 50 cal handguns
No additional information available.

"I do not like death. Nor do I like censorship, or rules. But more than I dislike them, I love this beautiful city. Doing things I dislike is, surely, a small price to pay for keeping that which I love."

-Weisseritter, regarding his work.




'Weisseritter,' born Angelus Consurgo Decipio to parents Michael and Alicia Novitas, had expectation placed on him before he was even born. Michael and Alicia were two very important people within the Resistance, and also two of very few who were not in hiding because of it. The Novitas family is rumoured to have been involved in resistance groups for at least four generations, but only rose to higher ranks with the advent of Mother Mayhem's Seers network; the Novitas family, oddly, seems to have a subtle and inherent ability to scramble their thoughts unconsciously, and in such a way that the Seers cannot even detect that they are being misled.

However, when Angelus was born, things quickly changed. On his third birthday he began exhibiting powers, and it quickly became apparent that he had the ability to manipulate physics. He could slow down objects, speed up others, and change their direction, all by exerting small to moderate amounts of mentally-created force. It wasn't the most amazing power, but coupled with his inherent ability to resist the prying minds of the Seers, he quickly became a slice of hope for the Resistance.

He went through school normally, though he hid all his powers well. He had an average number of friends, he seemed happy if somewhat quiet, and his powers developed at a normal rate. His grades were high but not exceptional. He hated school, like all the other kids. He seemed normal, despite his powers, and this made his parents happy.


When Weiss was fifteen, during a fairly routine meeting between his parents and a few officers of the Resistance, a large squad of the Praetoria Police - headed by Marauder - randomly decided to crash the party.

Everyone except Weisseritter was killed.

Why he was spared is a mystery. What is known is that the Praetoria Police did cart him off for a number of weeks, and when he returned, he withdrew from school. Many say that Cole had him brainwashed so that he could use Weiss' powers, but the most insidious rumour - and scarily enough, the most common rumour - is that Weisseritter alerted the Praetoria Police to the plans of his family, having already decided to become a Loyalist before they'd even begun to use him in their Resistance.

But these are rumours, not facts. What is fact is that for six years, Weisseritter disappeared completely. Nobody has spoken of a single thing that transpired to him in these years, or even where he was. That's not to say that nobody knew where he was because it is surely where he met the people who went on to support the goals he had realized when he returned.

Praetoria Praemo Praesidium

When Weiss finally did return, he did so with a number of newfound allies, and volumes of newfound strength. He had obtained a pair of custom built handguns, and had refined his own kinetic abilities exponentially. Without the help his parents tried to offer, or even the help that many whisper Cole offered, Weisser grew from a small child into a true 'Super' in those six years.

The first thing he did on his return was to register a new company with the Praetorian government. Unsurprisingly, the request was granted. Simultaneously, a number of Weiss' newfound allies also registered as citizens of Nova Praetoria, citing Weisseritter as their reference. Unsurprisingly, each of these applications succeeded.

The second thing Weiss did was have his name officially changed to 'Angelus Praesidium Weisseritter'.

Typically, Praetoria Praemo Praesidium is a private security company. However, unlike most, P3 makes very little effort to cover up their true intent; the protection of Praetoria, and the spreading of Emperor Cole's will, through absolutely any means. The 'company' is constantly berated with murder, blackmail, extortion and duress charges, but it seems to escape each accusation unharmed. There are never witnesses, there is never evidence. P3, according to the Resistance, is little more than an extremely effective group of assassins.

Whether they are physically tied to Cole or not is unknown. Both Cole and Weisseritter himself deny these allegations, and no agent has ever been seen communicating between the two, but P3 seems to carry out Cole's will with such precision that, unless Weisseritter really does think in the exact same ways of Cole, it's almost certain they have some way of communicating.

And so is the situation today. Weisseritter remains guarded by his mysterious allies, some from Nova Praetoria but most pulled from who knows where. P3 carries out the will of Cole, the dirty black jobs he would rather not be associated with, leaving no evidence, and Cole with no responsibility even if evidence were found. And thanks to these jobs, Cole's grip on Praetoria tightens, spreading ever further.

Powers and Abilities

Weisseritter's only power is the manipulation of kinetic energies from afar. He is not the most skilled kineticist the world has seen, only able to exert moderate amounts of force, but it is his creativity in how he uses this power that makes him so deadly. Bullets and punches miss him. Allies reach him to defend him quicker than they should, and they punch that much harder when they guard him. Snipers allied with him never miss, and even when Weisseritter gracefully spins in the air firing both of his strange pistols in full auto, seemingly carelessly, not a single bullet misses its target.

He may not be able to use those kinetic impacts to punch through walls, but his range, precision, ingenuity and ability to affect so many things at once can turn his team from a group of amateurs into peerless fighters, while having the exact opposite effect on his opponents.


'Claro' and 'Curo' are the names he has given to his dual guns, strange weapons of unknown craftsmanship. It is unknown how or from whom Weisseritter acquired them, only that it happened somewhere in that hazy six years. Most of the 'power' of these guns simply comes from their rate of fire, clip size, and brute force, each able to fill anything or anyone with 30 50-cal bullets in under 4 seconds before needing to reload.

The guns are able to be infused with energy, either fire, ice or poison, depending on the need, at Weisser's will. When this happens, reports state that the energy can be seen coursing through his arms and glowing in his chest, even changing the colour of his hair. Whether this is a new power Weisseritter realized or a function of the guns is unknown.

Their true ability comes in the bullets, however. Each bullet has been custom made by Weisseritter. They are much more aerodynamic than the usual bullet, allowing for greater speed over longer distances, with a better piercing ability in the end. This would normally mean much more susceptibility to wind, however Weisser's kinetic abilities stop this... In fact, the bullets' tendency to easily change direction makes him that much more deadly, as he's able to arc the bullets through the air better than he would a normal bullet.

While many gunmen can honestly say they've never missed, not many can add 'even when tens, or even hundreds of inches of impervium are between me and my target'.

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