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"Excessive brutality will be rewarded!"
Yohannes Senai
Player: @Iona
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Yohannes Senai
Known Aliases: 'Solaris', Ananke's Headsman
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 127kg
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile Islander
Occupation: Soldier
Place of Birth: Founder's Falls, Paragon City
Base of Operations: St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Claircognizance, (Internalized) Telepathy, (Internalized) Mind Control
Known Abilities
Psionics, Enhanced Condition, Collective Memory
Bane Spider Power Armour
Nullifier Mace

General Information

Commando Yohannes (Johänɨs) was once an Arachnos child soldier, first bound to the organization by kidnapping and fear. Now a man, he is psychically compelled to service, which has warped an otherwise placid individual into a psychopath. Though madness may not be evident at a glance, it can be found in the gleam in his eye and in the quivering worship in his voice whenever he speaks of Lord Recluse and the "Great Works".

From the moment that his talents for telepathy were noticed, his course in life was set to be ruinous. The personification of inevitability, compulsion and necessity; Ananke, could not have found a more suitable headsman.

Bound by two forces which he cannot escape, Yohan carries out his sacred duty: applying violence where clairvoyance or Arachnos dictate, plunging the stagnant into chaos. Through it all, his moral compass spins wildly, leaving all three forces wondering who, or what, is actually in control.


Like many individuals with enhanced physical conditions, Yohannes is tall, muscular and broad-shouldered. His most recognizable trait is the scar that runs halfway across his face, looping under and around his right eye. Furthermore, he has a bionic right arm which is occasionally switched out for more realistic and mundane-passing prosthesis.

Further reinforcing his status as a super soldier, he has been enhanced with a number of augments, performed by Arachnos' Orb Weavers: his right arm, disarticulated to the shoulder, has been replaced with a high end prosthetic while his legs have been reinforced with semi-permanent exoskeletons, up to but including the knee. As support for his abilities, he's been afforded a Seer program neural implant and a reinforced spine to support the extreme pressure put on the body by neural prosthesis and enhanced leaping.

His only visible tattoo is the insignia of Arachnos on his left arm.

In armor, he is virtually indistinguishable from his brothers in arms.


Personality Traits

  • Extroverted
  • Phlegmatic
  • Reasoning
  • Curious
  • Persistent
  • Loyal
  • Fierce
  • Obsessive
  • Purposeful
  • Disciplined
  • Earnest

While quick to anger when exposed to the right trigger words, Yohannes is typically a placid individual; tranquil and far removed from the goings on around him, often divorced from reality altogether. He is emotionally impaired and manifesting of unnatural levels of detachment regarding typically traumatic events by design of self-inflicted mental conditioning, which filters "unnecessary or seditious thoughts and emotions".

To those he is closest to either by virtue of chain of command or genuine friendship, he is violently loyal, possessive, obsessive towards, compassionate and affectionate. Inversely, he is extremely aggressive, physically violent, possessive, obsessive towards and easily enraged by those that earn his ire.

Made mentally unstable mostly by the common consciousness of the Bane Spider network, he is sometimes overridden by the thoughts and emotions of his peers, though he has been known to rarely act on them.

His reflexive meanness is most often directed towards psychics who prod at his mind through attempts at mind controlling them for "having the audacity to violate the sanctity of the Bane Spider Mindweb". He sees nothing wrong with doing so, believing that only within a common consciousness can someone truly experience love and oneness.


When well-entrenched in the Network and/or shortly after withdrawing some of himself from it, he refers to himself as 'we'.

He refuses drinks or food that he didn't see being prepared.

Philosophy & Ideals

By all accounts, he is of Lawful Evil alignment.

Abides by and believes in all of Arachnos' great tenets:

  • The pursuit of power
  • Meritocracy
  • Suffering as a means of personal and societal growth
  • Being unburdened by the moral standards of others
  • Might makes right
  • Absolute loyalty will be rewarded

He's honorable towards his enemies that he hasn't killed on the first or second try or who respect his "points of view".

His moral rectitude is, by Arachnos standards, peerless.


  • Brain-washed; socially awkward
  • Overly familiar
  • Ambidextrious

Bane Spider

Yohannes is a Bane Spider in every sense: he was kidnapped for it and was inducted into it at a very young age, making him a Bane Spider by his background, he's a member of its Corps and he's overcome by its network.

As a member of a hivemind, he's able to tap the memories of and see through the eyes of any one of his brothers - provided that they are also well-connected to the Mindweb. This common consciousness is the reason for most of his knowledge, whenever he needs to know something he simply pulls it from the minds of his peers. While this is no real substitute for grasping technical skills at a high level, which requires a certain level of reflex training, it's an easy initiator to picking up new skills (for ex welding which still requires more hands-on experience than just knowledge). On the other hand, members of the hivemind can also tap his mind for information.

When drawing information from the minds of his brothers isn't enough, he has been known to hand the reins to his peers by allowing them to control his body altogether.

Like everyone in his corps, he's equipped with Bane Spider Power Armour and a Nullifier Mace. His armor is equipped with a few convenience enhancements to allow for rapid deployment, 270° vision, and a mentalist specialized interface that transfers information to the interface (thinking up a map, displaying map on the UI) and supports communication with thought to speech/text. His weapon's only enhancement is a two-step safety: along with needing the safety checked off to enable for firing, it also requires a quick thought for safety clearing.

Because his powers for mind control and telepathy are completely focused on the Mindweb, it's not possible for him to influence or psychically communicate with those that are not intruding on the Mindweb through his mind or that of another Bane Spider.

Early Life


Yohannes Senai was raised mostly by his father, Senai Berhanu, as his biological mother had died in a suspicious car accident when he was only a few months old.

Exceptionally gifted with psychic powers from a very young age, his talents manifested at age four and were slated to become considerable over time. When his father's estranged first wife Madison noticed his talents, she injected herself and his half-sister Iona into the picture. By age five, he could influence people's decisions in a minor capacity (earning him far more snacks than he was typically allowed). At six, he'd managed to irritate his sister and classmates more than a few times by using his powers to cheat in games.

On one fateful day in Atlas Park, he was stolen away while his father's back was turned, and shipped to the Rogue Isles. The bounty on psychic children was too considerable for his step mother to ignore. An investigation was immediately launched, which lead to Madison's arrest, confession and subsequent imprisonment. Yohan was never found by Paragon City's finest.

Within three weeks, he was also orphaned and at the complete mercy of Arachnos. His sister, 11 at the time, could do nothing to help him.

Once settled in the Rogue Isles, he was put through the wringer and placed in an "orphanage", where Arachnos began to beat thoughts of ever seeing his old family and friends out of him.

By age eight, he was put through the earliest stages of the Bane Spider program regime with a number of other boys with whom he was to compete. He received a rudimentary elementary school education and was introduced to a number of manual skills that would later be polished off by the Mindweb's knowledge.

Overseen by Arachnos' elite vanguard and most brutal & loyal enforcers, it came as a surprise to no one when Yohan killed for the first time at age eleven. The confusion and fear that he had felt when he was first taken had quickly been repurposed to an indelible rage that saw him get into frequent fights with more mundane Etoile Islanders and his brothers alike.


For a few years, Yohan continued like that, escalating any minor disagreement or slight to physical violence. In need of an outlet for his uncontrollable exuberance, he was put to work alongside of other cadets. By age fifteen, he had completed basic and Bane Spider training.

When the full brunt of the Bane Spider conditioning took hold, Yohan passed from an uncontrollably violent and aggressive youth to a perfect, submissive and loyal soldier in the span of a few days. Unfortunately, the prominence of his psychic talents was such that he was incapable of any free will at all and he required oversight for even the most basic of survival necessities for several months before his comrades managed to wrestle his psyche into a routine.

Once repurposed, he regained his love of violence and set to serving Arachnos with a near-religious devotion, taking a great and fierce joy in enforcing and carrying out even the most heinous of orders.

His level of brainwashing at the time was such that he remembers very little of his teens; he was completely indistinguishable from any of his brother selves.


Unbothered by anything, including the void where memory of his teens should have been, Yohannes was elevated from Recruit at 17 and was deployed across the continent to perform a variety of different operations.

Over time, he sustained injuries of varying severity, the worst of which was sustained in Colombia when his arm was crushed under the rubble of a ruined building. The injury saw him sent home to the Isles for a scant few months while he underwent Orb Weaver procedures for a replacement.

Calm in 'paradise', though rumors would have it that he brainwashed at least one unwary psychic and inducted them into the network.

Recent Times

The Yohannes that is known today was born in the month of May, 2019. Taking Bane Spider Ruben as an example and standard, Yohan, now more experienced with the range of his powers, managed to loosen enough of his conditioning to gain a measure of free will.

Shortly after which, he was placed under the purview of Bane Spider Executioner Ruiner. Quickly, he came to regard Ruiner as his mentor and set to follow in his footsteps. Confronted with the idea that he was a slave to Arachnos but unwilling to abandon the Bane Spider conditioning that he had lived with for most of his life, he began to socialize more openly, developing a number of loyal friendships, sometimes with the most unlikely of people.

Most of his operations today take place in Dark Astoria or confronting other threats to existence and the authority of Lord Recluse.

For his efforts, constant pursuit of strength and interference with world affairs, he has gained the Notice of the Well of the Furies.

Ananke's Spindle

The Incarnate Artifact in his possession has been identified as Ananke's Spindle (also known as Necessity's Spindle) thanks to Plato's account in his Republic;

"On the eighth day the souls of the pilgrims resumed their journey, and in four days came to a spot whence they looked down upon a line of light, in colour like a rainbow, only brighter and clearer. The ends of the column were fastened to heaven, and from them hung the distaff of Necessity, on which all the heavenly bodies turned–the hook and spindle were of adamant, and the whorl of a mixed substance.The whorl was in form like a number of boxes fitting into one another with their edges turned upwards, making together a single whorl which was pierced by the spindle. The outermost had the rim broadest, and the inner whorls were smaller and smaller, and had their rims narrower. The largest (the fixed stars) was spangled–the seventh (the sun) was brightest–the eighth (the moon) shone by the light of the seventh–the second and fifth (Saturn and Mercury)were most like one another and yellower than the eighth–the third (Jupiter) had the whitest light–the fourth (Mars) was red–the sixth (Venus) was in whiteness second. The whole had one motion, but while this was revolving in one direction the seven inner circles were moving in the opposite, with various degrees of swiftness and slowness."

As of yet, it's unknown what powers it may be providing him with.


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